What Channel Is Start Tv On Spectrum?


 Start TV is an American free-to-air network television that is owned by a Joint venture and its parent-subsidiary is paramount global. Its sister channels are Me TV +; decades; Heroes and Icons.  It was launched on 3 September 2018 in the city of Chicago, Illinois. It mainly broadcasts periodic television programs, movies, shows, stories, quizzes, and originals. We can watch their content via YouTube with a subscription of approx $60.Their main aim is to provide a source of recreation and entertainment to the people. It has made remarkable success within a very short period. Let us see what channel is Start Tv on Spectrum in this article.

What Channel Is Start Tv On Spectrum?

Popular Shows On The Channel

The closer, Cold case, Medium, Touched by an Angel which started on September 3, 2018, and in continuity till now due to excess interest by the viewers.

•Crossing Jordan, Unforgettable, The good wife emerges on January 1, 2019, till present; it gains a lot of popularity among the audience

•Ghost whisper which is considered one of the popular shows launches on April 29, 2019

•In plain sight, Any Day Now, Major Crimes, Rizzoli &Isles, CSI cyber, Beauty, and the beast, and 1-800 Missing are some of the popular shows on Start TV.

How To Watch Start Tv on Spectrum?

To watch Start TV on Spectrum, you will need to have a subscription to the Start TV channel through Spectrum. To add Start TV to your Spectrum cable package, you can call Spectrum customer service at 1-844-287-8405 or log in to your account on the Spectrum website and add the channel through the “TV” or “Packages” section. Once you have a subscription to the Start TV channel, you will be able to tune in to the channel on your Spectrum cable box or streaming device and watch its programming. It is not possible to watch Start TV on Spectrum for free without a subscription. A subscription to the Start TV channel is required to access its programming on Spectrum. Start TV is a premium channel and its programming is not available for free on Spectrum or any other cable or streaming service. Start TV offers a 7 days trial for new users, after that, you will need to pay for the service

Is a subscription needed to watch to channel or can be watched for free?

There are different fees on different social platforms. The following details are given below

•For YouTube, one has to pay $64.99 per month after taking free trials

•We can watch a 30-day free trial on Amazon as there is no fee to use the Fire TV Stick but after consuming free trials you need to pay an annual fee of just $99 which is much more convenient than YouTube

•If we are using the source of pay-on-demand then we will be charged only for the shows we have been watching, which is called paid content

Amazon fire stick subscription is inclusive of Start TV shows

Schedule for Start Tv shows

The first show starts at 8:00 AM, Touched by an angel which is a story of three persons named Monica, Tees, and Andrew who find themselves in a museum of New York

•Any day now at 9 AM, it is a story of a girl named Sassy

•Providence at 10 IS and medium at 11 AM

•Crossing Jordan at noon, is a thrilling story of a person named Jordan

•Convert affairs at 1 PM and Cold Case at 2 PM

•The Closer which is among one the popular shows on Start TV starts at 5 PM and ends at 7 PM

•Major crimes from 7 pm to 9 pm

•Rizzoli and Isles at 9 pm, it is a story of two love birds named Jane and Angela 

Plain sight at 10 PM and last at 11 pm named Saving Grace.

Can we watch it for free?

Yes, we can watch it for free on various platforms like if we have an Amazon Fire Stick, there is a subscription to Start TV that is inclusive, or you can see it on Amazon for a 30 days trial. Various subscriptions are already described above in the article. There are various terms and conditions to watching Start TV on television; one should include it in their package then only they can see its shows on LEDs.


Start TV aims at providing education, inspiration, thoughtfulness and making the world a better place. In short, they aim to provide entertainment to people by using different platforms. Nowadays, digital platforms are playing a very important role in changing the perspective of society towards many social evils which still prevail in many houses of our country; they can contribute a lot by educating that person. Also, it assures to deliver quality lessons for all of its viewers, and also it creates an enthusiastic quality environment for their viewer’s recreation, enthusiasm, and enjoyment by showing inspirational stories through periodic television programs, stand-up comedies, interstitial programs, concert specials, and so on. Its viewers are as loyal to their channel as it provides a quality service to them.

What Channel Is Start Tv On Spectrum?

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