Does Costco Deliver Furniture? – Know More

The American multinational Costco Wholesale Corporation runs a network of warehouse-style warehouse clubs that are accessible solely to members. Kitchen and dining room sets from Costco are both stylish and reasonably priced. Find a wide selection of high-quality living room furniture at warehouse rates. Costco provides what you want, whether seeking a brand-new sofa or an entire bedroom suite. You might be curious whether Costco delivers if you’re looking for new furniture. The quick response is yes. They can have your furniture delivered from Costco whenever you’d like. Getting a delivery service is no longer an emergency. Costco officially approves GoShare to transport your large and cumbersome furniture, mattresses, televisions, fitness equipment, and other purchases directly from the warehouse to your home. Costco furniture deliver fees range from $50 to $200, and the process might take up to two days.

Does Costco Deliver Furniture? - Know More

Does Costco Deliver Furniture? 

  • There are several things to think about. First, only a small number of items, more substantial ones like couches, dining tables, and mattresses, are allowed to be shipped. 
  • Costco’s lack of delivery services might discourage some customers from buying furniture there. They will make room for your new item or items when you make a purchase.
  • Using GoShare, locating a trustworthy delivery service in your neighbourhood is simple. A business that excels at next-day shipping is GoShare. Either a prompt request or a planned service can make.
  • For seasoned shippers, cargo vans, box trucks, and pickup trucks are all standard equipment. They can help you with the heavy lifting, carrying, and unloading.

Typical Waiting Period for Costco Furniture Delivery

Delivery usually takes between 6 and 8 working days via Costco’s site.

With the Room of Choice service, the carrier will bring your furniture or other large purchase into whatever room you specify, so long as there is a safe way to do so. It takes about 48 hours for Costco to ship furniture. 

Cost of Deliver for Furniture from Costco

In the case of “white glove delivery,” the shipping company will place the item where you want it, unpack it, and dispose of the box. Prices for this service usually range from $50 to $200.

When you spend $75 or more (tax excluded), the $3 per-item delivery cost for non-perishable pantry items is eliminated.

The delivery cost varies, but for orders above $35, a two-hour delivery will typically cost you $6.

What are the Steps Involved in the Delivery Process?

  1. In less than a minute, you can download the app, enter your information, get a free quote, and arrange for a professional to pick up your items.
  2. Experts from GoShare will help you load, secure, transfer, and unload your belongings. You direct them to their final resting place.
  3. You may check on the whereabouts of your delivery at any time, pay, tip, and leave a review, all from the convenience of the app.

Can you get Costco Supplies Shipped to your Flat?

Apartment buildings that provide ample space for the delivery staff to go through are suitable delivery locations for furniture from Costco.

  • Some products purchased from can be delivered to your home and set up by a professional installer through Costco Logistics.
  • White-glove delivery from Costco means that your furniture will bring up to your flat.
  • In the case of standard threshold delivery, the furniture will place outside your Flat before bringing the items into the apartment.


Sure, Costco offers furniture delivery services. Delivery of your new furniture to your house is possible, albeit it may cost more. All deliveries coordinated through GoShare are protected by the cargo and liability insurance policies maintained by GoShare. Have trouble and could use some help? You can reach us at 858-504-6588 or by sending a text message.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1:How swiftly could Costco deliver my new couch?

A: However, standard shipping times for most items are under 48 hours. Two-day shipping has often reserved for non-perishables and canned goods. However, the time taken is within an hour for the same-day furniture delivery.  

Q2: Are You Able to Purchase Furniture from Costco Via the Internet?

A: Although shopping for furniture through Costco’s online store is convenient, it differs considerably from visiting one of its physical locations.

Q3: Can a Costco member expect free shipping?

A: When you spend $75 or more, your order will be delivered the following business day at no cost to you from However, standard shipping times for non-members are between three and five days.

Q4: What kinds of home furnishings are available for purchase at Costco?

A: Primarily available through their website, Costco offers numerous furnishings. The following are some of the products that they sell:

  • Nightstands
  • Diner Setups
  • Bends
  • Chinese Cupboards
  • Furniture with Separated Seating Sections
  • Hutches
  • Chairs
  • Recliners
  • Conversation Sets
Does Costco Deliver Furniture? – Know More

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