Do Home Bargains Have Wheelchairs?

Home Bargains doesn’t provide mobility scooters at the stores, although there are wheelchairs. Simply ask a team member for assistance, and they will bring one out for you if they have one inside for safekeeping.

Do Home Bargains Have Wheelchairs?

Home Bargains   

Home Bargains is a well-known store chain that sells a variety of things ranging from household items such as towels to bottles of wine. The store is accessed through two enormous automatic doors that open to the side. Just before this, there is a cover over the area where the store’s shopping carts and other items are kept. There were additional things on display in this section, resulting in a shortage of space and making access to the shopping carts difficult.

Once you’re inside the store, there is overhead signage that gives you an indication of what you’ll find in that section, but the lighting isn’t up to par. Because the store uses standard shopping storage, some items are difficult to reach if you are in a wheelchair. However, there is regular staff on the shop floor who can assist you if needed.

Wheelchair trolley

Store information wheelchair access wheelchair trolley free customer parking store hours mon-sun: 28 Straiton mains, Straiton, Loanhead Team leaders at Home Bargains work with their store teams to ensure an exceptional shopping experience for their consumers while meeting store performance goals. 

Wheelchair Accessible

Unlike any other place, Home Bargains don’t charge for the use of wheelchairs for their customers. They provide free access to any disabled persons who come in. Their staff and executive are always ready to assist anyone in terms of providing wheelchairs. 

So, you can just walk right in and call out one of their workers to bring one wheelchair if you’re going in with a disabled person.  

Access View

Observation of Parking

  • A parking lot is shared with the venue.

Outside Entrance

  • The venue has a step-free entrance.
  • The doors are double, automated (sliding), and have a clear opening width of more than 70cm.

Access View on the inside

  • The majority of the venue/service is accessible without the use of stairs.
  • There is a chair/seat available.
  • There is a hearing aid system on hand.
  • Within the majority of the venue/service, there is some leeway.
  • Employees are taught how to use the hearing aid device.
  • There are no documents in Braille available.
  • There are no documents in large print available.

Furthermore, there is this professional courtesy that will Benefit all disabled people. All the staff is trained to help their customers in every corner. 

  • Employees are educated on disability awareness and equality.
  • There is a member of staff who is trained in British/Irish Sign Language (who is usually on duty).

Accessible Symbols

These symbols were created in collaboration with disabled individuals and reflect crucial information that they’ve been told would be useful to know at a glance to help you determine whether a location is accessible for you.

Their surveyors award Accessibility Symbols to all places they visit. You can use these to refine your search by filtering your results with the Accessibility Symbols, or you can remember your preferences for future use if you have an account.

Details on each Accessibility Symbol, as well as some of the common terminology they use to define access to and around a venue, may be found below.

Automatic Doors and Level Access (or No Doors)

  • The approach and circulation are both levels (this may include the use of lifts). Doors will be automatic, with opening widths of at least 75cm.

Sloped Access, Ramped, and/or Manual Doors

  • The approach and circulation have no steps.
  • There may be some gentle incline ramps/slopes.

Impaired Walker for Mobility

  • The building’s approach/entrance has no more than three steps. Internal level adjustments can be accommodated via moderate/easy ramps and/or elevators.


Some customers’ experiences are mostly negative while shopping at Home Bargains. As some of them walk in with their loved ones in a wheelchair. As you know, shopping with a disabled person will take longer than for a normal person. 

Surprisingly, they were charged for parking their car for so long. As it concluded that there could be some upgrades or changes that need to be done. Despite being traveling with a disabled person would be understandable.


Finally, we conclude that Home Bargains is a good choice to shop, chill, and hang around. They have provided a wheelchair to their disabled customers. 

Unfortunately, there appears to be a parking fee that they fined one of their customers for shopping for too long. Aside from that, the crew is always ready to assist their customers, especially those who are impaired and walk inside their business. There are so many details that are most likely taken care of without the customer realizing.

We have gone over several aspects of their store, but we hope you’ll decide to visit the store yourselves!! 


Does Home Bargains provide a wheelchair?

Yes, Home Bargains provide free wheelchairs. All you have to do is call out one of their employees and they will bring you one wheelchair from the inside.

 Is Dementia  Friendly in Home Bargains?

Yes, Home Bargains are Dementia Friendly. There has been evidence of a Dementia Friendly effort. (Please keep in mind that training levels may differ.)

Do Home Bargains do home delivery? 

Yes, Home Bargains provide this service.

How will I communicate with them if I have a hearing problem?

Do not worry; they have been told that a member of staff who is fluent in sign language is usually accessible. 

How do I express my gratitude and deliver a compliment to Home Bargains?

They will appreciate favorable remarks regarding their businesses and employees. Their employees may be eligible for a bonus if they provide exceptional customer service in-store. Your feedback is critical in determining whether or not they earn this bonus.

The store’s Area Manager will go through your compliments with the appropriate workers, who they are sure will be happy to read them.

Do Home Bargains Have Wheelchairs?

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