Does Home Depot Still Cut Glass?

Those who enjoy making home renovations can visit Home Depot. It provides a wide selection of standard-sized sheets of glass that are shatterproof. But if you’re beginning a new project involving glass, you might ask if Home Depot can cut glass for you. Here is what I learned after doing in-depth research on the subject. Let’s learn about ‘Does Home Depot Still Cut Glass?’.

Does Home Depot Still Cut Glass?

Does Home Depot Still Cut Glass?

As of September 2022, Home Depot will no longer offer a store-based installation or glass cutting service for beauty mirrors, photo frames, tabletops, or doors. Instead, clients may buy glass that has already been cut into various shapes and thicknesses. Home Depot provides a variety of tools, including glass cutting kits, as an alternative for $13.98.

Do They Cut Glass To Size?

At Home Depot, glass cannot be cut to order. But imagine you give a store staff your requirements. If such is the case, they can direct you to glass sheets that have already been custom-cut.

These goods include many pre-cut sheets of transparent, non-glare, mirror, and tempered glass.

You might also have a glass and acrylic sheet cut to size by an Ace Hardware expert at one of its retail stores.

Plexiglass and transparent glass may be cut at Ace Hardware to fit inside picture frames, patio screens, and windows. 

Does Home Depot still cut the glass for photo frames? 

Rather of purchasing cut glass from them, one may buy tempered glass panes in various sizes to fit different photo frames.

This item includes a home glass-cutting kit, a silicone sealer, and a 30X36-inch frame for $17.58, all of which are available as a bundle for $36.80.

Michaels establishments still cut polycarbonate and glass to suit frames if you’d like to leave reframing to the pros. 

Although the cost is based on the size and thickness of the window, the typical prices are as follows:

• 7-$10 for an 8×10

• 10 to 15 dollars for an 11×14

• Prices for 16×20 range from $14.50 to $25.

• Prices for 18X24 range from $17.13 to $30.

Glass cutting tools provided by Home Depot

they sells various instruments that enable consumers to cut glass at home, even if it does not provide glass-cutting services in-store.

Popular manufacturers of these tools include Red Devil, Fletcher-Terry, and Husky. The Husky 5-inch glass cutter is among the most well-liked hand instruments.

It can cut 1 to 14 thick plate glass and has a ball on the end to break the scored glass. The $4.97 tool has a lifetime Home Depot warranty that is not documentation-required.

As an alternative, the Fletcher-Terry portable glass cutter has a tungsten carbide wheel, making it better suited for tasks requiring higher force.

According to the manufacturer, the wheel may survive up to ten times as long as a steel wheel. In addition, 12 portable cutters are included in a glass set that costs $179.88.

As further help for using glass-cutting tools, Home Depot provides free online “How to Cut Glass” tutorials. You may also watch these beginner-friendly instructional videos on YouTube or


No retail location or installation service offered by Home Depot will cut windows, tabletop, picture frames, or mirrored glass for clients.

Despite this, consumers may buy pre-cut glass from shops and online, including window panes, tabletops, and picture frames.

Additionally, Home Depot has glass-cutting equipment for less than $5. Experts can also cut glass at Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, or the Glass Doctor.

Commonly Asked Questions
  • Does Home Depot Still Cut Glass for Window Panes?

Home Depot can install and restore windows at your home, but it does not offer to cut the glass for you.

Both in-store and online, you may choose from an extensive range of pre-cut windows that are the size specified in the product specifications.

Contact the Glass Doctor if you need window panes trimmed to size; they can gladly cut personalized glass pieces to fit the required area.

  • Do They Cut Glass For Tabletops?

Despite the fact that Home Depot does not cut glass for tabletops, there is a wide selection of pre-cut glass table tops available both in-store and online.

Depending on the size, the merchant provides tabletops in a variety of forms, including round, oval, rectangular, square, and “doughnut,” for prices ranging from $35 to $371.

Customers may utilize the Glass Doctor service to have tabletop glass precisely cut to their specifications.

Consider having the experts at Glass Doctor cut and shape pre-cut glass from Home Depot according to your requirements.

  • Do They Cut Glass To Fit?

Window, shower screen, and mirror cutting are not services offered by Home Depot in-store or online.

Customers can visit Home Depot, where most of their stores provide glass-cutting services.

To be considered for this procedure, the glass must have been bought at Home Depot.

Does Home Depot Still Cut Glass?

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