Target Camera Return Policy- Find More About It

The number one most recommendable place to get top-notch cameras from outstanding brands is Target. However, they know humans are bound to make mistakes. This ranges from customers ordering the wrong camera to sales personnel making mistakes while attending to customers’ needs. That’s why they’ve come with the target Camera Return Policy, and this is something you should know before purchasing your camera. So you’ll understand how they operate, that’s why every potential customer needs to read this article. Let’s learn about ‘Target Camera Return Policy’.

Target Camera Return Policy

Target Camera Return Policy

Target camera policy states that customers can return cameras in their original condition. This is only possible within 30 days of initiating a purchase. While RedCard and Target circle members have a space of 60 days. It doesn’t stop here. Read on to get full information. 

Requirements For Returning Undesirable Cameras At Target

Now that customers understand the length of time they have to return cameras at Target. The next important thing to note is the prerequisites expected when one wants to return a camera and they’re listed below.

Cameras in Original Condition 

The camera to be returned must be in the exact condition it was on the day of purchase. i.e., it must be unopened, unused, and undamaged. 


Any customer wanting to return a camera must have at hand the original receipt of the purchase. An alternative to this is the return barcode produced at the time of purchase for a camera bought online. 

Perhaps the customer doesn’t have the original receipt, they accept any other evidence of purchase. What’s more? Their customer service helps look up the purchase history of customers. 

All Kinds of Cameras

Customers can return every kind of camera from all brands. As long as one bought the camera from any of Target stores, then they can return it within the specified time. 

Government-Issued ID

Target’s sales personnel are very cautious and strict while receiving returned cameras. Therefore, the customer must come along with their authenticated identification card. Preferably a government-issued identification card.

Payment Option

To avoid stories that touch the heart in the long run. Target advises its customers to use the same payment mode they used to purchase while filling in for a return. 

Customers should allow at least five working days before they worry about getting a refund. This is because Target inspects the camera to ensure it’s in its original condition before issuing a refund.

The Added Accessories

It’s expected that newly bought cameras come along with accessories such as chargers, handles, and memory cards. Therefore, Target says customers must return the camera with every accessory added at the time of purchase. 

Step By Step Guide On How To Return Camera At Target 

The rumor is that returning a camera to Target’s customer service in person is the most painless way to make a return. Well, the rumor is true and the reasons aren’t far-fetched.

It’s the easiest and painless way because Target charges customers a restocking fee of $15 for every return. However, customers returning cameras to customer service Target in person don’t have to pay the restocking fee.

The problem here is that returning in person means the customer must come with the original receipt or return barcode. As well as an authenticated government-issued ID. They won’t accept the camera if the customer doesn’t have any of these. 

Returning Target’s Camera Through Mail

Customers don’t need to return undesirable cameras in person. They can opt to return it via mail by following the procedures below;

  • Customers should visit the Official Website of Target on their smart devices.
  • After loading the page, they should review their order history on their Account Details.
  • They should navigate to Return An Item. Here they’d state the specific camera they want to return.
  • The next step is to choose Return By Mail and explain their reason for returning the camera.
  • They’ll need to provide their shipping address. After verifying that the information they’ve inputted is correct, they should submit the form.
  • They’ll receive the mailing label after submitting the form; the mailing label is free. 
  • Then they should inscribe the printed mailing label on the front of the packaged camera they want to return.
  • After cross-checking everything, they should take the packaged camera to the nearest UPS and that’s it.


Here you go with every needed information as regards returning an unwanted camera at Target. Read up and follow the straightforward instructions provided, and that settles it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

#1. Can one return the camera with no proof of purchase?

No, they won’t accept it. The only way to show that the customer bought a camera from Target is through the receipt. Or any proof of purchase got during the purchase.

#2. Can customers return cameras purchased from a target plus partner?

Yes, they should just ensure they read the shipping and returns section on the product description page. This is because the target plus partner has its return rules.

Target Camera Return Policy- Find More About It

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