Second Chance Trucking Company – What Are They?

In the United States, there has been the best system for providing jobs to everyone no matter if a person is a felon. The United States provides felons the best chance to secure earnings to live a happy life away from crimes. The United States has less number of truck drivers so, felons can try their luck there for securing a job. Let us know about the Second chance trucking company.

Second chance trucking company

Second chance trucking company

Second chance trucking companies provide the best job opportunities for ex-convicts so that they can keep themselves away from crimes and any kind of law violations.

Second chance trucking companies are Carolina Cargo, Roehl Transport, C.R. England, Western Express, USA Truck, and Swift Transportation. All these companies are best for felons because these companies provide jobs to felons. Not only this, these companies offer some benefits for their hired employees like medical insurance. USA Truck provides bonuses to its employees. Western Express provides a salary package of about $130,000 a year. Moreover, if you are inexperienced then your salary package is $70,000 in Roehl Transport. When you gain experience, you can earn about $82,000 a year.

List of Companies Providing Second Chance

Following are some second chance providing companies along with some details

Carolina Cargo

If you are looking for a second-chance trucking company, Carolina Cargo is a second-chance trucking company that provides jobs the felons. It provides felons a chance to start their truck driving career. Following are some requirements one has to fulfill for employment in Carolina Cargo.

1. Your age should be at least 23.

2. You should have CDL and a driving license

3. You should have a clear drug test

4. You should have an education level of at least a high school diploma

5. You should avoid violations during your application span

Roehl Transport

Roehl Transport is a second chance-providing company for felons. Roehl Transport is included in the second chance trucking company. It is a supportive company for felons because it provides job opportunities to even those applicants who do not match their required requirements.

So, if you are looking for a second chance trucking company and you do not fit according to the requirements of other companies, you can try your lunch in Roehl Transport to start your truck driving career. Not only this Roehl Transport provides some other benefits like a good salary package.

Moreover, besides these opportunities, Roehl Transport can provide you with salary packages even if you are inexperienced. For example, the salary package if you are inexperienced is $70,000 but when you gain experience you can earn about $82,000 a year.

C.R. England

C.R. England is included in the second chance-providing companies. If you are a felon and have a record of about 10 years or more then you can have a job in C.R. England. You should be a good truck loader along with this you should have passed a drug test.

Moreover, if you want to do a truck driving job but are worried because you are not skilled in driving, it is not a big problem as they have an arrangement of driving schools for those who do not know how to drive properly. So, you can apply in C.R. England easily but you have to fulfill their basic demands like a clear drug test.

Western Express

If you are a felon having a criminal record but five years older and willing to do a job, you can apply to the Western Express company because it provides job opportunities to those felons who are having a criminal record five years older. They provide the hired felon with a competitive salary to support their easy living in the United States.

If you want to avail this job opportunity then you should fulfill some demands of the transport

department of Western Express. This will help you to have a smooth driving journey with Western Express. Western Express provides its hired employees with a salary of about $130,000 a year.

USA Truck

USA Truck is included in the list of second-chance truck companies. It provides a chance for a job to those felons who have had no violations regarding driving for almost ten years. It provides its hired felons with a bonus of about $100 in certain circumstances.

If you want to apply to the USA Truck company you should have a clear driving record of about 36 months. This company provides training courses for felons.

Swift Transportation

If you are a felon but have a 10-year-old criminal record, you can get employment in Swift Transportation because it provides a second chance to felons with a 10-year-old criminal record. This company offers different driving jobs like dry van and refrigerated truck driving.

Moreover, Swift Transportation provides its employees with medical insurance, not only this it provides assistance programs for employees.

Navajo Express

Navajo Express provides the best job opportunity for felons. The special thing about Navajo Express which makes it distinct from others is that it provides jobs not only for male felons. It provides job opportunities for female ex-offenders too. Besides this, it offers other benefits like medical coverage, onsite food, and paid vacations.

 Ending Remarks

All the above companies are best for felons because they offer some benefits for their hired employees, for example, medical insurance, etc. After reading this article, you will learn about some best second-chance trucking companies, their criteria, etc.

  • How is the Second Chance Act in the United States helpful in providing jobs to felons?

In the United States, an Act of Second Chance proved helpful to felons because it saved felons from recidivism. This act provides a second chance for jobs for felons so that they can live a life away from crimes. 

  • Are there criteria for a felon to get a job in Navajo Express?

Yes, there are some requirements for a felon to get a job in Navajo Express, for example, a felon should be at least 21 years old. Besides age, he should have a commercial driving license and a clear drug test report.

Second Chance Trucking Company – What Are They?

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