Ikea Smart Lighting -Know More About It

Ikea is known for state-of-the-art furniture that is affordable, easy to assemble, and aesthetically pleasing. The brand has consistently been ranked the world’s largest furniture retailer since 2008. In 2018, the brand published that it had over 12,000 products, with almost 2.1 billion visitors. The Swedish brand has been a player in the furniture-making industry for decades. Ikea has an interesting array of products, one of which is smart lighting. Although smart lighting has been around for some time, only recently have they started gaining attention among homeowners. In this article, we take a close look at IKEA smart lighting. Let us know about “Ikea Smart Lighting”

Ikea Smart Lighting

IKEA Smart Lighting

IKEA offers amazing smart lighting. The brand delivers amazing technology that allows you to create the perfect mood and atmosphere for any given season. And this is made possible with just a simple app or remote control. Some of the smart lighting options include Styrbar, Busunge, and many more.

The IKEA Brand — Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is the new cool! Regular light bulbs let you control the lighting in your home by switching off and on through a wall switch. These light switches can only guarantee an on-and-off status for your bulbs, but smart lighting changes the landscape. With smart lights, individuals get total control of the aura of their homes. All these can be controlled from the comfort of mobile devices and wireless assistants.

Smart lighting offers more than just dimmable lights but even more control of things like energy efficiency. This occurs through the bulbs’ ability to consume less energy, hence, producing less heat for the home. There is also the opportunity for automation of homes where light settings can be pre-programmed. Meaning lights can be turned off automatically when not at home, and they can turn on just when we need them.

Reasons For Choosing Ikea Over Other Brands:

However, there are several reasons for choosing the Ikea brand over all other available smart lighting options in the market today. A major reason for the selection of the Ikea brand is the value for money. All Ikea smart lighting options come at affordable prices and are easily accessible to broad demography. Ikea products are available in “starter kits” these are affordably priced products for individuals just starting their homes. Despite being low-budget, these products are aesthetic, having good quality and thoughtfully designed.

Another reason for the Ikea selection is the timeliness, durability and convenience of accessing the IKEA products. Ikea takes away the hassle of going from one end of the earth to another in search of classic smart lighting. From the comfort of homes and with a few clicks of a button, carts are updated with the exact preferences of each customer, making shopping easy and accessible. 

Different Smart Lighting Options On IKEA

On the IKEA platform, different smart lighting options exist. They come in fully-installable kits and are comprised of various components and prices.


This is one of the line-ups of smart lighting options on IKEA. The energy-efficient light bulbs come in different varieties and although, a little pricier than the regular light bulb, they are packed with interesting features and capabilities. The TRADFIR bulbs come with the connectivity option of connecting through a station, which although does not require an internet connection, makes use of your smartphone. While the internet-enabled connection option requires access to the internet to control the light switch from remote locations, miles away.  The TRADFIR costs about $17.99 and $31 for remote-controlled kits. They can also be controlled through your voice. 


Stainless steel, smart remote control and beautiful aesthetics are what come packaged in this IKEA smart lighting option. Suitable for in-home décor and giving spaces like the inner lining of the wardrobe and bookshelves. The STYRBAR offers beauty to any environment. The remote control option makes controlling one’s environment very easy and seamless. This product is reasonably priced at $13 by IKEA. 


The MITTLED is another great option by the IKEA brand. This smart lighting option is great for your kitchen. It offers a warm lighting option with easy installation, taking away the need for an electrician. Highly rated for its efficient energy consumption and extended durability. Easy to clean, by just simply wiping with a clean cloth. The pricing range begins at just $12. 


With smart lights, you have absolute control over the lighting area of your home. The IKEA smart lighting, however, offers even more functionality such as voice-enabled control, ease and affordability. They come in rich colours and even recently, better integration with existing voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there smart light starter kits for beginners?


For those willing to try out smart lighting, there is a starter kit containing just one or more LED bulbs, remote control and other accessories to get you acquainted with the technology. 

2. Is it easy to install IKEA’s smart lights?


IKEA’s starter kit offers ease of installation. The bulbs fit easily with your everyday home lighting appliances and sockets. So, installation is as easy as screwing the bulb into the light socket.

Ikea Smart Lighting -Know More About It

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