Does Eastland Mall Have Wheelchairs And Handicap Carts?

The Eastland Mall is one of the famous landmarks and is the leading shopping destination in the Tri-state attracting a lot of customers throughout the region. The Eastland mall provides many features for its customers including wheelchairs and handicap carts services.  

Does Eastland Mall Have Wheelchairs And Handicap Carts?

Does Eastland Mall have wheelchairs and handicap carts?

Yes, the Eastland Mall has wheelchairs and handicap carts. You either book it or get it at the mall by visiting the guest services.

More details on how to get the wheelchairs and handicap carts are below.

The Eastland Mall

The Eastland Mall is a well-known shopping mall situated in Evansville, Indiana, on North Green River road. This mall is owned by the Macerich group.

Macerich is primarily a real estate company that invests in shopping malls across the United States.

The mall has 130 specialty stores, a food court with a wide range of food, and 3 department stores. 

It remains the region’s leading shopping destination with many restaurants and entertainment facilities. Some of the stores that you can find in the Eastland mall are American eagle, olive garden, longhorn, TGI Fridays, Bath and body works, Buckle, BJ’s restaurants and brewhouse, and many others.

The anchor stores of the Eastland mall are Macy’s, JCPenny, and Dillard’s.

History of Eastland Mall

Originally, The Eastland Mall was constructed by the General Growth properties in 1981 and then sold to Equitable Life Assurance Society. During that time the anchor stores were JCPenney, Ben Synder’s, and DeJong’s. Lazarus was added to the mall in 1982.

After various events, the mall was bought by the partnership of Simon property group and Macerich. After ending the partnership with Simon property group, Macerich received the Eastland Mall and received management rights.

Does Eastland mall have wheelchairs?

Yes, the Eastland mall provides wheelchairs for its customers. To get the wheelchair, customers can contact Eastland Mall security. You can also visit the guest services.

The guest service is located in the management office on the mezzanine above the food court. The management office is open from Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 5.00 p.m, with a lunch break from 12.00 p.m to 1.00 p.m.

For the wheelchair service or the lost and found service, the contact number of the mall security is (812) 455-9675.

Other Features of Eastland Mall

In addition to providing wheelchairs to its customers, they also have lots of features and some of them are given below.

  • You can directly connect to your desired store by calling the Eastland shopping line.
  • They also have a lost and found section, you can contact the mall security to know more about the Lost and Found.
  • Play area for children
  • Smarte carte vending machines
  • Coke refreshment units
  • The Eastland mall has a management office that provides the details about mall directories, leasing information,  advertisement, and event hosting.
  • They also provide a lot of job opportunities posted on their website.

Events in Eastland mall

The Eastland Mall conducts various events for its customers. Some of the famous events conducted are

  • Photos with Bunny – As of now, this event is over.
  • Non-profit of the month – Since 2014, the Eastland mall has been recognizing non-profit organizations and their work in their community by honoring them. This event also helps the organization to gain more awareness and exposure for their upcoming events or campaigns from the customers. The Non-profits for the year 2022 are
    • January – Big Brother, Big Sisters
    • February – Girl Scouts of Southwest Indiana
    • March – Autism Evansville
    • April – YMCA of Southwestern Indiana
    • May – United Methodist Youth Home
    • June – Parenting Time Center
    • July – Junior Achievement
  • Short Cutts – a podcast about the Eastland mall. The podcasts contain interviews and conversations with people from the Eastland mall community. The podcast is available on Spotify. Till now there are 3 seasons of podcasts and the 3rd season is still ongoing.

The Eastland mall, since its construction, has stayed as one of the region’s most visited shopping destinations. The mall has over 130 stores and conducts various events to make the customer’s experience even more pleasant. Along with providing wheelchairs the mall also has various features for its customers aiming to fulfill their shopping expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are anchor stores?

Anchor stores are the big brands or big stores that attract a lot of customers and are already well-known by the people.

  1. How many Eastland malls are in the United states?

Including the one we saw here in this article, there are 5 different Eastland malls in the US. To be clear, the one we saw was from Indiana.

  1. Is Eastland Mall still open?

Yes, it is still open.

  1. Who owns the Eastland mall in Indiana?

It is owned by the Macerich company.

  1. Can I nominate a Non-profit organization for the Non-profit of the month award?

Yes, you can nominate a non-profit organization for the Non-profit of the month award by emailing

Does Eastland Mall Have Wheelchairs And Handicap Carts?

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