Stores Like Petal And Pup


Petal and Pup is a brand known for its lively and fresh-picked patterns. Their silhouettes- from their mini to the full-length dresses are simple yet graceful. Speaking about categories- they have formal, casual, and party. When it comes to dresses they have satin, floral, knit, and wrap. Let us see some stores like Petal and Pup.

Stores Like Petal And Pup

Now inconvenience arises when Petal and Pup is not an option to shop at. Now how do you find the store to shop at to fit the want/need and budget based on the preference one likes to shop with.

What They Provide

Petal and pup have a separate section for bridal as well- ranging from for the bride, bridesmaids, and wedding guests. Their wardrobe for this is best described as simple and pure. They have various options from embroidery, long dresses, and playsuits to separate sets. 

Well, we have a variety of choices picked to fill the void by bringing to stores with similar tastes of petal and pup. Honey Peaches, Valentino, Lulu’s and so many more. All these are curated and revised under the style and price-wise-hence you can pick accordingly to your preference.

Hence here are some revised and curated stores where you can go when petal and pup are not an option for you. Irrespective of distance or preference is the issue, we have got you covered from the price range to various style preferences.

Stores like Petal and Pup

Honey Peaches:

Price Range: The starting price is from$39.95 up to $119.95

When beauty, class, and summer go hand in hand, you would have what Honey Peaches has to offer to you in their apparel. They have various options ranging from dresses, bridesmaids, playsuits, knitwear, coats, jackets, and much more.

They also have bump-friendly apparel for pregnant ladies. Their bridal wear is strictly limited to bridesmaids only. They have a Luxe collection for luxury gowns with an option for made-to-order them as well. Honey Peaches is a women-only customer base. They have sizes ranging from XS to 4XL on the size scale.


Price Range: The starting price is from $750 up to $8,200

Valentino has a clothes section that screams posh and luxury. The summer vibe it gives you is for the elite. Valentino is the store you opt for when you are willing to spend a lot. They have coats, dresses, knitwear, skirts, denim, and much more. Apart from apparel bags, shoes, accessories, and beauty are also products one can find at Valentino. 

Valentino’s designs and patterns are unique and rare that you would not find in other brands. This is what set them apart from others as well. Valentino caters to men and women as their customer base. Their size scale goes from XS to L. 


Price Range: The starting price is from $25 up to $100 and above

Lulu’s has a good collection of sundresses that know how to compliment color schemes. Lulu’s caters to every occasion, whether you want a subtle shade or a single pattern with a splash of crazy color.

Apart from these, they provide cocktail dresses, wedding guests, casual and prom as well. Swimwear is also available here. Their customer base is women only. Their scale on sizing goes about XS to L. There is the availability of accessories, bags, jewelry, hats, purses, and much more. They have separate sections for beauty and wellness too. 


Price Range: The starting price is from $690 up to $20,870

Eye-catching and classy are two words to describe Etro. This is because of their detailed attention to their patterns and designs. They also have a great knack for applying the right color scheme to the themes given to the apparel- whether it be bright floral or subtle floral, they got you covered.

Coats, jackets, beachwear, knitwear, tops, and t-shirts are some of what they provide through their brand. Apart from the apparel section, the brand gives out products of fashion jewelry, paisley bags, and a decent collection of shoes too. Etro also caters to men by providing its services through clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes. Their sizing scale differs from the apparel chosen- hence a size guide chart is given.


Price Range: The starting price is from $59 up to $180

TOBI plays a fine role in acting as a mirror for an alternative for Petal and Pup. Since a substitute of petal and pup is required apparel-wise- head directly to their season section. The segregation is for spring, summer, and sundresses. You can find clothes at TOBI with patterns and silhouettes that meet what you want. It portrays itself as a luxury brand but is affordable in mostly all price ranges.

Backless, boho, casual, deep V, halter dresses are some among their wide range of choices. Wrap, midi, and lace dresses to name a few among the floral dresses section. TOBI also gives out various accessories such as hats, belts, bags, and much more. They have phone cases for iPhones too. In the jewelry section, the choices to pick from range from earrings and necklaces. 

Goodnight Macaroon:

Price Range: The starting price is from $23.40 up to $128 and above

If pretty and summer is your vibe and style, then Goodnight Macaroon is your place to shop for sure. They have various tones to select from floral to subtle shades of pinks, whites, and so on. Swimwear, Beachwear, and Playsuits are also available.

Depending on your preferences, you will find a wide range of bodysuits, tops, shirts, and blouses. They have a wide range to pick from, not just the floral section. Their customer base is for women only. Goodnight Macaroon also has a good range of handbags ranging from totes to faux leather(and many more).

Hello Molly:

Price Range: The starting price is from $44.10 up to $166

If your style radiates pretty and fun- with a touch of brightness then Hello Molly is your store to be at. Hello, Molly gives a wide range of patterns ranging from dark tones to pretty summer floral ones too. Their variety consists of lace, off shoulder, backless, and much more. They have three separate sections for rompers, tops, and bottoms. 

Besides clothing accessories and shoes are also available in separate sections. The brand caters to providing its services to women only. Hello, Molly has sequin dresses with various necklines and length differences for different preferences. A white dress section with unique cuts also exists. There are 15 and more sections to choose from under this store. 


Price Range: The starting price is from $20 up to $1000

If you want summer and elegance in one store-Revolve is your store. The patterns and designs give you a pretty cut with summery vibes. This brand also gives out matching sets, activewear, jackets, coats, denim, and more. Swimsuits, sleepwear, and loungewear are also available here.

Bodycon, embellished, sequined, gowns are some of the many styles Revolve provides to its customers. Apart from the clothing, they sell beauty, accessories, and shoes as well. In their accessories category, they sell sunglasses, hats, belts, hair accessories, and many more items too. 

Totes, clutches, and backpacks are some of the choices in the bags category. Bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces are some of the options in the jewelry section. Fine jewelry is also provided at Revolve. There is a luxury option for these- such as luxury accessories, bags, and jewelry. 

Styling is The Key

Style is a universal language and can be expressed in various forms. 

Being able to style such subtle/bright tones with ease should come in handy without any complications when creating an outfit. 

Here are three easy pointers that will help you navigate your style in creating that outfit with ease:

Choose your center of attention

Picking your dress or separates is what is going to set the entire tone of your style. Whether it be a confident look one is going for or a pretty vibe- think of the color scheme and implement it onto your apparel. Know that it should reflect your style and it satisfies in compliments in bringing the best out of your skin tone- it’s good to go. 

Outerwear selection

From the selection of jackets to shrugs- when picking outerwear for your outfit make sure it plays along with your outfit. It’s best advised to go with the flow that the apparel and you feel it guides you in. Picking your outerwear in harmony with your outfit will enhance the style of the outfit. 

Crucially accessorize

Accessorizing is essential and risky at the same time. From your bags, shoes, and jewelry- know how to find the balance between what you like and prefer with what goes well with your outfit as well. The lack of options is not the concern, finding your preference in design, pattern, and there is.


When it comes to creating comfortable fashion, companies create products that suit the wants and needs of the public- stores like Petal and Pup do not disappoint. When Petal and Pup aren’t available, these choices work as a counterpart in the absence of Petal and Pup.

Stores Like Petal And Pup

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