Mor Furniture Warranty-Know More

A warranty is a contract between a company and its customer to provide service and artisanship for the product they are selling to the market. The warranty is the statement of the firm for its product maintenance and services in the limited time that is prescribed by the company on its product. MOR furniture provides a warranty on its products for its customers and serves according to the Warranty.

Mor Furniture Company is an American furniture company. They have mentioned the warranty of the product on their product’s invoice. The MOR Furniture Company defined the one-year limited warranty on its products as where they provide the services and artisanship for the solution of issues reported by the customers. They only provide warranty services when the product possesses the manufacturer’s problem even after using that product in regular use. To use the warranty services, the customer needs to show a real copy of the original invoice. Only in that situation can they claim for the warranty services from MOR Furniture Company. They can remove the trip charges from the products if the fault is caught and reported to the company in 30 days. The Furniture Company warranty is widely important to the customers or the market and provides a constructive image of the products and company.

The warranty of MOR Furniture Company and multiple aspects of the warranty policy are discussed further in this article.

Mor Furniture Warranty

MOR Furniture Warranty

MOR Furniture Company is an American furniture company. It is the largest furniture retailer in the United States. The headquarter of the company is located in San Diego, California, United States. The MOR Furniture Company owns many stores and warehouses in different countries and states in the world. The name of the company is MOR Furniture for Less, Inc. This company sells furniture for different locations like bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, offices, and youth bedrooms. The furniture products that are manufactured by MOR Furniture Company are sofas, loveseats, sectionals, recliners, ottomans, sofa batteries, bedroom sets, dressers, mirrors, dining tables, youth bedroom sets, desks, cabinets, mattresses, and much more. MOR Furniture warranty is merely for a one-year limited time for all products, but some of the manufacturers provide more than a one-year warranty on different products. That warranty can be continued after the one-year warranty that is officially prescribed by the MOR Furniture Company. They only provide a warranty if the product develops a manufacturer fault during normal use. They have prescribed certain inclusions and exclusions for their warranties, and MOR Furniture Company introduced the care and maintenance of the product to use it for a longer time and save the customers from facing the different defects in the product.

Furthermore, the various aspects of the MOR furniture warranty are discussed, in this article.

MOR Furniture Company Warranty Inclusions

MOR Furniture Company has introduced the insertion of different rules and conditions in their warranty policy. Those inclusions are mentioned below.

  • They provide warranty services for their customers on cushion covers and cushion springs.
  • Their warranty service includes the separation of foam or cotton.
  • They provide the living room furniture’s frame construction in Warranty for a limited time under the condition they have prescribed.
  • Their warranty includes the service of electrical elements.
  • They provide different Warranty services for the products like splitting, lifting, and wrapping.
  • They include power or non-power for a different mechanism, like a reclining mechanism.

Mor Furniture Company Warranty Exclusions

They have described the situation in which the warranty is not applicable. These exclusions are mentioned below.

  • Normal or minor issues are not considered in the warranty services and they have excluded the services of products like color fading or fabric pulling. These types of issues are not part of the warranty.
  • The damage or clearance issues of the goods and accessories are not part of the warranty.
  • The modification of products is prohibited; they have excluded the products from the warranty if the product is being modified by anyone except for MOR Furniture for Less, Inc.
  • Various surface damages like scratches and scrapes on the product are not included in the warranty if the customer does not complain about these issues within 3 days of purchasing the product.
  • Also, their warranty is not applicable if the product is being used abnormally and products; are ordered for commercial use.
  • After the one-year warranty period is exceeded, they will add the service charges for the customer to pay.
  • If the product shifted from the delivered address, in this case, the warranty is terminated by the company.
  • The manufacturer defects in the mattresses and waterbed heaters are handled by the manufacturer’s warranty. You need to check with the factory warranty before purchasing them.
  • The customer needs to pay the trip charge if they need services at their home; otherwise, if the product is delivered to the service center in a limited warranty time, they will not charge at all.


These are the warranty policies of the MOR Furniture Company for its customers. They offer a one-year limited warranty on all products, and They are very strict and clear with their warranty service. Also, their Warranty is limited to the original purchaser and the first mentioned address. They provide their services and artisanship if the products meet the limitations and warranty claim conditions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How to get information about the specific product warranty?

For more information and queries related to product warranties and services, they have added their customer care contact number on their websites.

How to claim the Warranty from MOR Furniture Company?

To claim the Warranty from MOR Furniture Company it is crucial to take a copy of the original receipt because they mentioned that their Warranty applies to the authentic purchaser with the original receipt.

Mor Furniture Warranty-Know More

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