What is KET?-Know More About It!

Kentucky Educational Television, simply known as KET is a United States based network operating as a member of the state television station.  Having been in existence since 1974,  KET programs have been aired on various channels like – Amanpour and Company, The Vote, Molly of Denali, curious George, Sesame street, nature cat..all on the American […]

Byju’s Competitors -Know More About It

Byju’s is a multinational ed-tech startup from India. It’s also the world’s largest ed-tech startup. Byju’s app has more than 100 million downloads on Play Store which shows its presence in the ed-tech market. Let us know about “Byju’s Competitors” Byju’s Competitors In 2020 following the pandemic, Byju’s gained the most out of the lockdown […]

Education -Everything You Want To Know

What Is Education? Education is a system through which society provides its members with important knowledge, including basic etiquette, career skills, and cultural norms and values. Let us know about “Education” Why Is Education Essential? Education is now very important in every field it is the most basic thing which is needed for the survival […]

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