Does Kylie Cosmetics Take Afterpay?- Know More

Afterpay was founded in the year 2014 by Nicholas Molnar, Nick Molnar, and Anthony Eisen. Its headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia. You can use Afterpay on Windows, IOS, and Android.  It has more than 3.7 million users in the United States. Afterpay is used to make weekly payments; it means you don’t have to pay the whole amount together. Let us know more detail about ‘Does Kylie Cosmetics Take Afterpay?’.

Does Kylie Cosmetics Take Afterpay?

Does Kylie Cosmetics Take Afterpay?

Paying at once can be difficult for many people, especially when you are buying makeup products. There are a lot of people who cannot buy the things they wished for. But don’t worry, as you know that your favorite store Kylie Cosmetics has started taking Afterpay. You can buy all your favorite products now and pay for them later. If you want to know more about using Afterpay at Kylie Cosmetics keep reading the article. 

About Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics was founded in the year 2014 by Kylie Jenner. Only twelve employees are working for Kylie Cosmetics. Its headquarters are located in California, United States. It comes from one of the best and most famous cosmetic companies. The quality of the products is very good and it does not harm your skin. Kylie Cosmetics can be quite expensive for many people, so it starts taking Afterpay for people’s ease.  Let’s discuss how to use Afterpay at Kylie Cosmetics checkout. 

Payments with Afterpay at Kylie Cosmetics

In 2018, Kylie Cosmetics announced that customers can also pay with Afterpay because it helps people to pay in weekly installments. Many people find it difficult to pay a huge cost at the same time but using Afterpay at the checkout of Kylie Cosmetics made it a lot easier to buy your makeup products. The process of using Afterpay is simple and easy. You need to set up your account at Afterpay and then you can select it as the payment method at checkout of Kylie Cosmetics. 

Set Up Of Afterpay Account

You have to go to the Afterpay website or you can download the app. To set up your account you must be a resident of the United States and your age should be 18 years or older. Make sure you use correct email address and password. Enter your address and credit/debit card details. Complete your first order by entering payment details, after that; you will be eligible to use your account. 

The Process of Using Afterpay at Kylie Cosmetics

If you had never used Afterpay as your payment method before, these steps are for your ease to use Afterpay at Kylie Cosmetics.

  • Add items to your account that you want to order.
  • Open the cart and enter the promo code if you have any otherwise proceed to checkout.
  • Select Afterpay as your payment method by logging into your account. You can also sign up for the Afterpay account in the checkout if you haven’t. 
  • Now you can pay for your orders in 4 biweekly installments. 

Benefits of Using Afterpay 

Afterpay benefits a lot as you don’t have to spend your money at the same time. It helps people to buy things they wish for without any difficulty.

  1. Fast process for payments.
  2. You can receive your products on time and can pay for them later.
  3. There are no interest fees.
  4. You can complete your payments in 4 weeks. 

Other Payment Methods For Kylie Cosmetics

You can also pay for your products at Kylie Cosmetics with credit/debit cards, American Express, Visa, Master card, Google Pay, PayPal, Shop Pay, and Apple Pay. But for those people who want to pay in installments, Afterpay is the best payment method for all of these. 


Kylie Cosmetics has a great variety of different makeup products. Women love to buy their makeup products from here because of the fabulous quality. The cost of these products might be too much for some people but you can now pay your bills by using Afterpay at the checkout. The method of using Afterpay is quite easy. Make sure that you have a valid credit card to set up your account on Afterpay. Once you have set up your account, use Afterpay at the checkout of your cart at the Kylie cosmetics website. There is also an option to buy skin products and it is named Kylie Skin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Afterpay charges a late payment fee?

Answer: Yes, people who don’t make payments on time have to make a $10 late payment fee. That’s why avoid making payments late. 

Q: Is the shipping fee free for Kylie Cosmetics?

Answer: No, if your orders are below $40, then you have to pay a shipping fee of $9.00. 

Q: Is it necessary to pay in 4 installments per week by Afterpay?

Answer: Yes, it is the minimum number of installments you can give by using Afterpay. If you don’t pay on time then you will be charged a late payment fee.

Q: What is the net worth of the owner of Kylie Cosmetics?

Answer: According to a recent study the owner of Kylie Cosmetics named “Kylie Jenner” has a total net worth of $600 million

Does Kylie Cosmetics Take Afterpay?- Know More

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