Shudder Review – Is This The Best Choice?

If we talk about movies, it’s Needless to say that we have numerous options with no shortage of streaming services competing for the spotlight.  But what to do when you get a desire for a specific genre of movies? While you can always explore as per your choice, several small services are pursuing to raise themselves by specializing in specific areas of movies. And one of those services is Shudder, a streaming program pointing to horror and suspense films. But what and how do they provide? How much would it cost? And other vital questions like these will be answered here. Discover all the things you must know about Shudder. So come lets review about Shudder.

Shudder Review - Is This The Best Choice?

Shudder Review

Here is the review of Shudder that might help you…

What is Shudder?

Even if you already know about Shudder, I still want to introduce it.

It is a streaming service that mainly focuses on certain genres – entailing horror, nail-biter, and suspense-themed movies and TV series. 

Acquired by American entertainment corporation (AMC), the network that gave rise to The Walking Dead. 

Shudder was initially commenced in 2015 and is now completely up and driving the horror fans their favorite fun watch.

User Experience

Shudder has a smart format that enables content finding and relaxed watching. It comprises a co-branded service that streams horror movies all day and night. 

So it is going to give a “cable movie channel” kind of vibe.

Plus It’s a fine and smart alternative to on-demand content for shiftless or lazy people.

Presenting a vast variety of fresh and typical horror movies and TV pageants, Shudder also has many scoops and original series for its users to make their path through along with even a 24/7 Livestream choice if you’re a fanatic of horror with two subscription plans accessible to choose from, along with a seven-day trial.


There’s some quality content on Shudder, which includes a lot of notable as well as little-known (but good enough) slasher films that your friends who are into filming might endorse.

The preference for modern films is a little shakier, and the biggest error in Shudder’s movie list is the absence of all-time famous horror masterworks (The Shining, The Exorcist, The Omen, Rosemary’s Baby, The Thing, and other top-notch horror flicks are all not available).

Solely, it’s a decent video streaming service directed more towards horror fanatics and masters than for infrequent watchers, but there are tons of citing and entertainment pictures contained.

Streaming Quality

Shudder streams smooth enough. I enjoyed steady HD streaming on all the varied platforms, and I didn’t remember any crucial disparity from platform to platform. 

Once my stream had gotten choppy which was pretty condonable. That was the only time when something like that happened.

So if you ask me about streaming quality I would say Shudder stands out from the big streaming companies like Netflix.


Shudder is accessible for Android, IOS, and Roku. So it’s up to you whether you browse chrome from iOS or Android. 

Additional platform support may be arriving. The mobile apps and Roku channel work well. I couldn’t notice any substantial distinction in streaming quality across the platforms.

How much does Shudder cost?

Shudder presently proposes a monthly or annual subscription plan, with signup ready directly via the Shudder website.

A monthly subscription would cost you around $6 to 7 per month, with an annual subscription amounting to $70 approx.

It has a seven-day free trial also but it is guaranteed that there are no bounce surprises before you drop off any money.

You can order a refund two days after being invoiced for a monthly subscription or seven days after being invoiced for an annual subscription, however, you’ll have to get in contact with Shudder via their website.

How to cancel a Shudder subscription?

If you’ve got all the terrors you could wish, or spending for another streaming service is sending a shiver down your spine, you can discontinue your Shudder subscription via the Shudder website and those who made the payments via PayPal in installments will have to rescind the pending fees to cancel their Shudder subscription.

Note that You cannot cancel your subscription through the Shudder apps and only the website can help you.

How to watch Shudder?

One can easily watch Shudder via some devices, such as:

  • Through the website using a computer or laptop.
  • Through the Shudder app on Apple

Shudder also declares that they intend to broaden the number of gadgets or devices accessible to stream on, encompassing gaming setups and Smart TVs. Also, they advise their users to browse its webpage for updates.

Is a subscription to Shudder worth it?

With no inadequacy of streaming platforms out there, is it truly worth signing up to the one that only serves one kind? 

Well, it hinges on how much you enjoy horror movies. For you, If it is kind of a nail-biting moment as the scary scene starts, Shudder may be worthy enough for the cost.

If you mostly cover yourself with a blanket when a ‘scary being’ appears, you might want to drop the idea.


Thus, Shudder receive positive review one of the more affordable streaming services, yet not shocking that you’re not provided with the spectrum of films, series, or even the genres like other services- Netflix or Binge. 

Nevertheless, monthly subscriptions and a free trial are available. So if you’re keen for a good scare, Shudder could be up to the mark.

Shudder Review – Is This The Best Choice?

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