Unexpected Things To Bring To College

For students who are planning to go to college out of state, they cannot simply pack up their room and take everything with them no matter how much they want to. Limiting oneself to two to three big luggage bags and one carry-on, if you are traveling by air might be the best choice. Lastly, no one wants to spend money on unnecessary things, so financially planning for these steps might be a good choice. Here, we have compiled a list of items a college student might unexpectedly need. Let us see some unexpected things to bring to college.

Unexpected Things To Bring To College

Unexpected Things To Bring To College

Some of the most common and unexpected things that a student might need to bring to college are a ratty sweatshirt, foldable drying rack, laptop lock, unbreakable glasses, Tide to go pens, and a bunch of electronic gadgets such as an HDMI cable, an electric kettle, fabric steamer/iron, and an ethernet cable.

List of Unexpected Things To Bring To College

Unexpected things to bring to college 1 – A Ratty Sweatshirt

Everyone knows that college life is all about having fun and going to parties while assignments are done at the last minute. For most of the colleges in the country, students will have a thriving campus life. Whether it is because you’re a new recruit for a frat or love going to frat parties, invest short term, and try to buy cheap sweatshirts that you do not might loosing.

What this means is if you somehow ruin it, it can be disposed of. Or what usually happens when it comes to coats and sweatshirts in the dead of winter is that students usually forget them somewhere, or some random person might take them. Investing in a ratty and cheap sweatshirt you do not mind losing or don’t mind getting dirty will be great since it will save you a headache when doing laundry.

Unexpected things to bring to college 2 – Foldable Drying Rack

A portable drying rack can be used to dry bath towels in between usage. One thing that many college students observe is that in a dorm, it is impossible to dry their clothes, especially if they share a bathroom. There are never enough towel racks to dry wet outerwear, and even freshly washed items. The majority of campus dryers are set on high heat all of the time, which can destroy sweaters, delicate clothes, and fitness gear.

X-frame drying racks, one of the oldest forms, are strong and can accommodate a huge proportion of clothes while taking up very little floor space. Most of the drying racks are made of wood, timber, or steel. However, unlike the name suggests, these drying racks are portable and compact, making them a perfect fit in a dorm room. Laundry can even be made easy with an over-the-door drying rack.

Unexpected things to bring to college 3 – Laptop Lock

A laptop lock, as the name implies, resembles an actual lock that aids in the security of your laptop. The laptop lock functions in the same way as a physical lock. To use the laptop lock, simply place it in the global port of the laptop and turn it on. These laptop locks can quickly transform your mobile laptop into an immobile item, preventing theft.

Many students find it comforting to know that they can still have that joyful, open environment in the hostels without having to worry about their most expensive possession. Similarly, if they are studying at a library or a coffee shop and need to use the restroom, they do not have to enlist the help of a stranger.

Unexpected things to bring to college 4 – Unbreakable Glasses

The greatest durable drinking glasses are made of ultra-durable Tritan plastic, which is not only easy to clean but also has the appearance and feel of glass. Based on your aesthetic preferences, it can be fashioned into crystal-clear or colored glasses. Wine glasses, tumblers, and champagne flutes are just a few of the glassware options.

Students do not have the time or energy to take care of actual glass because of their hectic lifestyles. They will never be able to recoup from a financial loss if they organize house parties and their guests shatter a glass. They will be able to save money in the long term by purchasing these low-cost plastic glasses.

Unexpected things to bring to college 5 – Stain Remover Pens

Spot removers are used on spots on clothes before they are washed. These removers function in several ways. Cleaning agents, also known as surfactants, loosen stains and help them to be taken away by water. These enzymes and chemicals work on amino residues, such as blood, to help the laundry detergent clean more effectively.

Pretreatment bleach enhances whiteness while other treatment processes make the staining more basic so it can be cleaned more easily. You’ll need a stain stick for this. You WILL drop food on your clothes when watching Television in your dorm, but you would not want to waste your laundry cents by throwing an otherwise clean shirt in the wash. This way, you’ll have enough time to hand wash your favorite outfit before heading out.

