Buying Diamonds On Amazon

As one of the largest digital retail marketplaces in the world, you can find almost anything on Amazon, including diamonds. Like you, I also wondered if buying diamonds from Amazon was safe and whether or not their deals were worth it and everything I found out from my research is in this article. Keep reading to find out more. Let us know more detail about ‘Buying Diamonds On Amazon’.

Buying Diamonds On Amazon

Buying Diamonds On Amazon

Amazon does not sell diamonds directly themselves. The diamonds you find on Amazon are sold by third-party sellers and so, the price for the same type, cut grade, and size of diamonds may differ with each seller. You can find natural and lab-grown diamonds in loose stones or finished jewelry on Amazon.

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Is it safe to buy diamonds from Amazon?

Whether or not it is safe to buy diamonds from Amazon depends on you- perform thorough research and check the product listing as much as possible before you reach out to the vendor.

The truth about buying diamonds from Amazon is that it comes with its risk, and conducting proper research can help to minimize this risk as much as possible. Just because you see glittery jewelry that a third-party seller has advertised as a diamond at a discounted price doesn’t mean it is. I’m not saying there are no genuine diamond vendors on Amazon; some deals are too good to be real. 

Although Amazon tries to monitor product listings from third parties to ensure the quality of the advertised product and customer satisfaction; nevertheless, some fake products still slip through the millions of items monitored and end up in the hand of unsuspecting customers.

How can I determine the quality of diamonds on Amazon?

There is a misrepresentation of most products on Amazon, and diamonds aren’t left out. The popular ones I’ve seen are vendors representing cubic zirconia or CZ as CZ diamonds or advertising diamond stimulants such as quartz, white sapphires, and other diamond look-alikes as diamonds. Here are some ways you can determine whether the quality of diamond you want to buy on Amazon is the real deal.

Don’t be carried away by the pictures

Most diamond or jewelry vendors on Amazon want to sell their products, and so they will advertise flawless pictures that are far from the real quality they are offering. Most vendors go as far as using the same pictures and unsuspecting customers end up falling for their scheme. Instead of making an emotional buying decision based on the high-quality images of almost flawless diamonds advertised, check the product listing to know the real quality. 

Check the product listing

Every detail about the diamond should be found in the product listing if not, check the next vendor. The product listing should show the gem type, whether natural or synthetic, the setting, the cut, color, carat weight, certificate type, warranty, metal material, type, and quality (if you are buying a diamond ring).

Know the four Cs of diamond

The 4Cs- cut, color, clarity, and carat- are the factors used to grade a diamond’s quality. In-depth knowledge of them will help you target your search better using their characteristics.

Search for established and reputable jewelry sellers on Amazon

Rather than performing a random search through the thousands of listings, search for popular brands like Swarovski, Anne Klein, etc., as you can be sure of the quality of the diamonds you get from them.

Check for real customer reviews

Some vendors pay people to write reviews for them or even do it themselves. You can find such out by the lack of product details, the vague praise given the product, and the high percentage of five stars given to it. A genuine review will talk about some of the details they liked or didn’t like with the product.

Look for certified diamonds

If a diamond is certified, it will be indicated in the product listing. Although a certified diamond- natural r lab-grown- is usually more expensive, the quality is also higher, and you’ll be sure that you are getting the real thing and not some look-alike.

Where is the best place to buy diamonds online?

 We know Amazon as the right place to get cheap deals for a different lifestyle or home products, but when it comes to diamonds, it’s different. The prices for diamonds on Amazon seem cheaper only because the quality is trash. Rather than go through the hassle of finding a diamond vendor you can trust on Amazon and researching to make sure you get a fair deal for high-quality diamonds, it will be better to shop from online diamond stores like Blue Nile, James Allen, White Flash, or Brilliant Earth.

Bottom line

Buying diamonds on Amazon is risky because of the misinterpretation of products, lack of accurate product listing, untrustworthy sellers, limited options, etc. These notwithstanding, you can still find vendors that are trustworthy and worth the risk; however, to prevent becoming a lesson for others to learn from, it will be best to shop for your diamonds from online diamond vendors.

  • Does Amazon sell cheaper diamonds?

Not exactly. Most diamonds with discounted prices on Amazon may be diamond look-alikes, but the real natural or lab-grown diamonds of high quality are more expensive on Amazon than other diamond dealers like James Allen or Blue Nile.

  • Can you return diamonds on Amazon?

The return policy for diamonds depends on the vendor as some may not accept returns while others do.

Buying Diamonds On Amazon

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