Moxee Mobile Hotspot Plans – Know More

Moxee is a company of KonnectOne, which makes mobile devices for mobile operators and enterprise customers and has its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, United States. Let us see about mobile hotspot plans of Moxee.

Moxee Mobile Hotspot Plans - Know More

Moxee mobile Hotspot Plans

Moxee mobile provides Internet Connection through a hotspot that you can connect using your device’s Wi-Fi.

The Moxee mobile devices are famous for providing good 4G LTE/WI-FI internet connectivity for gaming, working, and studying. It can be fully charged within 3 hours and offers a battery life of 7 hours in one go. 

It has a standby time of 18 days which is a great benefit to have if you are a minimal user and don’t want to charge your device if not in use.

You can own a Moxee Mobile Device for $49 with a 1.2GHz Qualcomm MDM9607 Processor along with 256 MB internal memory. It provides an average download speed of 150 Mbps, and you can securely connect 16 devices at a time.

Moxee Mobile Hotspot devices use AT&T Network and serve its customers and business owners.

What are Moxee mobile Hotspot plans?

For using a Moxee Mobile Hotspot Device, owning a Moxee Mobile Hotspot plan is a must.

Moxee provides International Plans, Hotspot Data Nationwide Plans, Basic Plans, & Multi-line Plans, Add-Ons, etc. some of them are as follows:

Bronze unlimited:

In this plan, you’ll get calls nationwide + calls to Canada & Mexico for $35/ month to get 10 GB of data. 

Silver Unlimited:

In this plan, you’ll get Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico + Unlimited Data at $45/month and $42.50/mo. For three months with Auto-Refill.

Gold Unlimited:

Here you’ll get Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico + Unlimited Data per month for $50/mo. For three months with Auto-Refill.

Platinum Unlimited:

Here you’ll get Nationwide + International Calling + Mobile Protect at $65/month and also $60/mo. For three months with Auto-Refill.

Unlimited plan:

This plan offers Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico + Unlimited Data at $90/month Unlimited Data. 

Its Extended 3 Month Plan costs $130 for 90 days of service.

Extending this plan for six months will cost you $255, and for that one year will cost you $495.

Reasons for owning Moxee mobile Hotspot Plan:

A mobile hotspot allows you to connect other devices to your hotspot data and enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity. 

Following are some of the benefits of owning a Moxee mobile hotspot plan:

Good Wi-Fi range:

The Moxee mobile 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot device has a range of 18 meters which is a great range for using the internet in devices that are in different rooms and at a distance. 

The good range of benefits makes Moxee Mobile a great option to facilitate gaming, working, and studying space in the customer’s place of being.

Multiple Device connection:

The Moxee mobile hotspot devices allow connectivity of up to 16 devices at once. The devices can access Moxee’s hotspot internet through their Wi-Fi feature. 

More device connectivity gives the user a seamless experience with access to the internet as the already paired devices get connected automatically when they are in the device range.

Note: It’s a great feature, but when more devices are connected to the internet, the internet speed reduces due to network distribution. 

Hence, if you want fast, reliable, and smooth internet connectivity, then only connect the devices in use and turn off Wi-Fi in the rest of the devices that are not in use so that their auto connection with the hotspot can be prevented.

Uninterrupted Internet Access:

One can access the internet using the hotspot of their mobile phone, but it can cause battery drainage of the phone whose hotspot you’ll use.

Moreover, the internet slows down or stops during calls on some mobile phones. All these can interrupt your smooth internet experience. 

Hence owning a Moxee Mobile device with Moxee Mobile Hotspot plans will help you enjoy smooth, reliable, and fast internet connectivity in the number of devices you need.

Which Moxee mobile hotspot plan should I buy?

Owning a Moxee Mobile hotspot plan depends on your needs, requirements, and budget.

You can go with the data-limited hotspot plans if you have a reasonable budget, want high speed, and have a set amount of data usage. 

Otherwise, if you have more data usage but are tight on budget, you can opt for unlimited data plans with decent speed.

Moxee Mobile provides hotspot plans for one month, 3-month, six months, and one year. Its plan costs from 35$ for 1month to 495$ per year.

If you are willing to renew the data plans every month, you can go with the 1-month plan.

Or, if you want to experience uninterrupted connectivity with no trouble with monthly payments or plan renewal, you can go with the three-month, six-month, and 1-year extended plans.

Can I get Moxee mobile Hotspot Data trials?

A Moxee Mobile Hotspot gives up to 50GB of data for a trial period of up to 30 days. This will help the user experience the internet connectivity and see if it satisfies their needs or not and help them to decide which plan to opt for.

Who provides the Moxee mobile hotspot plans?

Connection is the company that makes Moxee Mobiles; hence it is the provider of Moxee Mobile Hotspot. 

It provides a no-Contract Mobile Hotspot Internet Connection. You can also opt for auto-refill or auto-renewal of plans if you don’t want the trouble of missing the bill payment dates and interruption in internet connectivity.


Moxee Mobile Hotspot devices are an excellent device for having on-the-go internet access to all your devices and fulfill all your needs from gaming, studying, working to video calls, etc. 

Hence, if you want to enjoy fast, seamless, & uninterrupted internet connectivity, you should consider owning a Moxee Mobile Hotspot and a dedicated Moxee Hotspot Plan.

It will help you keep all your devices connected with one internet connection, optimize the data plans for your home or office instead of owning different internet plans, and manage data access. 

Moxee Mobile Hotspot Plans – Know More

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