Crate And Barrel Furniture Warranty

Crate and Barrel is one of the largest manufacturers of furniture, with a presence in 9 countries and about 100 stores. The brand is a subsidiary of Otto Group, which is closely related to CB2 furniture. Crate and Barrel manufactures and supplies sophisticated sofas for office and home use. Crate and Barrel provide home decor and housewaresCrate and Barrel do not give customers a clear warranty on their pieces  of furniture when ordering from their site but their terms of engagement has given an assurance of quality furniture from the company.

Crate And Barrel Furniture Warranty

How To Order Furniture From Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel provides a convenient means to order and delivered pieces of furniture in time to customers through online and onsite purchases. You can visit the storehouse in your locality to place an order or select the furniture design from their e-commerce store and have it delivered to your destination at a fee. The delivery fee is not a part of the product fee and is calculated based on the destination. When you place an order for furniture can be canceled before it leaves the warehouse for shipping. Wait for a confirmation mail to approve cancellation, the refund will be sent to you.

Crate and Barrel Furniture Warranty 

As mentioned earlier, there are no official notifications from Crate and Barrel for their pieces of furniture both on the store and the website. 

The brand holds quality furniture a priority and has privacy policies that give customers the relaxation of being attended to after the purchase of furniture.

Policies That Governs The Order of Pieces of Furniture From Crate and Barrel

Here are some of the policies that govern the purchase of pieces of furniture from Crate and Barrel.

All orders and delivery for branded pieces of furniture are final. In a situation where an order is placed for branded pieces of furniture and it is delivered to the client, you are no longer interested in the furniture. Crate and Barrel will not return or cancel an order after the furniture leaves the store.

All pieces of furniture are shipped and delivered n two weeks of placing an order. Depending on the destination delivery can be finalized in a week or less.

The company takes full responsibility for pieces of furniture that have faulted the company. The furniture is exchanged or payment is made in two weeks (15 days).

Crate and Barrel do not take responsibility for refunds or changes of furniture that are not in the format delivered by the company. The customer takes full responsibility for pieces of furniture damaged after delivery.

Pieces of Furniture are exchanged by Crate and Barrel if it is the same cost as the one supplied or has a higher financial value than the original price.

Items must be shipped to Crate and Barrel within 4 days of delivery or you lose them. 

Pieces of Furniture are refunded based on the mode of purchase and location-based. Furniture bought from the US can not be refunded or exchanged in the UK. Refund is processed based on the mode of payment as well 

Refunds or changes are only allowed for that furniture that has the original receipt of purchase presented.

How To Make Payments For Pieces of Furniture 

Crate and Barrel accepts payments from all the available payment channels which include credit and debit cards, online payment, and money at the store. For a refund, the money is sent back through the channel it was used for the payment. If you used a credit card, the fund will be refunded back to the credit card. Cash is not given for payments made online or the use of cards.


Crate and Barrel is one of the largest producers of sophisticated furniture with detailed and unique designs that meet all classes and tastes. There are no specific warranties for the pieces of furniture bought from Crate and Barrel but the terms of engagement have made up for the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there refund fees attached to furniture refunds?

Crate and Barrel charge 25% refund fees for all pieces of furniture that need a refund.

Will I receive a refund if I pick a piece of new furniture that is of low cost to the initial furniture?

Crate and Barrel will not be accountable to customers when they pick any piece of furniture that the price is not the same as the original price or higher value.

Will I pay again for requesting a return or change?

Yes, Crate and Barrel charge about 25% for restocking on all the furniture returned to the warehouse.

Can I use a gift card for the purchase of furniture on Crate and Barrel?

Yes. Crate and Barrel provide gift cards.

Crate And Barrel Furniture Warranty

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