What Does Walmart Road Hazard Warranty Cover?

Tires are vital for car owners, even though they might be expensive. Not only will you save money if you buy your tires from Walmart, but you can also add a Road Hazard Warranty as an optional extra to protect your purchase from any potential road hazards. This warranty covers the unexpected (like a flat tire) and the inevitable (like tire wear) with no additional cost. If the tire’s tread has worn down to less than 25% of its original depth, Walmart will either repair it at no charge or replace it with a new tire at no cost to the customer. Walmart offers a road hazard warranty to its customers for about $56 per vehicle and $14 per wheel.

What Does Walmart Road Hazard Warranty Cover?

What is Covered Under this Voluntary Warranty?

Contrary to the Lifetime Balance plan, this plan is considered an “additional” or “supplementary” guarantee. It is suitable for customers who wish to use the same wheels for an extended period, as it offers restoration services if the tire can be repaired and replacement services if it cannot.

In addition, this warranty protects your wheels against harm caused by normal wear and tear and potholes. After completing all maintenance, you will earn little savings on your next set of tires purchased from one of their stores.

To be eligible for free or pro-rata replacement of defective tires during the warranty period, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • You bought this Voluntary Road Hazard Guarantee from Walmart. 
  • You are the one who first obtained possession of the tires. 
  • You are the car owner on which the tires were initially installed. 
  • You can establish that you are the owner of the automobile tires and the original receipt for their purchase.

What is Not Covered Under this Voluntary Warranty?

This optional warranty does not cover everything.

  • This guarantee does not cover tires that have been repaired unacceptably.
  • Inappropriate use, such as racing or under- or over-inflation
  • Thefts
  • Motorsports
  • By accident
  • To be used in an off-road situation
  • Snow studs or chains
  • Wear that is fast or erratic
  • The vehicle’s mechanical components are worn out
  • Abuse that goes beyond the call of duty

The warranty does not cover the following items in addition to those already mentioned:

  • In addition to taxi service, towing, and government use, commercial tires are also available for sale.
  • Racing or other off-road tires; and tires that have been used
  • Tires that were previously put on a vehicle different than the one they were initially intended to be fitted on

A Comprehensive Guide to Walmart’s Road Hazard Warranty Claim

If your tire develops a problem, you should contact Walmart Auto Care and make an appointment for service.

Through Telephone 

By calling the company, you can claim the Walmart tire warranty using the Telephone.

To make a Road Hazard warranty claim, call Walmart and explain your scenario to book a service appointment. Call 1-800-925-6278, and a representative will connect you with a Walmart Auto Care Center in your area.

By Meeting in Person

Resolve a tire warranty issue at Walmart in person

When it comes to warranty service, you should make an appointment over the Telephone, but you can still try your luck at a Walmart Auto Care Center in your area. If they cannot help you immediately, they will make an appointment.

How much does Walmart’s Road Hazard Insurance Cost?

Walmart’s Road Hazard Warranty and Lifetime Balance Plan both have additional costs associated with them. When you buy the tires, you can opt for either a standard or a road hazard warranty.

$10 for each tire equals $40. You’ll pay an additional $80 on top of the cost of the tires, but you’ll be covered if something goes wrong while driving and when you need to have your tires rotated and balanced.


Walmart’s tire guarantee can help you safeguard and preserve the health of your wheels. Let’s say you’re searching for car wheels. If that were the scenario, you might have considered opting for a road hazard warranty plan from Walmart instead of just paying the total retail amount all at once. It covers every essential aspect of your wheels’ construction, including their balancing and mounting on your car. It is an excellent solution for people who wish to guarantee that their tires are in optimal condition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How long does Walmart’s Road Hazard Warranty cover repairs and replacements?

A: Although Walmart advertises that the Road Hazard Warranty is valid for the tire’s whole life, the fine print on their website indicates that the warranty is only valid for the first 25 per cent of the tire’s tread.

Q2: Does Walmart’s Road Hazard Coverage Include Coverage for Flat Tires?

A: The Walmart Road Hazard Warranty, which costs $40 per vehicle and $10 per tire, provides coverage for flat tires and regular wear and tear for the tires’ entire lifespan. Services such as tire balancing and rotation are covered under the Walmart Lifetime Balance Tire Warranty, costing $56 per vehicle.

What Does Walmart Road Hazard Warranty Cover?

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