What Bills Can I Pay At Walmart?

Walmart, being one of the major retailers in the United States, provides a range of services to its consumers. The option to pay bills at their stores is one of their best services. But which bills are you able to pay at Walmart? In this post, we’ll look at the many types of bills you can pay at Walmart.

What Bills Can I Pay At Walmart?

You can pay many different bills at Walmart, like Utility Bills, Credit Card Bills, Rent/Mortgage Payments, Insurance Premiums, Cell Phone Bills, prepaid cards, etc. You can even use it to send money online. Walmart may charge a nominal fee for these services. It’s better to collect all necessary information before going to the pay desk for payment. 

Bills You Can Pay at Walmart

Bills You Can Pay at Walmart: The following are some of the bills you’re able to pay at Walmart.

Utility Bills

Utility bills are one of the most popular types of bills that can be paid at Walmart. This covers bills for electricity, gas, water, and cable. Most utility providers have joined with Walmart to provide their consumers with a quick bill payment alternative. Simply bring your bill slip or account number to the Money Services counter at your local Walmart to pay your utility bill. You can pay through cash, a debit card, or a Walmart MoneyCard.

Credit Card Bills

You can pay your credit card bill at Walmart if you have a credit card from one of the big banks, like Chase, Citibank, or American Express. You will need your credit card account information with the amount you wish to pay. Simply go to your local Walmart’s Money Services counter and provide the employee at the payment desk with this information. You can pay in cash, with a debit card, or with a Walmart MoneyCard.

Rent/Mortgage Payments

Rent or mortgage payments can be inconvenient, but Walmart has made it easy by providing this option. If your landlord or mortgage company has a partnership with Walmart, you can pay at the Money Services counter. You must mention the account number with the amount you wish to pay. Walmart charges a minimal cost for this service, so check with your landlord or mortgage company to ensure that’s covered in it or not.

Insurance Premiums

Another type of bill you can pay at Walmart is insurance premiums. Many insurance companies, like Allstate, Geico, and State Farm have partnered with Walmart. To make a payment, you will have to take your bill slip or account number to the Money Services desk. You can pay with a debit card, a Walmart MoneyCard, or cash.

Cell Phone Bills

You can pay your mobile phone bill at Walmart if you have a plan with one of the big providers, like AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile. Bring your bill slip or bank account number to the Money Services desk to do so. You can pay in cash, with a debit card, or with a Walmart MoneyCard.

Money Transfers

Walmart provides money transfer services in addition to bill payments. Walmart’s MoneyGram service allows you to send money to friends and family both locally and overseas. You can also get money at Walmart if it is sent to you using MoneyGram. The charges for this service vary according to the amount and location, so inquire with someone at the Money Services desk for more required information.

Prepaid Cards

If you don’t have a bank account or a credit card, Stores sell prepaid cards that can be used to pay payments and make purchases. The Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid card that can be recharged with money at any Walmart store. This card is suitable to make online purchases, pay bills, and cash withdrawal from ATMs. There is a nominal monthly cost associated with the card, but there are no expenses associated with loading funds or making transactions.

Tips for Paying Bills at Walmart:

Here are some things to remember while paying bills at Walmart:

  • Before going to Walmart, make sure you have all of the necessary information for time-saving.
  • If the service provider charges a fee for paying bills at Walmart, check the Walmart website. For this service, some providers may be charging a small fee.
  • If you’re paying in cash, be sure you have enough to cover the amount with any additional costs.
  • As proof of payment, keep your receipt. This is necessary for the event that there are any problems with your payment later on.

Paying Bills at Walmart Has Many Advantages

 Following are some of the major benefits:

  • Convenience: With over 4,700 locations across the United States, Walmart is a popular choice for all of the population.
  • If you pay your bills by mail, paying them at Walmart avoids the need for stamps and envelopes.
  • Save time by Bill payment at Walmart is a simple process. You can pay many bills at the same time.


Finally, Walmart is a great option for paying bills. Walmart accepts payments for utility bills, credit card bills, rent/mortgage payments, insurance premiums, mobile phone bills, and other items. Walmart also supports money transfer services and prepaid cards in addition to bill payments. Walmart is a great choice for bill payment because of its broad retail network and flexible payment methods.

What Bills Can I Pay At Walmart?

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