How Do You Cancel Walmart Money Cards?

Walmart money cards are the best options to give as a gift to family or friends. A Walmart money card can be used to buy anything in the online store. It’s the bank account that debit cards draw money. You can get a credit card that can be used anywhere (the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card) or one that can only be used at Walmart (the Walmart Rewards Card). Let’s examine the cancelation of the Walmart money card in detail and learn about ‘How Do You Cancel Walmart Money Cards?’.

How Do You Cancel Walmart Money Cards?

How Do You Cancel Walmart Money Cards?:

To cancel your Walmart Money Card, you must contact the appropriate customer care department. Canceling your card can be done with the assistance of a representative from customer service. If you need to contact the company for any other reason, you can use the company’s automated phone system, write a letter, or access your account information online.

Cancelation of Walmart money card over the phone

Step 1

To reach a representative about your Walmart Money Card, dial (877) 937-4098. The customer care line can be reached by pressing 4 on the phone’s numeric keypad.

Step 2

Dial your 16-digit account number or your Social Security number when prompted, and then fill out the birthday fields.

Step 3

Simply let the representative know that you want to cancel your Walmart Money Card account. The customer support professional may ask for your date of birth, address, or Social Security number to verify your identity and ensure that you’re the rightful account owner. At that point, he will cancel your account as you requested. You can shred the card and dispose of the pieces if you don’t want them.

Walmart Money Cards can be canceled physically at Walmart shops

  • Customers using Walmart credit cards can use their cards for in-store purchases or at one of the store’s ATMs to withdraw cash (ATMs).
  • Most consumers can, however, use their credit cards, debit cards, and online banking at until their card balances reach zero. Both credit and debit cards are affected by this.
  • When the balance in the account reaches zero, the account will be canceled immediately.

Online cancellation of Walmart Money Cards

Some people may not be able to travel to nearby malls or shops, but they still have the option of buying online.

Step 1

Check out to learn more about the Walmart MoneyCard. You can also easily cancel your Walmart Money Card by using the Walmart Money Card app, which is available in the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store.

Step 2

Put in your login information and start using the site. Create an online account by selecting the “Create Online User ID” link, filling out the required fields, and logging in for the first time. Your current plan can be canceled by entering your phone number and then choosing the one you no longer want.

Step 3

To cancel the card, go to your account settings by clicking the link provided. If additional information is needed, please include it in the link before submitting the request.

How can I uninstall Walmart Money Card from my iPhone?

To remove your Walmart Money Card on your iPhone, follow these steps: Tap and hold the app on your home screen until it begins to tremble, and then release. The app icon will shake and an X will appear at the top.

Can I change the security password on my Walmart Money Card?

Changing your password requires your Social Security number, card number (with the last 16 digits), and a security code (CVV). Replacement cards will set you back $3. Sadly, if you report your physical Walmart Money Card lost or stolen, it can no longer be used.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘How Do You Cancel Walmart Money Cards?’, A benefit of participating in the “My Walmart Rewards” program is receiving a Walmart money card. Through participation in this program, you are eligible to accumulate rewards in exchange for using a Walmart Money Card. It is possible to ensure that the letter will be delivered on time by sending it by certified mail. In addition to stating that you want the account to be closed, the letter should include your signature, the current date, your name, your billing address, and your account number.

  • Where can I find the customer service details for the Walmart Money Card?

Your prepaid card has been updated with all of the information that you provided. Even if you already have a card, you still need to check in before you can submit a request for a replacement card. The representative will guide you through the process of picking the optimal plan, depending on the specifics of your service needs. 

  • What Happens to Your Credit score When You Delete Your Walmart Card?

Regardless of the length of time, you’ve had the card in your possession, canceling the account could harm your credit score. If your Walmart credit card is also the oldest of your credit cards, you should pay off the entire balance but keep the account open to avoid a drop in your credit score caused by a decrease in the average age of all of your accounts. 

How Do You Cancel Walmart Money Cards?

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