Banfield Pet Hospital Prices- Read To Know More

One of the most important and knowledgeable pet facilities is Banfield Pet Hospital. Every service you may need for a pet is offered at the hospital. Banfield Pet Hospital collaborates closely with PetSmart, one of the best and most well-known retailers of such pets, to ensure that pet owners get the most out of such a facility. The hospital and PetSmart provide their clients with services, therapies, and pet items. Let us know more detail about ‘Banfield Pet Hospital Prices’.

Banfield Pet Hospital Prices

Banfield Pet Hospital Prices

Have you got a pet? Is that a cat or a dog? What sources do you use for its general services? Benfield Pet Hospital has all the supplies your pet might need. The type of services, the animal you own, and the wellness plan affect how much the Banfield Pet Hospital costs. The hospital, for instance, provides the Banfield Wellness Plan, which costs between $455 and $707 annually. However, the sums vary depending on when in the Wellness Plan you want for your pet.

Here are the specifics on how much different services cost at Banfield Pet Hospital. Continue reading if you want to learn more.

Banfield Pet Hospital Prices:

Desk Visits

Before receiving full Banfield Pet Hospital services, one option is, to begin with, office visits. A pet veterinarian may conduct a physical examination or offer consultations during office visits.

The hospital charges fees for this service, which range from $69.95 to $89.95, depending on the time of year. The total may eventually be higher since an extra $52.95 may be charged if you decide to bring a second pet after receiving the initial service.


For instance, most pet owners need vaccinations as one of their services. Since a pet cannot be a dog or cat, various vaccine types exist. Therefore, your pet and the type of vaccination you need will be the key determinants of the cost of this treatment at Banfield Pet Hospital.

However, vaccination costs can range from roughly $23.31 for the cheapest vaccination service to about $51.55 for the most expensive vaccine.


Declawing services are priced differently depending on the location at Banfield Pet Hospital. However, the price range for these services is between $150.40 and $500.40.


The cost of surgery at Banfield Pet Hospital also depends on the location. The price range for cats and dogs, for instance, would start at around $300 and increase to roughly $400.

Anaesthetic Techniques

Another service provided by Banfield Pet Hospital is anaesthesia procedures. This essential service category offers regular blood tests, anaesthesia, additional fluids, and IV catheters.

The cost of such a service ranges from $394.95 for a service that deals with expert cleaning of the dental components to $589.95 for the highest service, referred to as the spay package.

Termination Services

One of the essential services provided by Banfield Pet Hospital is this kind of service. For more information and solutions for this kind, one should get in touch with the nearby Banfield Pet Hospital facility.

The cost of the euthanasia package service, however, is $134.95. If not, they can pay for additional possibilities for such a generic service.

Banfield Wellness Plan Costs

The Wellness Plan is one of the most amazing services that Banfield Pet Hospital provides. This pet wellness program from Banfield is offered as a bundle deal. Every plan has a different cost. For instance, a one-time start-up fee for the program is charged regardless of the selected method.

Additionally, dog wellness costs $37.95 per month, while it costs $26.95 for cats. Other than that, two wellness plans have varying rates at Banfield Pet Hospital since they offer different levels of service quality. The Active Care and Active Care Plus wellness plans are two examples of these programs.

The annual cost of the Active Care Wellness plan for dogs is $455.40, and for cats, it is roughly $323.40, excluding the sets mentioned above up cost fee. On the other side, the Active Care + plan covers dogs and cats for $563.40 and $455.40 annually, respectively.

The third and most advanced wellness strategy is excellent care. A dog’s service for this costs $707.40 per year, while a cat’s service costs $563.40 per year.


Given that their services are excellent and they interact with the PetSmart merchant in their interactions, Banfield Pet Hospital has very reasonable costs. Additionally, the hospital offers a variety of readily available services. However, some fees, like those for anaesthesia and surgery, are not set, so one should rely on the information provided by customer service when visiting the facility. Otherwise, you may learn more about the costs of most services Banfield Pet Hospital provides by reading this page.

  • How Much Does Banfield Cost Each Month?

The Banfield Pet Hospital offers a cost estimator. If it is a dog, the pricing range for such active care and active care + plans is $37.95 and $46.95, respectively, for a month. The customer care service for such programs must provide complete information.

  • Is Banfield Pet Hospital Willing To Accept Payment Plans?

Banfield Pet Hospital offers many payment schedule choices. The Optimum Wellness Plan allows customers to pay all at once or split the bill into 12 equal instalments that are due each month.

Banfield Pet Hospital Prices- Read To Know More

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