Parker House Furniture Warranty – Know More

Parker House is a family-owned business known for its quality manufactured and selling of durable furniture and items. The month was established in 1946, their first factory is in downtown Los Angeles, California, United States. Since its establishment, they are known for one thing: to design, manufacture and deliver quality furniture products used in homes, offices, and the entertainment industry. What now happens if there is a problem attached to the furniture products that were delivered to you, how will you return them if you are not aware of their warranty program and policy? This is why this article’s purpose is to explain all the possible information you needed concerning the Parker House Furniture Warranty.

Parker House Furniture Warranty - Know More

Parker House Furniture Warranty

Even if you create all the incredible furniture masterpieces in the world, there will always be challenges from a factory malfunction or any other manufacturer issues related to furniture. This is why Parker House Is one of the furniture industries with a clear statement of their furniture warranty and how they go about it. Their furniture warranty covers a lot of aspects, right from their furniture frames to the spring construction and foam and every other type of cushions you can lay your hand upon. To find out the furniture warranty associated with Parker House, then continue reading this article to find out the answers

List of All Parker House Furniture Warranty 

  • As already stated above, not only does Parker House furniture Warranty can be found in only the wooden frame, but they are also extended to the cushion and every other part of the furniture, and they are listed as follows
  • A five-year warranty for all their selected hardwood frames which were upholstered in their original fabric as explained on their company’s website 
  • A five-year warranty for all their spring constructions linked to other parts like the back and seat. This warranty only covers those breaking or significant slippage which was caused under any stress point
  • A one-year warranty for all foam cushions that need to be replaced because of their use, and not with the help of some abuse
  • A three-year warranty for all other cushions that have lost their cushion resiliency. If your cushion does not undergo normal flattening and softening, then this type of cushion warranty applies to you. 
  • A one-year warranty for all furniture that has to wear down during the process of normal usage. This warranty will be made efficient starting from the date you order the product from Parker House 

What Are The Policy That Governs Parker House Furniture Warranty

You will not see a warranty that will not have their policy, this is because they want to avoid excessive usage and misusage of the said products in their company. These rules and regulations will also allow you to be aware of how the warranty works, and where or who you are to turn to if you are one of those lucky ones that have issues with their recently acquired furniture. All in all, this policy governs everything you should be aware of about furniture warranty, and some of the policies are listed below

  • All warranty that has been listed above in this article does not cover any form of fading or palling that may occur from the normal usage of some fabrics used during the manufacturing of some furniture
  • All furniture warranty claims that relate to fabrics are expected to be submitted to the fabric mill for close evaluation before they may be considered
  • Parker House has the power to determine if the problem associated with your furniture may be repaired locally, or they are to be returned to the manufacturer for closer examination
  • Any warranty issues should be made known to the authorized person or preferably to where it was bought before they may be considered applying a warranty to the products
  • Warranty is only valid and applicable if the products develop fault under the effect of normal usage, and therefore, have not been subjected to any form of abuse in any way
  • The cost that was associated with returning the repaired furniture to the expected owner will be absorbed by Parker House itself. You will also find out that Parker House does not support charges associated with shipping replacement repair parts.
  • All furniture is subdued under a thorough examination by a Parker house sales representative at the dealer’s store or customer’s home before it is likely to fall under warranty 


Parker House Furniture Warranty has been explained above, and some of the explanations indicated that only furniture that develops fault under a stress level and not gotten from a type of abuse is applicable to be subdued to their warranty policy. The first thing you need to do to access the warranty policy is to make contact with their sale representative, or customer support service to have a close examination of the said furniture before it can be taken to the factory for replacement. The policy that governs this warranty issue has also been explained in this article. 

Parker House Furniture Warranty – Know More

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