Is International Shipping Free With Amazon Prime?

Shopping from Dubai, Japan, the United States or the United Kingdom has been made easier by the presence of online stores and shipping services that ensure you can get access to your favourite brands and have them delivered to you in a matter of days depending on your location. Let us see is international shipping free with Amazon Prime.

Is International Shipping Free With Amazon Prime?

Amazon has grown from a US-based e-commerce company to a global multinational corporation that has gone into cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming and artificial intelligence.

Amazon prime is a subsidiary that gives its 200 million users access to fast shipping, exclusive access to sales and free streaming of video, music and games.

The subscription service was present in 23 countries as of October 2021 and with a growing global population of online shoppers, it only makes sense to know your options when it comes to international shipping with Amazon prime.

Is international shipping free with Amazon prime?

Amazon prime does offer free international shipping only for eligible international destinations. If your order meets the minimum free shipping order, you can choose the free Amazon global standard shipping option. There are however additional requirements when it comes to international shipping which are; each country’s minimum order which varies and is solely based on the US Dollar, not all the products on amazon are eligible for free shipping.

In short, you can receive your order for free with amazon prime the biggest challenge is your country’s eligibility status.

How to check if your order is eligible for free shipping?

To check an item’s free shipping eligibility simply check out the product detail page. 

Alternatively, you can 

  1. Add the item to your cart
  2. Proceed to the checkout page 
  3. You’ll see a list of available shipping options.

It is important to remember that although an item is eligible for free international shipping, your country may not qualify for the service or the destination has restrictions on the type of item ordered.

What it means when an item is ineligible for Amazon prime?

When an item is ineligible for Amazon prime it simply means the item ordered cannot be shipped to your location due to a variety of reasons that include;

  1. The item ordered is not fulfilled or sold by Amazon as the seller. Three different categories of sellers on Amazon effect are eligible for Amazon prime or not. When Amazon is the seller it means the company fulfils orders and items are almost always eligible for Amazon prime. Amazon affiliates are companies that work with Amazon and items are usually eligible for Amazon prime. Amazon third-party sellers are independent companies or businesses that sell their items through Amazon, due to limited stock they might not ship right away and also charge shipping fees depending on your delivery location, items by this seller are not eligible for Amazon prime. 
  2. Item ordered has restrictions

Each country of delivery has its laws concerning licensing, import/export requirements, nature of items that can or cannot be shipped such as restrictions onrestrictionsntain hazardous material. If the item falls under these circumstances Amazon cannot fulfil the order.

  1. High shipping costs

One of the biggest perks vying for an Amazon prime subscriptiontiononayingingings is the free shipping it comes with especially if you’re in an eligible region. Unfortunately, shipping fees vary depending on the delivery location since Amazon uses transportation and delivery couriers or service providers to get the order to you. They cannot, therefore, operate at a loss if your delivery location is charged high delivery fees.

  1. Minimum order

A minimum order refers to the minimum value of all items ordered and several minimum items. Amazon sets the minimum order value for each eligible destination and is solely based on the US dollars your local currency will be converted to reflect the dollar in real-time. You can simply add more items to meet the minimum order requirements and qualify for free shipping.

Amazon prime shipping policies

  1. For an item to be eligible for shipping it must meet the weight and height dimensional shipping limits. The item must not exceed 108 inches/ 274.32 cm and 70 lbs/ 31.75 kg. Shipping large or oddly shaped items might be restricted during shipping.
  2. International shipping varies depending on the country and not all Amazon prime benefits can be accessed by all subscribers.
  3. Amazon only provides an estimated delivery date which is subject to change depending on factors such as the weather and how many orders the courier has to deliver. If 7 days pass after your estimated delivery date you should contact customer service to get a location or explanation of why your order has been delayed and possibly get a solution.


Free delivery can only be restricted by your location despite paying for either a monthly or annual Amazon prime subscription service that promises its customers free delivery. If you are unable to use free international shipping you could always incur the shipping cost to get your items.

Is International Shipping Free With Amazon Prime?

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