SNAP Schedule Ohio Direction Card Payments Disburse

Ohio’s SNAP is controlled by the Department of Jobs and Family Services. And this SNAP benefits program is helping low-income class families living in Ohio and the main aim of the SNAP program is to provide them with food and boost their food budget. Let us know ‘SNAP Schedule Ohio Direction Card Payments Disburse June 2022’.

SNAP Schedule Ohio Direction Card Payments Disburse

SNAP Schedule Ohio Direction Card Payments Disburse June 2022

The Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program was earlier known as food stamps. This is a government program successfully operating in America. SNAP has several benefits to help those people who can’t afford to live in poverty with help of this SNAP, becomes easier to give them access to healthy food, and as per the estimated figures, approx 9.5 million people use this service of SNAP to buy food, and SNAP is also considered one of the largest working programs for curbing hunger in America. Other than food facilities, SNAP also helps people to use the money they are using for food instead of spending that money on other basic needs- rent, transportation, and utilities.

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SNAP is lucrative and useful for those who are weak economically and under this SNAP benefits program, on monthly basis benefits are transferred into the accounts of SNAP cardholders which are a link to Ohio direction cards or you may call EBT cards which you can use anywhere in groceries stores, retailers stores and farmers market and the best way to identify such markets by looking at the Ohio direction card sign. In Ohio, P-EBT is also continued for June 2022 and the United States has some plans regarding food assistance with (ODJFS) Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and (ODE) Ohio Department of Education. And according to the estimated figures after approving these two plans the figures are $513 million funds shall be distributed to the families for boosting their food budget.

There is a table below depicting the chart of the deposit schedule of the Ohio direction card for June 2022 and benefits are delivered from the 2nd to the 20th of each month based on the end number of case cards.

End Number of Case Card

Date Benefits Availability 


2nd of June 


4th of June


6th of June


8th of June


10th of June


12th of June


14th of June


16th of June 


18th of June 


20th of June

Eligibility For SNAP cardholders In Ohio-

  1. For eligibility for getting benefits if your household gross monthly income is under 130 per cent of the federal poverty guidelines, which change annually. And these benefits you can use to buy food products are discussed in the next sub-head.
  2. Your current bank account balance combined with (savings and checking) under $2,001 or,
  3. Your current bank account combined with (savings and checking) under $3,001 and you are sharing your household at least one of the following: senior or older person of 60 years ago, a disabled person includes (child, spouse, parents or you).

Benefits of SNAP In Ohio’s For Households-

There are some benefits that Ohio family members are getting through the SNAP program- The Food Assistance Program provides food stamp assistance to those who are eligible families and qualifies the criteria like- low-income families and individuals. And every month Food Assistance Program benefits amount is sent into the EBT cards or The Michigan Bridge card also. A list of food items included under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, poultry, bread, cereals, energy drinks, dairy products, non-alcoholic beverages, snackers, and providing plants & seeds which produce food and can grow in their houses. Items not included under this Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program are- all alcoholic beverages or noxious substances like beer, cigarettes, tobacco or wine, supplements, vitamins, medicines, and live animals. However, there is an exception like fish, shellfish, animals slaughtered pick up from stores, and any hot food items.

Frequently Asked Questions-

  • How I can apply or where?

You can apply for SNAP benefits online by going to the web portal or may also submit a request for cash, food requirement, or medical help to your nearest administrative area of the Department of Job Family Services.

  • What are the criteria for monthly benefits under SNAP benefits Program?

Monthly benefits depend on the amounts related to household size, income, other expenses & resources.

  • How do I get my regular monthly SNAP benefits?

For getting normal monthly SNAP benefits you need to visit the customer portal, and then navigate the portal you will get your latest SNAP benefits in Note of Decision.

  • How EBT card operated under this Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program? 

It varies because it depends on the state. After all, differences, some entities use the last numbers of an ID, but states can choose a specific day in the month also to provide benefits to SNAP beneficiaries.

SNAP Schedule Ohio Direction Card Payments Disburse

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