Does Orielly Test Batteries? – Know More

Founded in 1957 by the OReilly family, OReilly Auto Parts is an American-based auto parts retailer that deals in selling automotive aftermarket parts, supplies, tools, accessories, and equipment in the United States of America servicing both professional service providers and do-it-yourself customers. The Company operates over 5,600 stores in 47 American States and 22 ORMA Stores in Mexico making them one of the largest automotive retailers in America. Let us know ”Does Orielly Test Batteries?”

Does Orielly Test Batteries? - Know More

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted automotive parts company, OReilly Auto Parts store is one of the best with services ranging from free battery installation, and recycling to accepting used batteries, Engine oil changes, brake repairs, tune-ups from tested mechanics, and even much more. 

For vehicle owners, it is an ecstatic feeling to know that there are services out there that enable them to get their car batteries tested and installed for free. An amazing service available to every vehicle owner by OReilly Auto Parts is battery testing where the mechanics would advise you if your battery needs a replacement or not, they also have no problem whenever you request that they install a battery you purchased from a different auto store and would even provide recommendations because OReilly staff are highly knowledgeable and thoroughly trained in every aspect of vehicle batteries.

Services Offered By Oreilly

OReilly has found a way to go above and beyond their customer expectations by providing adequate maintenance services to vehicle owners, some of which are free of charge, which is quite amazing. Some of these services are: 

Battery Testing, Charging, And Installation                               

These are services available to every customer at no cost at all. This type of service shows OReilly’s commitment to delivering customer automotive needs by building trust with high-quality services that people deserve. 

The free Battery installation at OReilly is however bounded by different conditions which are about limitations like,

  • Some high-end vehicles may require specific equipment or installation services that are not included in the free installation, limiting the service to standard car batteries.
  • Vehicles that have any objects that must be removed before getting to the battery compartment make it impossible for free installation.
  • Some vehicles like the Chrysler 2004 model that require the removal of the driver’s side tire to locate the battery just by the fender makes it difficult to access will fall under the difficult installation category and may require a fee.  

Alternator And Starter Testing

When a vehicle’s alternator is faulty, it makes the battery not charge and eventually gets drained while a starter gets faulty by creating difficulty for the vehicle to start. These two problems can be fixed for free by OReilly.

Wiper Blade And Bulb Installation 

OReilly makes customer service seamless as they make sure you’re safe on the road so if you purchase wiper blades or Bulbs either front or rear (or both), headlights or tail lights they will be glad to install them for you but restrictions apply so you’re advised to contact the local store nearest to you.

Check Engine Light Testing

In most vehicles from the year 1996, a check engine light is the very first warning of potential problems. While other stores charge a fee for the service or may even loan you a code reader you have nothing to worry about at OReilly. You only have to bring your vehicle over to the nearest OReilly Auto store and one of their staff will diagnose the problem free of charge. 

Fluid And Battery Recycling

OReilly collects used transmission fluids, motor oil, gear oil, and oil filter and also have its battery recycling program where they accept old or defective batteries whether used or not to keep the planet clean and green for longevity so if you have any battery you have no use for it’s advisable to take it down to any of their many retail locations and simply hand it to OReilly for safe disposal and receive a $10 gift card for any battery returned.

Drum And Rotor Resurfacing 

OReilly Auto Parts can resurface your vehicle’s drums and rotors if they aren’t showing any sign of extreme wear when measured within specifications. Adequate surface finish has great importance to proper vehicle brakes and pad life which should be a part of a complete brake job. You can contact the nearest oreilly auto parts store for availability and prices for drum and rotor resurfacing.

Custom Paint Mixing

OReilly has over 500 auto color custom paint mixing locations across the United States and is one of the largest inventories of vehicle body supplies and equipment making Collision repair professionals and do-it-yourself individuals always turn to them for unmatched quality and service because they have industry-leading products like Evercoat, Hutchins, 3M, Sata and Nason amongst others.

Loaner Tool Program

Most vehicle repairs require the use of some tools only once and OReilly Auto Parts has a loaner program available in every store that enables you to select a tool from a wide range of tools that covers almost any job for a refundable fee whenever the tool is returned. 

Bilingual Team Members

OReilly has made it possible for individuals with little prowess in English to communicate with bilingual team members to help them find the parts they need, capping up amazing customer Service. 

Custom-Built Hydraulic Hoses

Whether you have a forklift or a hay baler, OReilly Auto Parts have over 1000 locations that can custom-build hydraulic hoses and fittings to help you complete a job.


Whenever you need a vehicle check-up or you require an Auto Parts store with excellent customer service then the OReilly Auto Parts store is your best bet because the range of services they offer will solve your various vehicle needs.

  1. Does Orielly Offer Any Free Service?

To build and maintain adequate customer relationships, Oreilly offers free services like oil, fluid, and battery recycling, battery testing, starter/alternator testing, free wiper blade, and bulb installation.

  1. Does Any Other Company Test Batteries? 

Other auto parts companies that test batteries for free are Genuine parts company, Advance auto parts, Autozone and Dorman Products.

Does Orielly Test Batteries? – Know More

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