Check Fandango Gift Card Balance

It is an American company that sells tickets for the movie. You can book tickets online on the official website, and you can also download the app the fandango to book tickets. Let us see how to check Fandango gift card balance.

Check Fandango Gift Card Balance


The company was founded in 2000, and the headquarters is in the United states. You can also take the membership in the company. There are two owners of the company; they are NBC Universal and Warners Bros entertainment. The official website of the company is, and you can visit the website to book your tickets. On the website, you will get to know every little detail like theatre, movie timing, location, price, etc.

How To Check Fandango Gift Card Balance?

There are two ways in which you can check the gift card balance of Fandango. They are:

A) Call:

To call the company, you need to find the number on google, and you can go to the official website and get the number from there. You can contact the company and give them your details such as gift card number, name, address, contact number, etc. Tell them that you want to know about your gift card balance, and make sure to give them the correct details. They will tell you your current balance, which is there on the gift card. 

B) Official website:

You can go to the official website of the company Fandango and search for the gift card option. Once you click on the gift card option, you can see the option of the gift card balance, click on that and add your card number to the gift card along with the pin. Select the enter option to check your balance, and the balance will be visible to you on your screen. Then you have to enter your gift card code and select the continue option to return on the homepage of the website. You can also redeem the gift card.

What is a Fandango gift card?

These cards are unique because you can customize them as you want, and you can use the card on the official website to purchase tickets. And you can even use it on the app the fandango. You can’t use the gift card in the movie theatre, and you cannot use it on any other website except fandango. If the gift card gets damaged, they won’t give you a new one or a refund, but you have to purchase a new gift card. You can even rent the movie and tv from your gift card. The gift card won’t be replaced if you lost it somewhere.

What is the gift card policy?

You have to write down the details of the gift card number and pin, and you can use the gift card only at the official website of the fandango. You can use it anytime on the website and the app. The company will provide you with a gift card of your choice, but a gift card is not a credit card; it just works as an official website and app payment card. The gift card is not for a resale, and it is only for the companies purchasing. You have to pay a fee to the customer for the gift card and make sure to add all the details correctly.

Can I redeem the gift card?

Yes, as a customer of the fandango, you can redeem the gift card. All you have to do is first. You need to visit the official website of the company, or you can use the app. Then select the showtime and then select the payment option. Once you choose the option of the gift card, you need to add your card number and password. If the amount of the payment is less and you have more in your gift card, you can re-use that amount in your next booking. Once all this process is complete, you can enjoy your show

Can you get a refund for the gift card?

No, you don’t get a refund for the gift card. You won’t get a refund, but whatever amount is stored in the gift card can be further used for purchasing movie tickets for your family or friends. There is a certain policy that should be followed by everyone who has purchased a gift card. You can exchange your movie but won’t get a refund for booking the tickets. Sometimes you may get a discount for the tickets or on your first purchase. You can even use the promo code to pay less price for the tickets.

Can you get cash for the exchange of the gift card?

No, you cannot get cash for the exchange of the gift card. It is the policy of the company that you cannot get an exchange and a refund for the gift card. You have to pay the actual price and make sure to check everything before paying. Sometimes the company offers you a promotional gift card which has an expiry date, and you can purchase it at a lesser price. You can file a reimbursement if the company has an office in Puerto Rico and if it is also a cash-back state. Then you can file a reimbursement to the company to get cash.


The company has different payment methods like mastercard, PayPal, gift card, American Express, etc. It takes two weeks to complete the process of refund, and you can contact customer service for any help. The revenue of the company is $298 million by 2022, and more than 400 people are working in the company. You cannot use the fandango gift card anywhere; you can use it at the official website of the fandango and app. Fandango is a private company, and it is well known in the United states. You will receive mail when you book a ticket for your show.

Check Fandango Gift Card Balance

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