Does Target Buy Gift Cards?

Gift Cards are a great way of gifting your loved one a gift that they can use to purchase anything they want, or sometimes limited items as indicated, from most retailers such as Target. Does Target buy gift cards? No. That means you can’t get cash from the card, and no retailers are going to give you cash for them. But there are alternative ways you can get cash for your gift cards. Let’s look at a few such ways. 

Does Target Buy Gift Cards?

Does Target Buy Gift Cards?

Target does not directly buy gift cards, but you can simply sell your gift card for Cash. Eg if you have a Vanilla Gift Card for $250 but want cash for it, there are online sites e.g., Gift Card to Cash Instantly Online (Card Cash Genie).  contact them on their website. They pay $232 for a $250 card. They have a lot of payout methods like Zelle, cash app, PayPal, apple pay, bank transfer etc. They pay on Zelle within 10–15 minutes. You can try to contact them and check if they can buy your card. They do not accept some cards. Eg if you have a Dicks Sportings card, but they did not accept that card. So, you can check for your offer. 

Gift Cards at Target

Most people ask whether they can use Target gift cards with cash or whether they can exchange gift cards code to cash online (only gift card codes). 

But all gift card value is bought 5–10% off card value and depends on whether it’s either in bulk or retail as you sell to them. 

you can buy something with a gift card and return it for cash at Target if it is under $5- yes, over it goes back on the gift card.

Places to Buy and Use Target Gift Cards

In some places like California if it’s under $5 on the card they will give u cash. The best advice, call your local Target & ask.

You can get a Target gift card e.g., of $1000 value by going to a Target store and purchasing it.

When you purchase a Target gift card, you are giving Target the money for the e.g., gift, in advance of someone buying an item with it. If you want a gift card you can use anywhere, you need ones that are accepted anywhere. Like a “Visa” gift card.

You can use your Target gift card online just by selecting the gift card option at checkout.

Target Gift cards Redemption – Advantantaes.

  1. Get new customers
  2. Increasing brand awareness
  3. Increasing sales
  4. Enhancing customer experience
  5. Secure and Convenient
  6. Get you new customers: – If any customer purchases a gift card from an eCommerce store, he will give it to another customer and so on. 

Why Some Gift Cards Get Declined At Target

When at Target to redeem your gift card, or when you try to add it to PayPal so you can add funds to it, it can get declined since you can’t use gift cards at Target or on PayPal, even if they are from credit card companies and look like normal credit cards. 

Gift Cards Sold at Target

Going to the Target website and doing a search for “gift card” reveal they have Amazon, and Visa gift cards etc.  

Target does sell gift cards, not only for Target but other places like restaurants, movie theatres and things like iTunes and PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo gift cards also. That would be kind of cutting into your profits to tout another store that sells similar items.

If it is a Target Visa gift card you cannot buy a credit card with a credit card. Every store has its policy.

Stores That Buy Gift Cards For Cash

According to California State Law: If a card is under $10 ($9.99 and less) then the store legally has to reimburse the guest. That is why you can rarely buy a gift card for less than $10.


In Conclusion, Target does not directly buy gift cards but has alternative methods for redeeming either your Vanilla or Visa gift cards. There are online sites where you can do this. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1: Can you pay with a gift card at Target and then ask for cashback?

you can ask for anything some stores e.g., Target may give you cash back if the amount is small but most will not

  1. Question: Is it possible to buy A Visa Gift Card with A target gift card?

You can but you have to take a few extra steps and possibly pay additional fees. You will want e.g., a Target or a Visa gift card that allows ATM withdrawal. You convert it to cash then use that to buy another Target or Visa gift card. The only one making fees on this is the card issuer. 

Does Target Buy Gift Cards?

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