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What is OPM?

OPM in full form is Office of Personnel Management. It is an Office of the Federal Government of the U.S. that is in charge of providing HR-related support and leadership to the Federal workforce. It does this to ensure that this workforce is well provided for to fulfill its duties for the people. In other words, it is the Human Resources Manager of the Federal Government. Now, let jus see about the OPM office locations and Headquarters.

OPM Office Locations & Headquarters

OPM Office Locations & Headquarters 

OPM has headquarters in Washington, D.C., in the Theodore Roosevelt Federal Building and office locations in Washington, D.C, New York, San Francisco, and Boston. But the location of offices does not limit their scope of work. They work for all U.S. states. 

Background Information on OPM

OPM was brought to life after the dissolution of the U.S. Civil Service Commission. It was created in 1979. This was after President Jimmy Carter passed and signed the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978. The most Influential figure of OPM however, is the late president Theodore Roosevelt. 

What Benefits Does OPM Provide For Federal Employees? 

OPM is in charge of Federal employee benefits that are constant regardless of extreme situations like pandemic outbreaks. They include;

  1. Health Insurance
  2. Retirement
  3. Flexible Spending Accounts
  4. Work/Life Enrichments
  5. Survivor Benefits
  6. Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP)
  7. Federal Employee’s Group Life Insurance Program (FEGLI)

How To Understand More About The Workings Of OPM? 

OPM executes the following responsibilities; 

  1. Assessment and selection service: This is meant for people who want to understand more about personnel management and assessment.
  2. Classification and Qualifications: OPM provides information about how titles, salaries, and grading is determined, as well as which people qualify for the same
  3. Data, Analysis, and Documentation: OPM researches and makes reports about observed patterns that determine or affect the Federal workforce behaviors and other agencies. This provides information other agencies base on for similar assessments.
  4. Human Capital Management: OPM is responsible for setting and overseeing the working conditions and rules of the Federal employees in different Federal agencies. 
  5. Labor-Management Relations: OPM has set policies that govern the workforce and their relations with each other as well as with their management. It is also responsible to keep track of and enabling the collaboration of agencies working on labor unions, and overseeing different regulations affecting employment conditions. 
  6. Performance Management: OPM sets conditions that govern the way employees’ performance is evaluated. 
  7. Workforce Restructuring: OPM offers guidelines for when and how to restructure the workforce. 

How Is OPM A Role Model? 

As a government organization that is in charge of providing the best working conditions to those who work for the good of the majority (Federal workforce), OPM has done well in two areas;

  1. Employing disabled people
  2. Supporting diversity and inclusion
  3. Undertaken a ‘Doing Business with OPM action whereby it supports very small businesses as well as minorities’ businesses

Has OPM Succeeded Or Failed in its mission? 

According to Governmentwide, OPM is among the top 10 Federal organizations providing the best working environment for its employees. It is important that as the agency that sets fair working conditions for all the rest of the federal workforce, it takes the first step to implement them. The rest of the Federal agencies have no excuse for failing their workforce because of this. Thus, OPM has done well to uphold its mission. 

Other Facts About OPM?

  1. It undertakes about 1 million background checks of federal employees and contractors each year, but;
  2. OPM has recently (2019) transferred the responsibility of ‘background investigations’ to the Department of Defense (DoD).
  3. OPM is in charge of over 8 million Federal employees, retirees, and survivors’ health insurance program as well as that of all the American people, for the latter under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. 
  4. OPM operates the USAJOBS.gov website where all Federal job vacancies are posted
  5. OPM is charged with the responsibility for the pensions of over 2 million Federal employees, retirees, and survivors.
  6. Oversees all the Federal agencies’ operations to ensure that they do not violate the ‘merit system principles’. 

Is It Possible To Get A Job in OPM As A Student? 

Yes, it is possible. As a matter of fact, OPM has 3 employment pathways solely created for students and graduates. The pathways are;

  1. Internship program: This is for students still undertaking some level degree studies at accredited institutions. Eligible students range from those in high school to postgraduates.
  2. Recent Graduates Program: This two-year career program is meant for all graduates ranging from undergraduates, associates, and postgraduate students,…
  3. Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program: This is only for students who have completed an advanced degree program.


The Office of Personnel Management of the Federal government of the United States exists to ensure that Federal employees face no inconveniences as they serve the American people. It is an agency charged with so many responsibilities and that leads by example. Maybe governments do not need to be the chief organizations in their countries after all. Maybe there should actually be a body ensuring that the government is being controlled though, ironically, by another government organization. This would be a great advantage for government employees and therefore for the rest of the people in countries that have their governments at the top with no one to report to. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. Does OPM have another top controlling agency under which it works?

Yes, OPM works under the CHCO Council: (Chief Human Capital Officers) Council.

  1. How can I contact OPM?

As OPM offices are located in only four states, they have made it easier to access their contacts. Follow the Contact US page on their website by browsing OPM, and choose a contact number that corresponds to the service you are looking for.  

  1. How is an OPM Director selected?

  Always nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

  1. If I present a case to OPM, how long will it take them to provide me with a solution?

Similar to retirement applications, provided that you have submitted all the required information, your case will take about 2 months. It will take longer if you provided insufficient information. 

OPM Office Locations & Headquarters – Know More

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