Hulu Or Sling TV – Which Is Best?


In the growing world of content creation and live video streaming. Many platforms are emerging to provide high-quality video streaming to their users. We are talking about worlds one of the greatest streaming platforms Hulu & sling TV. They dominate the market by using beautiful user interaction and exclusive offers provided to their costumes. 

But the main question comes to our mind which one is better whether Hulu or sling TV. Let’s discuss them in detail in the upcoming sections.

Hulu Or Sling TV

Hulu Or Sling TV


It is an American subscription service that is owned by the Walt Disney company. Hulu provides special subscription packs for their customers which are as low as $6.99 per month. This plan provides its users with some special services like:

  1. Stream library with thousands of TV series and episodes.
  2. Award-winning Hulu originals.
  3. Access to all of your devices like mobile, tab, laptops, and TV screens.
  4. You can what Hulu on two different screens at the same time.
  5. You can add up to 6 users’ profiles to it.

It is all about the basic standard plan of Hulu but other than this Hulu has other plans too like a $ 12.99 per month plan without any ads & $69.99 per month plan with some additional benefits like Subscription to Disney+ and ESPN+ without any ads along with living TV facilities without any cable and 75+ channel of live Tv. With the special facility of recording live TV and download and watch later facilities too.

There are around 45.6 million people who use Hulu paid subscriptions in the year 2022. Previous year Hulu subscription was about 41.6 million paid users but this year user base is grown by 4 million new users.

Hulu provides a 30-day free trial with their terms and condition stating as after the completion of one month trial you have to pay for it.

Hulu is accessible on both apple phones and android mobiles. 

Sling TV:

The two plans provided by Sling TV are sling orange and sling blue. 

The sling orange cost around $35 per month & the sling blue cost around $50 per month. You can have both plans together by merging them for $50 per month. 

Sling TV provides seven days of free trial for its users. The issue with sling TV is you can only use it in the US but not all around the globe. But the best thing is you can access it by using a VPN server with just a little VPN setup on your device.

You can access Sling TV with your mobile, tabs, laptops, and TV screen, it is also accessible on both android and iPhone.


Here one of the most controversial questions come whether to use Hulu or sling TV. As per the above stats, you know very well that both of them are very good at providing their services to their users. 

So, to discriminate between them is quite tough based on their service but based on their price you can see clearly that Hulu is more cost-effective than sling TV as Hulu provides $6.99 per month for their users on the other hand sling TVs subscription start at $35 per month.

To deal with this sling TV provide their users with the special benefit of having both $35 & $50 per month pack together at the rate of $50 per month which seems quite impressive to their users.

If we look at the global uses of Hulu and sling you can clearly understand that around the world people rely on Hulu because it is available all over the globe, on the other hand, sling TV is not accessible all around the world but you can use it with the help of VPN service provide anywhere on the earth.

Frequently asked questions:
  1.  Can I use Hulu in any country? 

Yes, you can access Hulu in any country.

  1. What is the cheapest subscription to Hulu?

The cheapest subscription to Hulu costs around $6.99 per month.

  1. Which one is cheap Hulu or sling TV?

As per month subscription cost, the standard plan of Hulu is more cost-effective than sling TV.

  1. Should I buy a premium subscription or a standard subscription to Hulu is fine?

If you want some additional features and wanted to spend some more bucks on it then you can go for the premium subscription which usually costs around $69.99 per month. 

  1. Can I merge my $35 & $50 subscriptions for sling TV?

Yes, you can merge both of your accounts with $50 on a per-month basis.  

  1. Can I access sling TV all around the world?

No, you can’t access it with the help of a VPN service then you can access it across the globe.

  1. Can I access my Hulu on an apple phone?

Yes, it is compatible with both android & apple.

  1. How many users’ profiles can I access on Hulu?

You can access around six users’ profiles with Hulu. 

  1. Can I open Hulu simultaneously on two devices?

Yes, Hulu provides a special facility to open it simultaneously on two devices.

  1. Does Disney own the Hulu company?

Yes, Hulu is owned by Walt Disney.

Hulu Or Sling TV – Which Is Best?

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