Does Five Below Drug Test? – Know More

Five Below is a US-based company offering things in the range of $1-$5. As we can understand from the name of the company, anything there is available below the price of $5 which is enough to bring a big smile to the customers’ faces. They have an interesting tagline as well, “let go & have fun”. Their tagline is enough to make it clear about their discount policies. The company can open several possibilities to their employee as well as customers. Founded in 2002 in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania (headquarters), Five Below has reached 1200 states in 40 countries of America. Let us learn ‘Does Five Below Drug Test?’.

Does Five Below Drug Test?

In this article, we will be discussing company policies, especially focusing on drug testing procedures. It may not be necessary for everyone to go through drug tests but the company may ask anyone to go through a drug test if they suspect anyone’s disturbing activity in a long term. We will discuss in detail the drug testing policies, and their impacts in general and then will discuss focusing on the drug testing of Five Below.

What is drug testing in the workplace?

Drug testing in the workplace includes the testing of the presence of drugs or any such substances in the blood, saliva or urine of the current employees. This process is seen to be increased since 1986 leading to many consequences such as damage to reputation, loss of privacy, emotional distress and termination of employment. It may look unfair from the employee’s point of view as their loss of privacy at the workplace. Many innocents also have to go through the process where they have to prove their innocence through several unnecessary tests. Though the final result is proof of their innocence, it can be considered harassment of the employee.

But from the employer’s perspective, it is a much-needed test. For them, it is an effective way to test their prospective or current employee on their recent consumption of drugs or any other illicit substance or alcohol. The drug test can also be helpful for the employees as it may increase the insurance rate on policies such as workers’ compensation. But still, it can be considered as an invader of the privacy of the employees, so it is much needed to make clear paperwork of the company policy over drug tests where the drug testing policies would be written clearly. It would create less disturbance to the employees as well as the employers.

How does drug testing happen?

Employers are given considerable amount of leeway in determining how a drug policy will best fit their organization. Only federally regulated organizations such as those linked with the U.S. Department of Transportation have regulations regarding their company drug testing policies. Usually, the drug testing procedure takes place by analysing the employees’ urine samples by a medical team contracted by the employers. The employees’ have to collect their urine samples under certain medical conditions prescribed by the medical team to avoid any kind of imperfection in the final report. Though it is ensured the employers maintain the privacy of the employees while having the tests.

As per the procedure, the samples are sent to any of the reliable laboratories chosen by the employers to undergo the tests. The test usually reflects the consumption of 4-5 limited substances and alcohol. If the report comes positive the employer will send a notice to the employee. To access this report, the employer may seek permission from the employee as this report falls under personal health information. If any kind of prescriptive drug is running, the employee should inform the employer and the medical team. 

Drug test at Five Below:

As per the research saying, Five Below is not a company that does drug tests on entry-level employees. Though this may happen at the managerial level. If any such consequences occur the company may ask the employee to submit a report of his/her drug testing from a reliable laboratory. The employee needs to inform if he/she is under any prescribed drugs. Even coffee intake in the morning can cause a positive report of caffeine in the employee’s urine or blood.

As per the information collected from the employees, some had to go through a drug test after getting hired, some had not gone through this. Those who went through the test say that they collect the sample in two ways, either by a swap test or by collecting the urine sample. 

If the report comes positive, the employee has to explain that with acceptable reasons such as any old prescribed drug. But after the employee gives the company permission to view his drug test report, the company has the right to terminate him/her or to send him/her a notice as it is a question about the company’s reputation.

 Conclusion : 

It is not only Five Below but several companies in the US do this drug test due to safeguarding their reputation. In my opinion, the procedure should be much more transparent between the employee and the employer and should be done by not invading any employee’s privacy.

Does Five Below Drug Test? – Know More

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