Does Waitr Accept Prepaid Cards?

Before diving into the payment transfer method of Waitr Inc., we will first talk about the roles and responsibilities of the company. It is an American-based public food delivery and grocery delivery organization that works all over the United States of America. Waitr Inc. was first established at McNeese State University in the year 2013 by Christopher Meaux. They also acquire various food delivery brands in different states of America, making Waitr Inc. the largest food delivery company in America. The headquarters of this company is in Lake Charles, Louisiana. And in the start of the year 2022, Waitr Inc. rebrands itself to ASAP, which means that now the company is not only delivering food or grocery items, but they can deliver everything now. Let us know “Does Waitr Accept Prepaid Cards?”

Does Waitr Accept Prepaid Cards?

As we already talked about the company’s whereabouts, now we will move forward to their payment methods whether they accept Prepaid cards or not. Now, we need to understand what prepaid cards are. So, prepaid cards are a kind of debit or credit card, but they have no links to your bank account. For using a prepaid card, you need to load the balance into your card beforehand. And here you can easily pay with a prepaid card for any kind of purchase. Now, the question is does Waitr Inc, accept prepaid cards as one of their payment methods? The answer to this question is yes because Waitr Inc. does accept prepaid cards as payment methods.

Does Waitr Inc, accept Prepaid Cards:

As we know that Waitr Inc. does accept prepaid cards as one of their payment methods. It means that anyone who wants to order their take-out from this company, they can easily pay with prepaid cards. Prepaid cards work the same as putting balance into your mobile phone. For using prepaid cards, you have to put a handsome amount of money into your card ahead of time. And for ordering any delivery from Waitr Inc., you can simply use prepaid cards for any purchase by simply selecting payment with prepaid cards at the time of selecting the payment method.

How to order from Waitr Inc. Using Prepaid cards:

Nowadays, we are living in an era where take-outs, food deliveries, and grocery deliveries are very common. Many food delivery companies are working right now for the ease of people. And all these companies used to provide many facilities to their customers so that their business could grow. 

Waitr Inc is also a very convenient food delivery and carryout company that is working in almost every state of America. As they are a delivery company, so they don’t have retail stores. But still, they are working very hard to make improvements in their online business setup. For that, they have a variety of payment methods for their users, of which Prepaid cards are one of them. So, for placing an order from Waitr Inc, using Prepaid Cards, you need to go through the following procedure:

  • To begin with the procedure, you must have Waitr Inc, renamed ASAP, Food Delivery & Carry-out application on your phone. You can also place your order by visiting their official website. 
  • Now you are on the ASAP application, first of all, you have to select whether you want a food delivery or grocery delivery. Then, you need to select the restaurant or grocery store from where you want to place your order. 
  • And then, you have to go through various procedures that are quite similar to any other food delivery application. 
  • Now, you are done selecting your purchase and ready for checkout. This is the time when the application will ask you for payment methods. At that time, you need to select “Prepaid Cards” as your payment method. 
  • After selecting Prepaid cards as your payment method, the application will ask you to enter your card number. 
  • After entering your prepaid card number, the application will further ask you to enter the expiry date of your card number. 
  • Lastly, you have to enter the three-digit code which is available on the back of the card. After completing the billing option, you are ready to checkout. By clicking on the Check out option, you are done with the payment of your purchase with prepaid cards from Waitr Inc.

Conclusion :

As we have discussed, Waitr Inc. renamed ASAP Inc., does accept prepaid cards as one of their payment methods. Anyone who wants to get food delivery and carry-out from this particular website or application can pay for their purchased items using prepaid cards. We also understand that prepaid cards are not linked with bank accounts and you can just load the credit into your prepaid cards just like you load the balance into your mobile phone. So, it is one of the easiest payment methods while you are taking food delivery or grocery delivery. And Waitr Inc has given a very big facility to their customers by adding prepaid cards as a payment option.

Does Waitr Accept Prepaid Cards?

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