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In simple words, chewy is an American online retailer or manager of an e-commerce business. Chewy sells pet-related things. Chewy sells food for dogs, cats, birds, horses, and other pets. Chewy also sells pet oil paintings, medicines, and more. Chewy has more than 10,000 items for you. You can pay by Apple Pay, MasterCard, and other options as well. Chewy is an online retailer; that’s why you can only purchase online. You can not buy it in-store. Chewy is known for its good quality of service and return policy. Chewy was acquired by PetSmart. Chewy’s headquarters are located in Florida, USA. If you want to buy something for your beloved pets, then chewy can be a good option for you. Chewy services are available all over the world. Let us know about “Chewy Return Policy”

Chewy Return Policy

Chewy’s Return Policy 

Chewy has a good return policy. You can return your purchased products within a year. You can even return open food without any reason. You can read below for more details.

Chewy’s Return Policy In Deep Details 

Chewy is not only good at what it does, but it also has a great return policy. Chewy is an online retailer, that’s why you can not return your purchased products to any store. You can return your products over the phone call, email, or any social media platform, like Facebook (Meta), Instagram, and others. You can read below.

  1. Is chewy’s return policy free and for what time duration?
  2. Chewy’s return policy with a receipt or without receipt 
  3. Chewy’s return policy for used food and items
  4. How long does chewy take for the return process and return methods?
  5. Customers’ reviews on chewy’s return policy 

Is Chewy’s Return Policy Free And For What Time Duration?

In simple words, yes, the chewy return policy is free. Chewy does not take shipping charges, storage charges, or any other kind of charges. Chewy will pay all kinds of charges. You can return your purchased items within a year. After that, chewy would not accept your return request. 

Chewy’s Return Policy With Receipt Or Without Receipt 

Chewy is an online retailer. You have paid online, and Chewy would have your purchase record in their system. Whether you have a receipt or not. You can return your items. You can donate your items and Chewy will refund you.

Chewy’s Return Policy For Used Food Or Items And Medicine

No, Chewy does not accept your return request if you have used purchased items and food that has expired or has been used by your pet. But if your pet does not like food, you can return it if the food is not out of date. You can return the purchased medicine. But medicine should not expire and not be used.

How long Does Chewy Take For The Return Process And Return Methods?

  • Duration of time 

Chewy takes 3–4 days after receiving the items, and you will get a confirmation by mail that Chewy has received your returned items. You will get a 100% refund within 2-3 business days, and it also depends on your bank type. Chewy will refund you the original payment method.

  • Process

Chewy is an online retailer, which is why you cannot return your items personally. You have to make a call to return your items. You can call 1800-672-4399 to return your items. They will either connect you or give you an RMA(Return Merchandise Authorization) number and tell you how you can return your items. You can also return it by mail. You can send them mail and after Chewy receives your mail, they will send you an RMA number. You can also return via any social media platform, like Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Customers’ Reviews On Chewy’s Return Policy

Chewy has good reviews on its return policy. Many customers have left good comments on chewy’s  return policy. You can check on the website. 


Chewy is always responsible for its products. Chewy has a good return policy. You can return your items by mail, phone call, or even on social media platforms. You can return your cat’s and dogs’ open food. You can also claim a refund. You can return your items within a year, food should not have expired, and whether you have receipt or not you can return. Chewy’s return policy is free. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Question: Can you return your items without a receipt?

Answer: Well, no, you can not return your items without a receipt. You need to prove your purchase.

  1. Question: How long does it take to refund money?

Answer: This depends on your account type. Chewy will refund your money within 3–4 working business days. 

  1. Question: Can you return cheesy items to PetSmart?

Answer: No, you can not do this.

Chewy Return Policy -Learn More About It

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