Top Successful Kickstarter Projects

The crowdfunding point Kickstarter allows entrepreneurs to raise finances to make their dream project a reality. Kickstarter is the biggest platform for crowdfunding which helps creators source funds for their valid dream projects. However, it has helped most ideas that modernized the world today from just being a dream. Let us know ‘Top Successful Kickstarter Projects’.

Top Successful Kickstarter Projects

With Kickstarter being a place to produce and fund numerous different projects, there are patterns to what products are most successful on Kickstarter. It ranges from games, pebble smartwatches, publishing a book, travel tripods, accessories, and so on.

This write-up has the required information about the most successful Kickstarter projects and more. 

Top Successful Kickstarter Projects

All you have to do at Kickstarter is submit your project and pledge for a supposed amount within a time frame. Find below the successful kick-starter projects: 

Four Secret Novels by Brandon Sanderson: He wanted to publish his novels and release them throughout 2023. His project is the newest and most successful on the platform. His campaign raised $22 million, way over the initial bid of $1 million in March 2022. Still ongoing.  

Pebble Time Smartwatch: This was launched in February 2015 and was known in history as the highest-funded Kickstarter crusade of all time, with a record of $20 million from 471 backers. Visual storytelling and products description was used. However, throughout its short run, 2 million of these products were sold worldwide in March 2015. 

Coolest Cooler: The Coolest Cooler project was launched in July 2017. The project is about an erected Bluetooth speaker which has spaces for plates and games. It was one of the successful ones that raised $13.3 million from 642 backers.  

FrostHaven: The FrostHaven project was designed and launched on March 31st, 2020 by Isaac Childres. It was delayed by the pandemic. The 83,193 backers who pledged $12,969,608 are patiently staying for the game to arrive. The crusade ended in May 2020. It has faced some delays but should be out before the end of 2022. 

Exploding Kittens: Exploding Kittens by Mathew Inman is one of the most successful Kickstarter products from the platform. This delightful game was launched in 2015 and raised $8.8 million from 382 backers. The original game is suitable for ages seven and over. The generators later came out with an NSFW edition that is specifically for grown-ups. 

Travel Tripod: The Travel Tripod was launched in July 2019 and got support from 168 backers who raised $12.1 million. It is flexible and could be carried anywhere because of its lightweight, unlike other tripods.  

Kingdom Death Monster: Kingdom Death Monster, a dark board game launched in November 2016. It raised a sum of $12.4 million from 264 backers. 

The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special: This campaign was held in April 2019. The 887 backers were able to raise $11.4 million. It is the fastest because $4.7 million was raised within 24 hours.

Baubax Travel Jacket: The Baubax Jacket was launched in July 2015. This swish trip jacket attracted nearly 45,000 backers who raised $9.2 million. This campaign was successful with clear images and discounts.  

The 7th mainland board game: The small publishing house Serious Poulp collected €1,224,220 for its new disquisition game in 2015. The release of the 7th mainland was out in 2017.  

Binary Universe Video Game: Binary Universe is an MMO game, a large multiplayer online part-playing game that was innovated in 2014. The fundraising ideal was achieved thanks to the 8,166 contributors who bestowed €565,983 in 2016. The game is for delivery at the end of 2018. 

Worst Unsuccessful Kickstarter Projects 

U in a bottle: The project aimed at keeping letters inside bottles and throwing them into the ocean. It was not explained fully and seems confusing. Nevertheless, it has not gotten much support, and only $ 1 has been raised.   

Skarp Laser Razor: Skarp Laser Razor would have been successful because it got the attention of many. Even though $4 million was pledged, a sum of $160,000 was made. The project failed because of the ineffective transformation of the idea.

My Bucketlist: With a target of $50,000 for Bucketlist. Perhaps the makers of the design forgot that rather than spending $30 on a pail like that, people would rather make a list on a $4 pail using a marker. The project has raised only $118 so far. 


Kickstarter offers to help creators transform their idea into a reality to help the world we live in. From publishing a book, creating a game, or having a game company, Coolest Cooler, Pebble smartwatches, and other great ideas. Since those projects cost a lot, this largest crowdfunding platform is here to back up creative projects.


  • Can I extend the period on Kickstarter?  

There is no way to extend the timeframe to fix a pledge after the 7- day grace period. 

  • What if a Kickstarter fails?

Any amount raised is transferred to the Creator.

Top Successful Kickstarter Projects

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