Does Webull Accept Prepaid Cards?

Weibull is an online trade platform where individuals work with a variety of stocks such as cryptos, exchange-traded funds, ledges, and others. Meanwhile, a minimum deposit is not needed before you invest in stocks. You can buy a card with a certain amount of monetary credit on it and spend the money on goods and services you want anytime. This payment method is possible with a prepaid debit card and if you are puzzled about whether Webull accepts this payment method, let’s find out in this article. Let us know ‘Does Webull Accept Prepaid Cards?’.

Does Webull Accept Prepaid Cards?

 You need to have capital in your Webull account before trading. To deposit capital into your account, you need to use a transfer method. If you are interested in using prepaid debit card payment for monetary transactions in your Webull account, you might experience payment friction. That is because Webull does not accept prepaid cards, but deposits can be processed using wire transfers, ACH transfers, and debit and credit cards. To deposit money into your account, you can use any of the accepted transfer methods offered by Webull.

Webull Deposit Methods 

After creating a Webull account, depositing money into the account to enable you to start trading is the next action. You can connect a bank account to your Webull account which allows you to deposit or transfer funds. The account you intend to connect to your Webull account has to carry the same name you used in opening your Webull account else it will be impossible for your transfers to be approved. 

Funding your Webull account can be done using these methods

1. Wire Transfer

2. ACH Transfer

3. Credit or Debit Cards

#1. Wire Transfer – Wire transfer method is widely preferred because it works for both USA banks and international banks transfer. Transfers done with the wire method are usually faster than ACH transfers but transfer charges apply. Ensure the bank account is in your name to avoid unsuccessful transfer transactions.

Webull usually offers a free first-time wire transfer privilege, no fee attached but after the first transfer, subsequent transfer charges apply. Webull wire transfer charge from a US bank is $8 while an international bank wire transfer charge is $12.50 for transfers that are under $25,000. However, most banks like to attach a fee on outgoing wire transfers. 

#2. ACH Transfer – Depositing funds into your Webull account using ACH can only be feasible if you opened a United States bank account. You can’t deposit funds into your Webull account using ACH transfer If you don’t own a US bank account. Therefore, it is preferable to use the wire transfer method.

#3. Credit and Debit Cards – Depositing or making transfers with a debit or credit card is like making a regular online payment. All you need to do is to submit the needed details in the payment section as requested. Similar to wire transfers, you need to have a credit and debit card with the same name as your Webull account before transactions can be successful. Joint account cards can work for deposits too as long as it is in a similar name to your Webull account.

Webull minimum deposit amount

Webull does not charge minimum deposits from customers. They won’t subtract any fraction from your original deposits and you only estimate the minimum deposit fee from a third party or bank that you transfer the money to. Meaning Webull is a reliable dealer if you wish to invest or trade with low capital. Dealers that do not impose minimum deposits on their customers, do so to encourage them to try more of their service without the huge first-time commitment. You can increase your funds as you gain more experience and management skills as a stock trader.

What Is Webull Instant Buying Power?

The Webull Instant Buying power is a trading benefit that Webull provides to customers that gives them the power to trade before their deposit settles. As the name implies buying power grants you the power to buy stocks the instant you deposit your capital. From the period you transfer money into your account, Webull instant buying power becomes activated and offers you provisional money that permits you to start trading.

This empowers traders to trade effectively and consistently because they don’t have to wait for their deposits to settle. Webull instant buying power does not allow for trading cryptocurrencies but it allows for trading of stocks and ETFs. 

A new Webull account receives the full amount of transfer in $1000 instant buying power. 

Some factors determine the amount of Instant Buying Power you get which include position market value, cash balance, deposit amount, account type, and others. 

The amount of money in your Webull account does not increase with the provision of instant buying power and credits. It’s like a temporary loan that you can use for trading stocks until your deposit settles. 

What Banks Does Webull Accept?

Webull is known to accept all banks for transactions. However, if you wish to send capital to your account using ACH transfer, it’s compulsory to use a verified US bank account.

Webull presently accepts banks JP Morgan, Citigroup, Bank of America, Capital One, and Ally. 


Webull does not accept prepaid cards for deposits transfer but has other accessible transfer options.  You can send capital to your Webull account from anywhere in the country, their service is moniker friendly.  

 Frequently Asked Questions 

How Long Does It Take Before Your Deposit rejects your Webull Account?

The period it takes for your funds to reflect in your Webull account is dependent on the transfer method you used. 

Transfer done with ACH settles after four working days, wire transfer done internationally requires one to two working days and wire transfers done locally settle after five working days. 

However, you can start trading before your funds settle in your Webull account 

What currencies does Webull support?

Webull only supports USD currency. That means if you send your minimum deposit in a currency other than this, Webull converts any deposit that is not in USD Currency and charges a fee for currency conversion.  It is preferable to make all deposits at once, to Webull in USD.

Does Webull Accept Cash App?

Webull does not accept Cash App for funding accounts. Cash App is one effective way to make online money transfers but it’s currently not a Webull feature.

Does Webull Accept Prepaid Cards?

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