Zuri Furniture Warranty- Read More About It

Purchasing furniture from Zuri is one way to help you get the freedom of shopping. While the store offers a return policy, there is a convenient protection cover for the items. The Zuri furniture warranty is a one-year limited and comes with its favorite benefits, which most customers that Zuri requires. Let us know more detail about ‘Zuri Furniture Warranty’.

Zuri Furniture Warranty

Zuri Furniture Warranty

The Zuri furniture warranty for one year allows customers to take home items with coverage in case the things face some issues or are shipped with other broken ones. Most items at Zuri are warranty protected from the manufacturer, so purchasing them includes the one-year limit. 

Do you know about the one-year warranty on Zuri furniture items? This article will include the most convenient details on the warranty Zuri allows for the things customers will purchase from them. 

The One Year Limited Warranty at Zuri

Zuri offers to purchase a one-year limited warranty that will cover the items’ inconveniences. For example, if your furniture breaks, or gets stains, then Zuri will be there to assist you with such a case. But this is inclusive only if you claim a cover within one year. More than two years with a Zuri item will prevent you from getting covered for the thing. 

Also, replacing the whole item is one benefit one can get from the one-year warranty plan. However, making good use of the thing is a good call since some situations will not be guaranteed a cover with your item from Zuri. 

What the Warrant Covers?

The one-year limited warranty will only cover the furniture’s inconveniences within such a period. However, if you get a problem with the item between such a period, be sure to get coverage.

So, the protection plan warranty covers most of the things regarding the item. Such things that the warranty will cover include;

  • Frames
  • Structural defect
  • Stitching 

Hence, if your furniture gets a problem with the above situations, it may call for a cover, which the company’s warranty will do. 

Besides, there may be a case where such covers will not be included per the warranty agreement. If the company finds that the item was not under regular use, the warranty will not work, and the protection does not help anymore. So, it is an excellent choice to use an item for its normal use if one expects to receive a cover in case they need it soon. 

Reporting Damages for Shipping

Damages may happen with your item under shipping. When shipping is done, you may receive a damaged item or part. For such a case, the item is eligible for a cover if it has the warranty plan. 

Thus, if you get the furniture you purchased from Zuri damaged, then calling out within 72 hours is your choice. After this, the company will take the case’s lead and provide a cover. 

What Is Not Covered By the Warranty?

You may want to know the things that the Zuri furniture warranty does not cover. So, while the one-year limited warranty covers most of the purchased furniture parts, there are other things that the warranty will not guarantee. 

For instance, such a situation as tears for your furniture will not be included for cover. The other things the warranty nullifies for cover include:

  • Fading
  • Wrinkling of the leather of fabric
  • Shrinking
  • Excessive soiling
  • Accidental damage
  • Natural fissures which may be present in the stone in the case of a marble table

Accidental damage, in this case, is any damage that the warranty will not have covered. So, getting such above situations with your furniture will be up to you to fix them. The one-year limited warranty from Zuri will not guarantee such covers. 

Five-Year Protection Plan against Damage

Apart from the one-year warranty cover that the Zuri store has, there is another protection plan, the five-year protection plan against accidental damage. While this is not a warranty, it will only cover single damage that may be accidental or in the case of shipping damage.

So, when you experience accidental damage to your furniture purchased from Zuri, this plan will help you fix it.

The protection comes with a five-year limit, meaning you will be eligible for such a protection cover within this period. So, if the items you get from Zuri get an accidental breakage from anywhere, then using this one-time chance may be a good call. 


Zuri furniture warranty is the one-year limited plan that covers damages that may happen as you use the items. The warrant guarantees a complete replacement or repair for such things if you claim a cover within the limitations period. However, for other instances, the warranty may not work to your satisfaction since it has some inconveniences it can fix while others cannot. So, keeping your furniture safely and using them the right way will help you receive a cover in case of a problem with the items. 

  • What is the limit of the Zuri furniture warranty?

Zuri furniture warranty is limited to only one year. Within such a period, you can get a cover for your items. 

  • Will the Zuri furniture warranty cover my item if it breaks accidentally?

The warranty does not cover accidents. So for such a case, the five-year protection plan will come to your rescue. 

Zuri Furniture Warranty- Read More About It

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