What Is Sams Club? -All You Need To Know

Sam’s Club is a membership club and contains a wide variety of products primarily sold in large amounts to its members. Sam’s Club is a subsidiary of the most famous Walmart Inc. Sam’s Club has stores established in nearly 600 locations. They mainly operate in these four countries United States, Mexico, China, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. Let us know about “What Is Sams Club?”

What Is Sams Club?

Sam’s Club is a warehouse club that the famous Walmart Inc owns and it is based on a membership model. It was named Sam’s club after the founder of Walmart, Sam Walton. The club offers customers high-quality goods. Sam’s Club sells products in large numbers. It was established in 1983 and has headquarters in Arkansas, America.

Sam’s Club

Sams club is a membership warehouse club where only members are allowed to purchase from the club. If a person needs to buy from Sam’s club, they should be a member first. The club follows a limited-item business model. It provides services to small business owners and entrepreneurs, mainly.

Instead of buying and stocking every famous and available brand in their warehouses, the merchants in the club carry out research and buy only the products that the customer needs in large quantities.

Like Walmart, Sam’s runs on a low income or profit margin but provides a professional and outstanding experience for the customers. They sell the products quickly as they are bought or shipped in.

Like Walmart, Sam’s focus on serving its customer to the fullest. They follow their founder, Mr. Sam words, “We are the agents for our customers”. They provide lots of benefits for their members and help them save money in this process.

Today they have become a successful brand with approximately 600 clubs in the United States and Puerto Rican area. They cover almost 136,000 square feet with many features in their buildings. These features include skylights, central energy management, water conservation, recycling, natural concrete floors, etc.

History Of Sam’s Club

It is a branch of Walmart named after its founder Sam Walton. The first Sam’s club was opened 20 years after the creation of Walmart,  in 1983. The first club was established in the Midwest city, of Oklahoma.

After this, the club started to expand its market and now entered Louisiana by purchasing the SuperSaver Wholesale Warehouse Club which increased the no: of stores in the club by 24. Next, it opened stores in New Jersey and then Pennsylvania.

Then it expanded to Canada by opening the club in Southern Ontario. During its time, the opened and closed many of its stores globally. At present, there are nearly 600 stores.

Member Benefits Of Sam’s Club

The club provides lots of benefits for its members and makes their time with the club a good one. One of the most important benefits is the free shipping for most of the products for their Plus members.

Other benefits they provide are 

  • Cash rewards
  • Savings 
  • Sam’s Club credit
  • Instant saving
  • Daily tastes and tips
  • Early shopping
  • Free health screenings
  • Savings on the fuel

They have 2 types of plans for their members, The club and the Plus plans.


The Club plan starts at $45 per year and it comes with the following benefits

  • Curbside pickup – requires a $4 fee
  • Instant savings – additional offers
  • Sam’s Club MasterCard – 1% cashback
  • Complimentary membership – share a membership with your family
  • Tire and battery center – free flat tire repair, battery testing, and wiper blade installation
  • Members only fuel saving – pay less for fuel at several select places
  • Add on memberships – save on additional club memberships


The Plus plan starts at $100 per year.

  • Sam’s Cash™ for Plus – get nearly 2% back on select purchases
  • Free Shipping – Shop in-app or online
  • Curbside Pickup- This feature is free
  • Pharmacy Savings – starting with $4
  • Optical Savings – Get 20% off a pair of eyeglasses. The club also provides free shipping for contact lenses.
  • Instant Savings -additional offers
  • Sam’s Club Mastercard® – up to 3% cashback.
  • Members-only fuel savings, which allows you to save money in several places.
  • Tire and battery center – flat tire repair, wiper blade installation along with battery testing for free.
  • Share a Complimentary membership with your family
  • Add-on memberships to save on excess club memberships


Now we have learnt ” What Is Sams Club?”, Sam’s Club is a membership-based warehouse club that sells high-quality products in large amounts primarily to small business owners. It is a subsidiary of the famous Walmart Inc founded by Sam Walton nearly 20 years after the creation of Walmart. Since its creation in 1983, it has grown to 600 stores across America, Mexico, China Puerto Rico, and Brazil.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Who is the current CEO of Sam’s club?

  Kathryn McLay is the current CEO of Sam’s club.

  1. What is a limited-item business model?                                                                                                                                                                        

It is a business model in which the products or services sold are available only in limited amounts or for a limited time.

  1. What are the Services provided by Sam’s Club?

Bonus offers, travel, entertainment, business service, club service, photos and customization, home improvement, auto care, buying, health services, etc.

What Is Sams Club? -All You Need To Know

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