Why Is Amazon Search So Bad?

On the lookout for the best price on anything? It is Amazon! Amazon has everything, including clothes, shoes, electronics, streaming services, books, and the marketplace. What began as a market for books has expanded to encompass several different product categories. But one of the biggest drawbacks of Amazon’s website is the clutter the homepage has, which ultimately leads to a less optimized search.

Why Is Amazon Search So Bad?

Why Is Amazon Search So Bad?

But what makes Amazon’s search engine so flawed? The biggest clutter that Amazon’s search engine has is from its advertisements. There are a lot of unrelated and unnecessary products that are being shown every day. Another major drawback is that the sellers do not put in the accurate details of the products that they are selling, making it difficult for the data to be processed and to bring in accurate results.

Continue reading to learn more about Amazon’s website’s shortcomings and how to improve your search results.

Why Does Amazon Display So Many Sponsored Ads?

Sponsored ads draw a customer’s attention to the big brands. Additionally, sponsored products are the ads from which Amazon makes the most money. Every website you encounter online is powered by SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engine optimization operates under the premise of returning results that are pertinent to the queries you previously entered into your laptop, phone, or computer. Hence, like every online marketplace, Amazon also uses SEO.

As Amazon earns a lot of its money from ads, the company is obliged to make them the banner of its page. This deviates the user from the searched product. As a result, the system fails to display the item they sought for and instead directs them to products in which they have no interest whatsoever due to the data that is maintained on its servers.

These sponsored ads bring in a greater market for Amazon but fail to distinguish between the product they searched for and the shown product. These sponsored ads may enhance the market for its customers, but the clutter they create on the home page interferes with the search results, resulting in inappropriate results.

How Can I Make My Amazon Search More Specific?

For every Amazon search, you do, all the products that are shown can be narrowed down into more specific results. Based on the type of apparel, brand, size, discount, and payment options, you can focus your search on what you’re actually looking for.

You can also search department-wise instead of jumping straight to the deals, which is a lot of clutter to handle. This will help you in searching for the product you are looking for.

Do Third- Party Sellers Have a Role To Play Here?

When the third-party sellers do not provide the product information correctly, it gets difficult for the system to narrow down search results from the millions of products to that one particular thing you’ve been looking for.

Hence, Amazon’s search results get corrupted because of the unfilled criteria that were supposed to be put in by the seller. The customer ultimately has trouble finding the item they were seeking as a result of this.

Additionally, because sponsored ads generate a sizable portion of Amazon’s revenue, such products are prioritized above competing brands and items that buyers are attempting to find.

Does Advanced Search Assist In Getting Accurate Results?

Advanced search is not available for every department, but a few exceptions are to be made. Generally speaking, this search engine is utilised for finding books, DVDs, music, and video games, but it isn’t made available for all of those categories.

Assume, for instance, that you are looking for a book. You can narrow down your search by putting in the author’s name, the edition, the ISBN code, and even when seeking for a clone of the original.

The same goes for video games. You can filter out brands, the price range, the type (video games for kids, a gaming console, or a PS5), discounts, and other available filters.

Advanced search helps in narrowing down your search in such fields, as it provides you with the option of sorting your way through all the clutter.


The Amazon search engine has a lot of issues. The primary issue is the clutter that the sponsored advertisements create. The unusual clutter created by these ads fails to provide the most accurate results as per what the customer is looking for.

Also, the information provided by third-party sellers is not relevant at times. This makes it difficult for the search engine to find the goods the customer is seeking for.

Amazon provides filters for its customers, so they can filter out products as per their wishes and demands. Advanced search also helps customers look out for products in the games and books departments.

  • Who is the founder of Amazon?

Amazon is owned by Jeff Bezos.

  • What is Amazon’s revenue?

Amazon has a turnover of US $469.822 billion (2021).

Why Is Amazon Search So Bad?

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