Is There Free Shipping From TeePublic?

TeePublic is an e-commerce website that offers custom apparel and designs to its customers at an affordable cost. TeePublic started its journey in the year 2013, and its parent company is Redbubble, as it acquired TeePublic in 2018. On the TeePublic Website, designers can upload their designed products to sell, and they can manufacture the original product and sell it on TeePublic. Currently, TeePublic has expanded its business and started focusing on selling products like smart phone cases, notebooks, canvas prints, and mugs. TeePublic does not offer free shipping on its products, and you pay shipping charges according to your order at TeePublic.

Is There Free Shipping From TeePublic?

Although TeePublic offers discount codes and coupons to its customers to reduce the shipping cost of TeePublic, you can use these coupons and codes. Sometimes, you can get free shipping from TeePublic, but only on special occasions, such as sales during the festive season. TeePublic charges $6.99 for shipping its products in the USA, and for international shipping, it charges $7.99.

Can you get free shipping from TeePublic?

According to TeePublic’s website, it does not regularly offer free shipping, but you can get free shipping from TeePublic under certain conditions, such as a sale on TeePublic, or if you have discount coupons, gift cards, or other coupons that can help you get free shipping from TeePublic.

*You can get free shipping from TeePublic when occasional TeePublic promos are going on the website.

TeePublic Shipping Costs:

The shipping charges of TeePublic vary according to the location you live in and the weight of the product you ordered from TeePublic. It may also depend on if your order is for standard shipping, then it may cost differently, and if your order is shipped by air shipping, you have to pay more shipping costs to TeePublic.

TeePublic’s shipping cost in the US is nearly $6.99, and if TeePublic ships an order internationally, it will cost almost USD 7.99.

When you place an order on TeePublic, you proceed to pay your bills. According to the item and location of the delivery, TeePublic shows shipping charges according to the delivery location you select and the item you are purchasing, its weight, and size from TeePublic.

Methods and Promo Codes to Reduce Shipping Costs at TeePublic:

You can use some promo codes, discount coupons, or gift cards from TeePublic to decrease the shipping charges or get a discount on the products from TeePublic. So, here is a list of some coupons which you can use at TeePublic.

  • Free Shipping Coupon Code: If you have this TeePublic coupon, you can get free shipping from TeePublic. You can get this time when TeePublic offers on the website, but you should use this coupon before the expiry date to avail free shipping from TeePublic.
  • TeePublic 30% Off Coupon Code: When you use this TeePublic coupon code, you will receive 30% off your TeePublic shopping, and a reduction in TeePublic shipping charges.
  • TeePublic 15% Off Coupon: If you want to buy a t-shirt from TeePublic and have this coupon code, you can save 15% on your order.
  • First Order 20% Discount Coupon from TeePublic: If you shop for the first time at TeePublic, you can use this coupon code to avail a 20% discount on your first purchase of different items from TeePublic, and it also reduces the shipping cost.

How to Use TeePublic Coupon Codes?

If you have a TeePublic coupon code, you can use it to avail a discount on your shopping. You should follow these steps to use them efficiently and get a concession:

  • Choose items you want to buy from TeePublic.
  • Add the items to your cart.
  • Proceed to pay the cost of your items.
  • During the payment, apply coupon codes in the Coupon section on the payment page of TeePublic.
  • After entering the coupon codes, kindly proceed to checkout and you will avail a suitable discount for your item and save some money on your order at TeePublic.

Thus, you can use TeePublic coupon codes to save some money on shipping and handling charges.

TeePublic Delivery Hours:

If TeePublic delivers your order as standard delivery, then you can get your order in six to eight days. If FedEx Ground carries your TeePublic order, it may take five to seven business days, and when FedEx Air brings your TeePublic order, you will get it delivered within four to six business days.

TeePublic accepts only defective products for return; otherwise, if you have other issues, such as size and color, you can exchange them with TeePublic. You can also provide your size and color details to TeePublic to purchase the perfect dress for you.


TeePublic charges its customers for shipping costs, which apply to all orders placed on TeePublic; however, if you have TeePublic promo codes, you can get free shipping on your orders at TeePublic. TeePublic may offer free shipping of its products if it offers sales during festive seasons to increase sales. The shipping charges of TeePublic vary according to the location, weight, and size of the item of TeePublic.


Does TeePublic pay its designers?

Yes. If your designed t-shirt gets approved by the expert team of TeePublic, then according to the number of sales. You will get paid according to the criteria of TeePublic.

Which are the most popular products from TeePublic?

TeePublic’s most popular products are classic tees, mugs, stickers, and hoodies.

Is There Free Shipping From TeePublic?

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