Does Panera Have Family Meals? 

Panera is a restaurant with a café style that offers food that is geared towards being of high quality and healthy unlike most fast food joints. Originally located in St. Louis, Missouri, Panera is known as the healthy fast food as food is prepared speedily but with so much more quality ingredients and style which accounts for their higher prices. The Panera restaurant caters to a wide variety of people including families. They also offer catering services for events and parties including birthdays, dinner and weddings which can be booked at Panera website. Let us know ‘Does Panera Have Family Meals?’.

Panera is known for their freshly prepared meals made on a daily basis to give customers the quality Panera is well known for. The foods offered include sandwiches, Panini, salads and a large variety of pasties and deserts. 


Yes. Panera has a large options of family meals with the most popular being the “Family Feast”. Panera family meals have been designed to give families or a large group of people the best deals when purchasing a group meal. The family meal options Panera offers includes;

  1. Family feast.
  2. Family feast with soup or mac and cheese
  3. Two flatbread pizza feast
  4. Three flatbread pizza feast
  5. Premium family feast 
  6. Breakfast sandwich feast 
  7. Fresh baked goods breakfast feast

A deep dive into the food items are included in an order of Panera Family meals?

  1. An order of the family feast contains two sandwiches from an array of options, it also has two kid sandwiches with the option of grilled cheese turkey sandwiches to select from, a salad with the Greek salad, Caesar salad and seasonal greens salad options and an entire French baguette.
  2. An order of family feast with soup or mac and cheese has the options above in addition to a family sized mac and cheese packaged in four individual containers or a quart of soup with the option of broccoli cheddar, creamy tomato and chicken noodle soup to select from.
  3. An order of the flatbread pizza feast contains marguerite flatbread topped with vegetables, cheese flatbread also topped with vegetables (the flatbreads are vegetarian) and chipotle chicken and bacon topped with vegetables, cheese and garlic flavored cream sauce. 
  4. The breakfast sandwich feast is available at Panera offers breakfast for the entire family while the fresh baked goods breakfast feast offers customers the choice for six baked goods to share with the family. Both are only available before 10.30 am.

Cost of Panera family meals

Panera family meals can start at about $23 to $35 depending on the option you select, no of extra orders and whether you requested for desert or not. Notwithstanding, the Panera family meals are affordable. For an additional $4 (four dollars), you can also have four (4) chocolate chip cookies bringing your total meal to an astonishingly affordable $33 (thirty-three dollars).

How to order a Panera family meal?

Panera offers customers various options to order and get their meals. You can order the Panera family meal online, at the drive through or at the restaurant and have it delivered by doorstep delivery, curbside pickup and drive through pickup. You can also bring your family into the Panera restaurant for a meal and order directly. 

Note; Panera family meals can usually serve approximately 4 to 6 people but Panera offers families with extra individuals the option to request an extra order of sandwiches, mac and cheese and other items on the menu at little cost.

Advantages of the Panera Family Meals to customers.

The Panera family meals offers customers many benefits. They include;

  1. Parents can take a break from cooking at home and still fill at ease as the kids will be eating healthy and quality made foods. Often time fast food are unhealthy and are prepared using low quality ingredients. Well, Panera offers parents and individuals a healthy and higher quality version of fast food allowing everybody to eat healthy food on the go.
  2. The Panera family meal is economical and offers saving which is necessary for those families on a budget and looking to eat out.
  3. The Panera family meal offers enough food for a family of four with the menu options for kids and adults. Panera also offers customers the option of increasing the order if they have more members. This allows families to limit the waste of food after easting.
  4. Panera offer doorstep delivery making it possible to get the family dinner right at your doorstep when going out is not an option. This delivery option also allows families to enjoy the Panera family meal anytime. 

Panera family meals offer families with healthy and high quality meals for affordable prices and with the large variety of options available, every member of the family will be left satisfied. The delivery options also mean that the Panera family meal is easy to order and have delivered with little stress. Panera family meals are some of the best family meal offers available in the US. 

Does Panera Have Family Meals? 

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