Unexpected things to bring to college 6 – HDMI Cable

HDMI cables are used to link devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other computers to displays such as projectors, television monitors, and computer monitors. Both audio and visual signals can be sent through an HDMI cable. You don’t need to use a different adaptor to watch any of the above.

A video in 4K or Full HD, as well as multichannel audio, is sent with minimal or no data loss during transmission. An HDMI cable can help you eliminate many wires in this way. The goal of one device is to link multiple devices. Most people watch Netflix on their laptops, but if you want to view it in a public setting, you’ll be pleased you bought an HDMI cable first.

Unexpected Essential 7 – A Electric Kettle

Most students believe that they will not use an electric kettle if they do not drink tea. However, as the semester went on, they discovered an unlikely hero in the kettle. Students discovered that they used it for everything from Nescafe to cup noodles regularly. When final examinations arrived, they could soak washcloths in hot water to make a heating pad for their necks, which had become sore from leaning back over textbooks. 

Unexpected Essential 8 – Fabric Steamer

To swiftly press wrinkled clothing, small handheld steamers are widely employed. Perhaps you have an unexpected business meeting or a hot date on the go. Grab a piece of clothes from the back of your closet, turn on the steamer, and you’ll be fully dressed in less than 5 minutes. This excellent ironing substitute can also be used everywhere.

Bringing a large iron to the dorm is not the best idea due to the limited space. When it comes to looking polished for a date or a crucial interview, students should choose steamers.

Unexpected Essential 9 – Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cables are mainly used to connect devices to an internal network and give an internet connection. They connect to Ethernet ports on several different devices. An Ethernet cable is most commonly used to connect a Modem router or wifi to an online entry port or a phone line. As a history major, a terrible internet connection in the middle of the course selection feeding frenzy can land you in a 300-level physics class. With an ethernet wire, you can avoid this disaster.  

Unexpected Essential 10 – Extra Set of Sheets

An additional set of sheets is one of the essential college items. You never know who will make an appearance and want to spend the night with you. A spare set of sheets could save your couch (or save your guests from your well-loved futon). And you never know if you’ll drop your dinner or lunch while doing schoolwork in the place you sleep – one wants to wash laundry late at night when they’re sleepy. 

Unexpected Essential 11 – Fans

You will rarely have control over the thermostat in your dorm. You can’t turn the heater or air conditioner on or off. A fan may be able to save your life based on where you attend college. In fact, I would suggest two. One of the large oscillating or box types, and another that you can attach to your table or bunk bed. There are also elegant desk fans that can be plugged into a USB port. 

Unexpected Essential 12 – Microwavable Bowls

It’s true what you have heard: college students eat a lot of Instant noodles and soup. Some students claim that there have been evenings when there were five of them in one room, each with their own enormous bowl of noodles. As a result, at minimum, a dorm needs one large microwaveable bowl is a requirement for any college. Fun fact: You can also prepare mac and cheese in the microwaves, but if that’s your plan, make sure you get some dairy from the cafeteria.

Unexpected Essential 13 – Noise Canceling Headphones

These are an absolute must-have. For studying at the bookstore, cafes, dorm rooms, and bus rides, you’ll need them. Invest in an excellent pair and treat them well. You can use them to de-stress, meditate, groove onto the way to school, or listen to lullabies before bed. Sometimes all you need to do is shut off the world’s nonsense.

These may be the best investment a student can make. While a party is going on outside their rooms, they can accomplish their homework or tasks in their dorm, house, or hostel.

Unexpected Essential 14 – Wall Calendar

Plan out the due dates for big projects & papers or assignments that are due using a large calendar. You can also plan out your week or month in advance if you are juggling multiple jobs or internships while being a full-time student. You’ll be less likely to overlook anything significant if you can see it every day and keep your planner updated. One of the collegiate must-haves is a calendar to go with your planner.

