Do Home Depot Recycle Batteries?

Home Depot is one American retail store known for selling home supplies to consumers and businesses. They majorly function just to help consumers acquire their desired home taste using their modern home appliances for decoration. You can always find home improvement tools like garden centers, outdoor power equipment, rugs, power tools, hand tools, construction equipment, refrigerator, tile, bathroom vanities, hand tools, patio furniture, Smart Home devices, and many more. Home Depot is also known for selling the latest technology materials like laptops and computers and their corresponding rechargeable batteries which can choose not to function after some time. Can home depot recycle those batteries instead of throwing them away like trash?. Let’s learn about ‘Do Home Depot Recycle Batteries?’.

Do Home Depot Recycle Batteries?

Do Home Depot Recycle Batteries?

Yes, home depot can recycle batteries. Batteries are one of those products that can be recycled and reused again instead of being thrown in the trash bin. They come in various types and sizes, and understanding the type of battery you are using will allow you to be aware of those that deserve to get into the garbage bin and which one deserves to be recycled by home depot. This is why home depot partnered with call2recycle to help their customers stop living a hazardous lifestyle by recycling their old batteries at their store instead of getting them thrown away.

What Type of Batteries Are Recycled At Home Depot?

You should be aware that certain batteries are not meant to be discarded in the garbage bins because of the type of chemicals and the size of the said batteries. Some batteries that contain lithium-ion are prone to catching fires which can lead to disaster, while some other batteries’ chemicals can be hazardous to the owners’ health or people living in their community. This is why it is essential to read this through to avoid hazards that should have been avoided.

Batteries that are less than 11 Ibs and work for 300 watts per hour can get thrown into the garbage bin, while batteries higher than that capacity and weight are meant to be recycled. Examples of such batteries include rechargeable, lithium-ion, laptop, cell phone, digital camera, cordless phones, cordless power toys, remote control toys, and other portable electronic batteries.

How Much Can You Recycle Batteries At Home Depot?

Home Depot does not charge any fee for recycling batteries at their stores just like any other retail stores do. They only benefit from recycling by selling the materials found inside some of the types of batteries dumped in their store. Batteries used in electronics are made with lithium-ion and this element still has a market value in them and that is where Home Depot deduct their charges from. Cars and boats are made with lead acid and each pound of those lead acid is worth a lot of money. At some Home Depot Stores, the customers are the ones that are being paid after the batteries are weighed and identified instead of the other way round.

How To Get Your Batteries Recycled At Home Depot?

Proper disposal of batteries should be something you are aware of before disposing of the batteries in home depot. Not disposing of the batteries properly is also the same thing as dropping them in a trash bin which can then follow the cycle above before it ends up destroying the body system of animals and humans. Therefore the following steps should be taken for proper disposal of batteries at Home Depot.

  1. Removed all batteries from their attached electronics. Only  batteries present in smartphones which are inbuilt is impossible to be removed before bringing it to Home Depot 
  2. Tape all terminals on the edge of the batteries with non-conductive or clear tape before thinking of going to Home Depot 
  3. The clean taped batteries should be placed into a cardboard box to prevent them from bonding with flammable elements hence, resulting in a fire outbreak
  4. Pick up the cardboard box and transport it to the home depot for recycling. 
  5. Drop the cardboard box outside the store then visit the cashier to explained the reason to your visit
  6. Follow their procedure to properly recycle your batteries


Home Depot is one of the companies known for recycling old batteries to avoid it leaking harmful substances into the environment. The types of batteries that can be recycled at home depot are listed above. All oath information concerning recycling batteries at home depot has been explained in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Do you have to pay for recycling at home depot?

Recycling does not cost anything even at home depot. You can call the home depot store in your area to confirm this information, and if you see them requesting money, you should notify higher people in the community. 

  • Is Home Depot recycling Christmas trees?

If it is a natural tree then it can not be recycled, but if it is an artificial Christmas tree and it was not sold after the Christmas period then it can be kept in a warehouse and later put on display for next Christmas and be used for many years. 

Do Home Depot Recycle Batteries?

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