Lowe’s Price Drop Refund

Lowe’s is a retail company widely spread throughout the United States and Canada that caters to contractors and homeowners alike. In this article, we will see about ‘Lowe’s Price Drop Refund’.

Lowes Price Drop Refund

They sell hardware, power tools, appliances, lawn equipment, utility trailers, fencing, paint and painting supplies, insulation, several kinds and sizes of wood for building projects electrical and plumbing supplies, light fixtures, indoor and outdoor plants, shrubs, and even trees and seeds. Due to their regular deals and discounts, they are known to be one of the best leading retailers that deal with hardware in the united state. However, there are price adjustments and price drop refund policies for their hardware equipment contrary to the belief of some people. If you are interested, this article will highlight all you need to know about them

Lowe’s Price Drop Refund

Just like their other valuable competitor’s prices, Lowe’s also offer price drop refund and price adjustment for most of their foods. For example, if you notice that a product you bought in their store has a higher price but the product price has been reduced within 24 hours of purchasing them from their other store, you are entitled to their company’s price drop refund which is usually partial to match the new reduced price. You are to take the proof of your purchased products from their retail store and proof of the new price of the same products with you when requesting the price drop refund.

What is Lowe’s Price Drop Refund Policy?

There are some general rules and regulations all customers of Lowe’s must be aware of before requesting a price drop refund or price adjustment. These policies are meant to ascertain that their price drop refund policy is real, and they can guide you to receive your refund genuinely and formally.  Therefore, if you are willing to learn more about this policy you should pay heed to the bullet point below

  • Lowe’s price adjustment or refund can only work if the customer can substantiate the claim by providing evidence of the price drop
  • Products that were purchased in their store from the past 90 days and undergo a price reduction during this period are entitled to a price adjustment or price drip refund by the customers
  • Products purchased from both online store and physical store have a price adjustment guarantee, and it can be claimed through their customer service 
  • All products purchased using a promotional code can not have access to a price adjustment or price drop reimbursement
  • Price adjustment or price drop refund can only work within the first 24 hours of purchase, and evidence of the purchased products and the price drop from another retailer of the same products must be submitted before requesting
  • Lowe’s 30 days price adjustment policy is no more effective

How To Request For a Price Drop Refund at Lowe’s?

Requesting a price drop refund at Lowe’s is not a difficult and tedious job, it is the same process you will use when asking for a price match or price adjustment from Lowe’s. There are two different ways, and this could be through their online store or their in-store or physical store. 

Price drop refund through a physical store

You are to visit any of the Lowe’s physical stores and explain your reason for requesting their price drop refund to customer service. This visit should be within 24 hours of purchasing the products, and you are to go with the proof of purchased products and evidence of the price drop from other retail stores. You will be asked to wait for verification of the price drop from your self-acclaimed stores before you can receive the partial refund of your purchase, that is if it is accurate.

Price drop refund through an online store

If you purchase your products online and you can not make it to their physical store, you can contact their customer support service at 1-877-465-6937 to request your price drop refund. Just like their physical store, they will ask for proof of purchase and the price drop and then verify it before they provide you with your refund

Is Lowe’s Price Drop Refund Applicable To All Their Products?

Unfortunately, not all products from Lowe’s retail store have a price adjustment policy. Such products are bundled items, free items, clearance items, out-of-stock items, and other items with unverifiable prices or incorrect prices. You can go to their online store or contact their customer service for more explanation about them


Lowe’s retail store is one of the best retail stores that offer a price drop refund guarantee. Information on the processes and steps you need to take to request the price adjustment has been discussed and what you need to know about the price policy has also been listed above

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Does Lowe’s price match Walmart’s?

It does, but some exceptions apply. You may want to check Lowe’s price matching policy

  • Will Lowe’s price match Home Depot’s?

Only if it is the same product.

Example 1: Two interior doors are the same in every way except for the manufacturer. That does not get price matched.

Example 2: Two drill sets are the same set down to the manufacturers and specifications. That will get the price matched.

Lowe’s Price Drop Refund

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