Jose Altuve Is Over The Yankee’s Hate With A Kind Gesture

Jose Altuve, a member of the Houston Astros has been a target of the cheat sign that his franchise was part of back in 2017. Let us know ‘Jose Altuve Proved He Is Over The Yankee’s Hate With A Kind Gesture’.

Jose Altuve Proved He Is Over The Yankee's Hate With A Kind Gesture

Jose Altuve Proved He Is Over The Yankee’s Hate With A Kind Gesture

Jose received immense backlash from many fandoms as he was one of the centerpieces of the whole sign-stealing scandal.

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Jose Altuve was the face of the 2017 season. He was awarded as the Most Valuable Player over Yankees Judge. Most believe that if Aaron Judge had won the award no one would have even remembered the scandal. However, this was not meant to be. Jose Altuve and his family have encountered several rounds of criticism perhaps to an extent they did not even deserve. 

Nevertheless, Jose Altuve has emerged as an example in many ways, in the way he has dealt with the crude and abusive comments from fans. He may not be the tallest of all players in the Major Baseball League. But he has proved his cerebral strength by responding to criticism and occasional hate. 

Despite being a prime target of fans of the Yankees, Jose Altuve was seen interacting with them. He extended his kind gesture toward the Yankees fans by signing autographs. He even shared his equipment with the Yankees fans. 

Jose Altuve also responded with some fantastic performances against the Yankees on the field. 

How did the sign-stealing scandal turn out for Jose Altuve?: Jose Altuve Proved He Is Over The Yankee’s Hate With A Kind Gesture

It was not until the year 2019 when it was reported publicly for the first time about the Houston Astros sign stealing. It got reported after a series of apprehensions and suspicions by the other teams of the Major Baseball League that the Houston Astros was involved in unfair means to win the competition. 

However, eventually, it was reported and brought to attention by reporters of “The Athletic” in one of their articles. 

Several staff members of the Houston Astros were suspended for the entire season of 2020

As a result, several staff members of the Houston Astros were suspended for the entire season of 2020 including the general manager and the field manager. In addition, the franchise was fined and was asked to renounce their picks. 

As far as the players of the Houston Astros were concerned, they were provided impunity against any actions by the Major Baseball League in exchange for their cooperation. 

Since this scandal took place as the pandemic started to strike the world, the 2020 season of Major Baseball League took off with no fans. However, the 2021 season of MLB brought fans back to the stands. 

The players of the Astros were welcomed with boos and trash cans. 

Fans from different teams thrashed the Houston Astros players with crude and bashful comments. The scenario was no different for Jose Altuve. 

He was also at the receiving end of the rising temper of the fans. In fact, in the game against the New York Yankees, the Yankees fans spewed aggressive comments toward the players of the Astros. With the majority of them directed towards Jose Altuve. 

Jose had already during the initial phase of the revelation of the sign-stealing scandal made statements showing remorse and guilt for being a part of such ignominy. Nonetheless, he still had to face the repercussions.

Now, what for Jose Altuve and the Houston Astros?

What happened back in 2017 was a great misdeed done by the members of the Houston Astros. Many people, players, and fans were wronged. 

It is justifiable for them to be angry about what happened. Following the revelation, there were several steps taken to correct the wrongs done. Jose Altuve on his part accepted and apologized for it too. The fact of the matter is that Jose did not take part in any unfair tactics by the rest of the Houston Astros members. 

He was not anything more than a witness to the whole of the sign-stealing scandal. But of course, the rivalry between the Astros and Jose Altuve being the evergreen face of the Houston Astros made him liable to fans’ frustration. 

The sign-stealing scandal did take a toll and made everyone question the talent, skill, and hard work of the players of the Houston Astros. 

As far as Jose Altuve is concerned, he still managed to win the accolade of being the Most Valuable Player back in 2017 amidst the chaotic scandal of which he was never a part of and never wished to be. 

As has been narrated by his fellow teammates, Jose conveniently managed to avoid the signs and often got irritated with the same. He continued with his accomplished performances post the scandal demonstrating his skill and hard endeavor. And his recent records are enough for the Yankees to stop booing him already.


It has been more than four years since the scandal and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that everyone involved has paid for it. Players like Jose Altuve have paid by tolerating the criticism and hate they have received. 

But to continue to do it even today is unfair not just to the players but also to the game. Jose Altuve has shown despite the hate from the Yankees he can still perform. And with his gesture toward them, he has indicated that he is ready to move on. So should the fans.

Jose Altuve Is Over The Yankee’s Hate With A Kind Gesture

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