Kia Warranty – Know More

Have you ever wanted to buy a product and decided against it or opted for another brand because it didn’t have a warranty period? If you did, you definitely had a good reason to. Warranty provides you with the assurance that the producers of the product you are purchasing trust it enough to let you find out for yourself the same. If you are disappointed, you can have it repaired or replaced within the warranty period. This way, producers also understand what to work on in order to provide better quality products. Let us see about the warranty of Kia.

Kia Warranty - Know More

What Is Kia? 

Kia or Kia Motors Corporation is an automobile manufacturing company that was founded in 1944, in Seoul, South Korea, where its current headquarters are located. Besides South Korea, Kia also has manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Japan, China, India, Vietnam, Mexico, and Slovakia. Kia has research centers in South Korea, U.S., Germany, and Japan. In total, Kia has 14 manufacturing plants spread across these countries, four of them just in South Korea. So, what’s the policy of the Kia warranty like? 

Components Of The Kia Warranty 

These policies are currently effective and have applied to all Kia-sold automobiles since 2008. The warranty provides coverage until the specified time or the specified miles were driven for. It doesn’t matter which comes fast. Components of the Kia warranty include;

  1. The powertrain warranty: This is a 10-year/100,000 miles warranty
  2. The basic warranty: It is a 5-year/60,000 miles warranty
  3. The anti-perforation warranty: It is a 5-year/100,000 miles warranty
  4. Roadside assistance plan: It is a 5-year/60,000 miles warranty. While this warranty lasts, 24/7 minor repairs, such as flat tire-fixing, are provided free of charge to Kia automobile owners.
  5. Trip interruption program: The policy for the program is that if a Kia automobile suddenly incurs a technical issue more than 150 miles from home, and that requires an over 24-hour fixing time, then Kia takes care of expenses incurred such as meals, car rental services, and lodgings. 

All the above apply to all Kia vehicles 

Kia Warranty Policy Broken Down

The components of the Kia Warranty policy are supported in different ways according to the types of vehicles. That is;

  • 7-year/unlimited kilometer warranty for private and government vehicles
  • 7-year/150,000-kilometer high voltage electrical vehicle components warranty (similar battery warranty applies)
  • 7-year/150,000-kilometer commercial vehicle warranty
  • 7-year body corrosion warranty (for example when the vehicle gets holes due to rust and as a cause of a fault in the manufacturing of it, Kia covers costs involved for 7 years.)
  • 7-year exterior durability paint and finish (for when a government or private vehicle has painting issues like quick paint thinning, Kia covers this for 7 years)
  • 1-year appearance paint warranty (for new cars that come with mismatched paint, or holes somewhere, Kia covers this for a year, but not when the fault is the owners)
  • Battery warranty (Kia takes care of battery issues for a period of 2 years regardless of the kilometers covered.)
  • Air conditioner refrigerant warranty (Covered only for the first year for new cars)
  • Parts and Accessory warranty (For Kia car parts installed at the purchase of a vehicle from a dealer, Kia covers the expenses. If the authorized Kia dealer covers the costs of the installation, then the car owner will be entitled to receive Kia parts and accessories for a year after the purchase of the vehicle). 
  • 3-year Audio and Audio+Navigation warranty (This applies to vehicles manufactured after 2017. Kia offers free services of audio issue fixtures for 3 years regardless of the kilometers traveled)
  • Towing (Costs of towing an immobile vehicle still in warranty to a nearby Kia dealership area, are covered by Kia)
  • Transfer of warranty (For a Kia vehicle with a valid warranty, transfer of ownership of the vehicle means the transfer of its warranty to the new owner. You will have to fill a form confirming the transfer.)

What Kia Warranty Does Not Cover?

  • Kia Warranty does not cover cleaning and polishing, fuel or oil expenses (replenishment), wiper blades, coolant, fan belts, filter, light globes, tires,…
  • It does not cover software fixtures like maps, Bluetooth devices, or Traffic Information Systems,…
  • Damage due to factors beyond the manufacturer’s control like theft, fire, accidents, flooding…
  • Damage due to owner’s carelessness such as racing, or use of fuel other than what Kia specified,…
  • A car stops working due to the owner’s negligence regarding the technical repairs that Kia would have done earlier
  • Vehicle wearing out over time due to long period of use
  • e.t.c 


Warranty is like an entitlement to a lifestyle that is so cool. You get to enjoy free services for a product malfunctioning that is fairly no one’s fault. However, misuse of this opportunity can result in total disfunctioning of the product that the warranty is authorized not to cover. 

Kia Warranty – Know More

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