Montage Furniture Warranty? – Know More

Montage has a popular motto that says, ”go on live a little” this connotes enjoying yourself while you’re still alive. Montage furniture service (MFS) is your backup, taking care of all your spots and spills. A Warranty is a written document given to a purchaser of goods by the producer promising to repair or change if necessary within a certain time. Montage have different furniture warranty plans just for you.

Montage Furniture Warranty? - Know More

The best way to ensure that the furniture you buy lasts is to purchase with a warranty. This is the standard for most high-end furniture brands to offer a warranty with their products, if you buy a piece of fufurniture from a lesser-known brand, it doesn’t mean there will be no warranty. It simply implies that their terms and conditions may differ from those of more well-known brands. Because Montage warranty covers all types of damage that no warranty ever covers, like BURNS, TEARS, PUNCTURES, STAINS, and MORE, it is NOT like an extended warranty. A 5-Year Protection Plan eliminates all concerns about unintentional damage to the furnishings. Except for mattresses, Montage insures ANY furniture. The protection plan for your furniture is selected during your purchase.

Montage furniture warranty

  1. 5-year plan:- This warranty makes help available from furniture professionals with Montage furniture service, and Furniture Protection Plan, which has a stellar reputation for helping customers. As soon as the manufacturer’s warranty expires, your mechanical and structural breakdown cover mattresses. This is the only warranty that montage has except for the 10-year coverage. The regular price of a montage furniture warranty is $157.49, but a discount of $31.50 can be deducted to be given out for $125.99.
  2. 10-year plan:- This furniture warranty is specifically for mattresses, this coverage can start after the manufacturer’s warranty has elapsed.

Types of furniture warranty

  1. Furniture repair and replacement warranty:- If your furniture breaks or needs to be replaced, the company will repair or replace it for you. This is a great option for those who are looking for a warranty that covers everything. The cost of shipping to and fro is paid by the customer
  2. Full coverage warranty:- A full coverage furniture warranty covers all aspects of your furniture, meaning that it will repair or replace any of your furniture for free (minus the cost of shipping). Full coverage warranties typically range between 5-15 years and are designed for high-end furniture that is expected to last a long time. Some brands offer a full coverage warranty as standard, while others offer it as an upgrade to the basic warranty.
  3. Bump & scratch warranty:- A bump & scratch warranty covers the furniture against dents and scratches but does not cover other damage caused by normal wear and tear. This means that if a piece of your furniture is damaged and needs repairing, you will have to pay for it yourself. This type of warranty sometimes comes with an annual fee and covers things like scratches on wood and metal, and small dents in upholstery. Bump and scratch warranties are a good choice for those who want to protect their furniture against everyday wear and tear but don’t want to pay for a full-blown warranty.
  4. Limited warranty:- A limited furniture warranty covers only specific defects that occur from faulty materials or workmanship. This means that if your furniture breaks because of normal wear and tear, you will not be covered by the warranty. Some brands offer a limited warranty that covers the main frame or some other part of the furniture. This isn’t the same thing as a full coverage warranty, but it does protect you from a few common issues that could arise

Importance of furniture warranty

Montage furniture warranty has a five-year furniture protection plan and the ten-year furniture protection plan. These plans have their unique benefits, the following are the importance of a montage furniture warranty:

  • It will make furniture products with a warranty sell faster
  • It makes their customers have good trust in their product
  • It will be a reliable product for the purchaser.
  • The customer is sure their investment is protected

Terms and conditions

The state Insurance Department has given its approval to warranty agreements. They must be backed by an insurance company that is authorized, by the state to write insurance policies, and the policy must cover contractual obligations. That is done to protect the consumer. The consumer has the right to complain to the Insurance Department if he is dissatisfied with how the warranty business processes a claim. Having enough knowledge of the terms and conditions of an insurance plan is very important to every buyer.


Quality furniture is an investment, and when you buy high-quality pieces that you know you’ll have for a long time, it’s nice to know they’re going to last. What is most important to you determines the type of warranty you will select. Some types of warranties are more expensive than others and offer more coverage, so the cost may be a factor in your decision. If you have a limited budget, a bump & scratch warranty may be all you need. If you are buying high-end furniture that is expected to last a long time, a full coverage warranty may be the best choice for you

Frequently asked questions

The manufacturer’s warranty covers how many years?

This kind of warranty is for one year

Why protect my furniture?

Protection is important for every asset you own, and since every asset is an investment, they need protection

How long does the plan provide coverage?

A customer’s coverage starts when the manufacturer’s warranty ends

Montage Furniture Warranty? – Know More

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