Unexpected Essential 15 – White Noise Machine

A compact sound machine is one of the simplest and most efficient solutions to cope with noisy housemates or neighbors. Sound machines developed exclusively for newborns are excellent choices because they are frequently built for “on the go for mobile naps,” which means you can take yours with you everywhere you go, whether you’re snoozing in your dormitory or napping in the library.

Unexpected Essential 16 – Ice Trays

Ice machines will be available in some dorms, but not all. Investing in a few cheap water trays will pay off big time on warm days when you need a refreshing drink, and having a few on hand will help you break the ice with other students who won’t be carrying their own.

Unexpected Essential 17 – Swiss Army Knives

While many parents would like to see their children go to college or university with a full toolkit, most students will not require everything that is included. A Swiss Army Knife is a handy tool for bringing a knife, screwdriver, and scissors to class. Plus, kids well over the age of 21 know that having a corkscrew and bottle opener on hand is always a good idea. A Swiss Amry Knife can also make women feel safer when taking public transportation late at night. 

Unexpected Essential 18 – A Portable Charger

It allows people to stay connected and make use of the internet’s benefits. The ability to supply reliable energy in times of need is the fundamental advantage of portable power banks. Everybody is online these days, and most of this equipment, such as phones, laptops, cameras, and so on, operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

After a hard day of studies, many students go to work. They can’t rely on the plugs even at college because other students are and use them to charge their laptops. Alternatively, some older classrooms may be devoid of electrical plugs.

Unexpected Essential 19 – A Sewing Kit

Sewing is an essential life skill that every adult knows how to do. Everyone can find their clothes torn or a button missing before an important interview or a rip in their favorite dress. This is a skill that everyone needs to know the basics of. It is simply not only for mothers and wives, and old grandmothers. Students don’t realize that torn clothes do not mend themselves, and to do so, one thing they overlook is buying a sewing kit.  

Unexpected Essential 20 – A Water Bottle

Carrying a water bottle wherever you go may appear to be a difficult effort, but it is actually quite simple, and you can carry it using the in-built water bottle holder. Having water bottles on hand also allows you to assist folks who have not read this text and are not bringing their bottles. Water bottles are an excellent way to remain hydrated if you’re heading to a festival or concert and need to catch public transport to get there.

If you’re going to fill these with something that isn’t water, you can also sneak in alcohol, mixers, and other drinks like tea or coffee to save some bucks when going to a festival.

Need Of Bringing Unexpected Things To College

Moving to college is a huge step in anyone’s life. It actually marks the time when people start to

take teenagers seriously and they are on their way to becoming adults. Most students wish that they did not spend a pretty penny on most of their supplies. With most of the things, they will need will be given neatly to them on a university list, the unexpected things will creep upon them. When it comes to the nitty-gritty details, one needs to prioritize and choose what they can bring with them.


What most people take when going to college depends on their unique set of needs and wants. Of course, it goes without saying but clothes, books, and some basic stationery are must-haves. Pretty much everyone will come to their dorms and college, fresh-faced and bushy-eyed. They will follow the university list to a T and bring them some sheets (but not an extra pair), pillows, shower caddies, flip flops, etc to make their college time easy. These are some of the things that were needed unexpected based on reviews given by other college students. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What size should I bring the bedsheets? 

Unless specified otherwise, the standard followed in most dorm rooms is a twin XL bed. So, bring twin XL bed sheets. 

2. Do I need to bring a first aid kit with me? 

Yes, a first aid kit is essential in everyone’s life. The first aid kit can be equipped with bandaids, basic painkillers, antiseptic, thermometer, fever reducers, pain patches, and cough drops. This kit will come in handy when the campus clinic is closed. 

3. Can I use nails to hand up pictures on the wall of my dorm? 

No, you cannot do this. Instead, use command strips or double-sided tape to hang pictures, posters, and lists on your dorm room walls. 

Unexpected Things To Bring To College

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