How Do You Soften An Eraser?

If you are a student at a school level, you may be using the eraser. The users have noted that sometimes due to the continuous use of erasers, it becomes hard. So it isn’t easy to use that in the school work and on the copies. Let us see how do you soften an eraser in this article.

How Do You Soften An Eraser?

It will cause the paper of the copy to be damaged and cause many issues. When the eraser gets hard, it isn’t easy to. Make it soft, but there are a lot of points on which you can work to make the eraser soft. Ensure that the points will be followed smoothly to make them usable. 

How do you soften an eraser?

If you want to soften the eraser, put the eraser in a closed jar. You can also rub the eraser on the wall. You can tear the hard part of the eraser with the help of your nails. To soften the eraser, you have to break it into small pieces and then make a small ball of it. Another method to soften the eraser is to heat it on a low flame. You can soften the eraser by putting it into plastic. The adhesive material can also be used on the eraser to make it soft.

Put the eraser in a closed jar

If the is becoming very hard and it is not of any use. You can first put it in a jar. Remember that no humidity can pass the jar when you put the eraser in a jar. It would help if you did not use the wooden jar because sometimes the wooden jar can spread humidity inside the eraser. After some time, you will see that the eraser will become softer and more easily used.

Rub the eraser on the wall 

When you rub the eraser on the wall, you will see that if it is hard, it will become soft. You have to rub the eraser in a very smooth manner. You have to first rub the corners of the eraser on the wall, and then when it becomes soft and you have to turn the eraser to the middle area and then rub it. When you do this, it will be seen that the eraser has changed its hard area to a soft shape and will easily be used

Tear it with your nails

If you are using the eraser, it has become hard to be used. It will be seen that it may damage the paper or the sheet on which you are using it. So to get rid of this issue, you can’t follow the step to tear the hard eraser area with the help of your nails.

Then you have to tear up the upper, harder skin of the eraser with your nails. When you will do this, it will be seen that the eraser will become absorbed from the inner corner, as the upper part of the reserve is only harder.

Put the eraser on the low flame

It is a very easy step by which you can make it harder if it softens. In this step, you must put the eraser that has been hardened on the flame. But note that the frame must be a little low. The flame should be very low, and you can easily handle the eraser on the flat. You can use any wooden thing to handle the eraser on the flame.

 When you will do this, the hard part of the eraser will be melted, and it will be easily used. And the research has been used for many other purposes, and if it becomes hard, it isn’t easy to handle. So following these steps will help you overcome the hard eraser issue to be softer.

Rape the eraser with the plastic

If the eraser becomes very hard and is not to be used, you can use plastic paper or a plastic cover to make it soft. In this, you have to cover the eraser with a plastic cover so that no area of the eraser is exposed to the air. Then you will follow this step. 

Then it will be seen that the eraser will become softer after some time. Before rapping the plastic paper on the eraser, you must keep in mind that you have to make the plastic paper a little bit warm to spread its humidity on the eraser. The eraser will easily become softer. 

Use Adhesive material

The use of the adhesive material on the eraser will also be helpful to make it softer. When the adhesive material is sprayed on the eraser, the eraser will suck it in itself, and the rigid portion of the eraser will become softer. This practice is becoming very easy to make the harder eraser soft and handle it very easily.


The reason may become hard because it is our user’s other issues. The reason may be softened by following the different steps. These steps must be followed easily and precisely, and everything must be carefully handled. 

If you follow all the above-given steps in a given way, it will be seen that the harder diesel will easily become soft and all become more easily off your use. So you must follow the steps mentioned above to soften the eraser that has become hardened.

  • What is the main reason why the eraser becomes hard?

The eraser sometimes becomes hardened because of its lot of use. It also becomes hardened with it is put in an area where there is no exposure to the air. And there is a lot of humidity.

  • What can the eraser be used for?

The eraser is used for this. You rub off the pencil. It can also be used to make different kinds of art with it and can be used to make different kinds of decorations from the eraser

How Do You Soften An Eraser?

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