Safe Stocks To Buy Near Retirement

As you draw closer to retirement, you should normally lower the risk profile of your portfolio to protect your retirement assets from irrecoverable losses. This does not suggest, however, that you should eliminate all equities from your portfolio as you draw closer to retirement. According to Statista, those with longer life expectancies may plan on […]

Retirement Signs You Can’t Afford it

Regardless of your age, retirement is inevitable and should be everyone’s end goal. Unfortunately, so many people are not on track. In a report done in 2021 by TransAmerica Centre for Retirement Studies, nearly 57% of people said they plan to work in retirement, citing financial reasons. Be sure that you can afford retirement if […]

How Much Need Survive Retirement State?

Retirement is a period that every earning individual must go through after deciding to leave the job or after the job’s pre-decided tenure automatically ends. However, since the cash inflow after retirement stops, the retirees must decide on some options to spend the rest of their life. Typically, organizations prepare some plan (pension, gratuity, and/or […]

Money You Should Save For Retirement

Being Financially Independent and Retiring Early (FIRE) is something that has become popular in this era. It is not just fancy as some might see but a fundamental financial goal necessary to be achieved. FIRE culture is impactful for both youth and millennials. What happens in FIRE is that people in their 30s or above […]

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