Does CVS Buy Gift Cards?

Gift cards are treasured by several people as it gives the luxury of paying for products or services at a reduced rate. If you have gift cards and have wondered if CVS will buy your gift cards. Worry no more as this article will inform you on how you can utilize your gift cards via CVS. Gift cards are pleasurable gifts that can be exchanged for money or purchase goods and several stores online in the US such as CardCash. GiftCash, Raise, etc. offers cash back for gift cards. This article is focused on CVS and how you can maximize the use of gift cards in their store. Let us know more detail about ‘Does CVS Buy Gift Cards?’.

Does CVS Buy Gift Cards?

Does CVS Buy Gift Cards?

The big question here is if CVS buys gift cards. While CVS may not render cash back for gift cards, they have a system that allows gift card owners to utilize the use of their gift cards for purchases from their stores.

What type of gift card can I Get From CVS?

CVS gift cards all aspects o services that you can ever think of. Their cards enclose department stores such as Amazon, Sears, JCPenney, Old Navy, Kohl’s, etc. For clothing brands, gift cards include Hollister, Express, Banana Republic, American Eagle, etc. Other aspects include kids, electronics, pharmacy, restaurants, Target, Nike, American Girl, Wayfair, Nike, etc. Mention any service and you are sure to have a card waiting for you at CVS. You can find the gift cards as you enter the store or find it behind the 

Does CVS Gift Card Have An Expiry Date?

While some stores place a gap on their gift cards, the interesting thing about getting a gift card from CVS is that their cards are not seasonal. They are useful all year. If you secure a card from CVS you can redeem it whenever you feel comfortable doing so. Moreover, the value of the card is not affected irrespective of how long you may have kept it. 

Can I Sell My Gift Card At CVS?

Sadly, CVS does not swap gift cards for money. Their cards can only be used in exchange for any article in their store which may include purchases from the pharmacy, restaurant, clothing, electronics, gadgets, etc. Recently, the organization has partnered with CardCash to have the card buy in exchange for a pharmacy gift card. If there are plans to have gift cards exchanged for cashback shortly, you will be duly notified via their site. You can as well sell your CVS gift cards via online platforms such as Craigslist, and eBay. The challenge with selling the cards on this platform is that you may end up selling at a price less than their value. Since the cards are without expiry dates they can be kept for subsequent use.

Where Can I Buy CVS Gift Cards?

CVS has made the process of getting their gift card flexible for users. Without being at the physical store, you can order the gift card from anywhere you are via their website and have it delivered to your location. There are no restrictions on the type of gift cards that you can buy whether it’s their brand gift card or a third-party gift card.

Are CVS Gifts Cards Expensive?

The price of gift cards at CVS depends on the company and the service type. You can get a gift card for as low as 10 USD and 100 USD. Gift cards at CVS can be paid for through the use of debit and credit cards, cash, and no checks. Moreover, you can buy as many CVS branded gift cards as you may desire on a given day as there are no restrictions. Other brands are allowed a purchase value that amounts to about two thousand dollars (2,000 USD).


CVS offers US citizens the convenience of giving any form of gift card whenever they need it. While they may not out rightly accept the sale of gift cards for cashback, the cards can be used for the purchase of any article in their pharmacy. There are no restrictions on the number of gift cards that you can buy from CVS for their branded cards. With as low as 10USD you can buy a gift card from CVS at any period.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I get reloadable gift cards at CVS?

Yes. For as low as 20 USD you can load a gift card at CVS.

  • Can I sell my gift cards outside of CVS?

Yes. If you have no intention of using a gift card you can sell it online via eBay or any other store. B Rear in mind that the selling price may be lower than the cost price.

  • Is it possible to exchange gift cards for cash in CVS?

Currently, CVS does not exchange gift cards for money. You have the option of shopping with it in their pharmacy store or reselling online.

Does CVS Buy Gift Cards?

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