Is Glee Free With Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Video, lucidly known as Prime Video is an OTT (Over the Top) platform that has introduced to bestow entertainment and recreational benefits to people over mobile phones, laptops, computer systems, and television screens in return for a certain amount of money(subscription). It is famous over the globe for its wide range of movies extending from Amazon originals to theatre releases. It distributes films produced under MGM Holdings and those by Amazon Studios. Let us know ‘Is Glee Free With Amazon Prime?’.

Is Glee Free With Amazon Prime?

The range of subscriptions is varied. It can be monthly or yearly. The monthly subscription per the revised rates is $14.99 p.m., and the annual subscription is $139 p.a. Amazon has this provision for students to avail of the same subscription for cheaper rates. The monthly and yearly outlay is $7.49 p.m., $69 p.a.

Amazon Prime attracted over 200 million users( as of 3rd September 2022). The onset of Covid-19 gave a boost to the business. Due to the lockdown, people could not go out to watch movies and spend their leisure time with family members. OTT platforms proved as a boon for keeping people occupied during the lockdown.

Is Glee Free With Amazon Prime?

Glee is a TV series wherein an optimistic teacher tries to form a choir out of a group of misfit students and prepare them to participate in a challenge. The first episode was released on 19th May 2009. It has 6 Seasons in total and has been very famous since then. The storyline of Glee is quite innovative and encouraging. It uplifts people’s morale and point of view. It addresses issues like gender equality, teenage relationships and racism. 

However, Glee does come over Amazon Prime but not for free. You can buy a single episode, a season, or the whole season for a minimal fee. The story revolves around a high school choir competing against other choirs. It is a Musical comedy-based series. And has been awarded the “Golden Globe Award”.  

Each episode of Glee over Prime costs $2.99 while all the Seasons cost $19.99 each.  Gleeks have been patiently waiting for years to enjoy the entire television series for free. It is saddening to say that it is not available without any cost as of now. 

How To Buy Glee Tv Series From Amazon Prime?

Since Glee is not available for free to amazon prime users that are willing to buy the series and watch it. The following are the steps to buy the series through amazon prime:

  • Download the Amazon prime app from the play store or Ios. 
  • Log in to the app by putting in the details such as Name, DOB and age etc. 
  • Browsing for the show through the search bar
  • Selecting what you want to buy say for example an episode, the entire series or a season. Choosing as per your requirements.
  • Finally, click on the “proceed to pay” option. There we get options for payment such as Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Cards (debit, credit) etc.  One can pay in installments as well.

How To Stream Glee?

  • The series can be streamed over televisions, computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. 
  • To stream Glee one has to fill in the login credentials and login to the account.
  • Then he/she is required to search the episode he/she has been looking for. 
  • To connect Amazon prime to your fire TV stick. 
  • Select Amazon prime> then log in through the remote> search for the show>click on play. 

Pros and Cons

It is of great advantage for Gleek fans who have wanted to watch all the episodes and seasons of Glee under one roof. It is good news for them because it is available on amazon prime now and they can have an access to it by paying the requisite amount mentioned in the Amazon Prime app. 

However, Glee is not available for free over the app. You have to pay the amount being mentioned and only then can you access the series and episodes. Not everyone might be in a financial state to afford the amount set to watch the series. So this way a lot of people get disregarded and they do not get access to the show.

Besides providing entertainment at such low costs it also provides some additional features which are mentioned below:

  • Free delivery of goods and services: When someone buys a membership of amazon prime they get the added benefit of free delivery of goods and services. That is no money would be charged for delivering the services to the people with the membership. 
  • 2 Days delivery guarantee: While someone unlocks the membership they can access 2 days delivery guarantee.  
  • Discounted Amazon music for Prime members: members having a membership get a  discounted amazon music account enrollment. 
  • Same-day delivery guarantee: Amazon users enrolled under the Prime membership get a guarantee of same-day delivery on selected items.


Glee, the series has received many awards. It changed many conventions and complications of societal disbelief. The series ended in 2016 and the last season consisted of 13 episodes. The series declared the 5th season to be the last one after the death of Cory Monteith, one of the lead actors. 

Using the facilities to a specific limit is advisable and helpful. It’s just that one must know where to stop and what to do. Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the world that offer memberships at extraordinarily cheap rates. Amazon gave stability to the prior by entering into a partnership with it. VH1 almost vanished after the establishment of other OTTs such as Zee5, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. 

Amazon prime has given a home to many old classics such as Boomerang, Glee, and VH1. Now people can enjoy watching their favourite shows during their leisure time in their homes. They will not need to browse for shows and waste time. They can find it all in Amazon prime under one roof. This is why Amazon is so popular among people all over the globe. 

Is Glee Free With Amazon Prime?

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