Who Owns Snapchat? – Know More

Snapchat is an American multimedia messaging application that enables instant messaging. The service was developed by Snap Inc., (Snapchat Inc). One of the unique features of Snapchat is that pictures, videos, and messages can be sent and these are only available for a short time. Former students at Stanford University, Bobby Murphy, Evan Spiegel, and […]

Snapchat Forgot Password- Know More About It

Have you forgotten what your Snapchat password is? Don’t be scared. You have a few alternatives for recovering account access. It’s annoying to lose your Snapchat account’s access or credits. People are unable to connect again to their Snapchat accounts for several reasons. One of the possibilities is that you’ve forgotten your password. There are […]

Snapchat Terms And Services

The terms are written in these Terms of Service (the “Terms”) to make sure you understand the regulations that govern their relationship with you as a user of their Services. Despite their best efforts to remove legalese from the Terms, they may nevertheless read like a regular contract in certain instances. There’s a reason for […]

Banned From Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular American interactive media and instant messaging app. One of Snapchat’s key benefits is that photographs and messages are typically displayed for a limited time before becoming unavailable to recipients. The app was initially designed keeping in mind peer-to-peer picture sharing. However, features such as users’ 24hr Stories and “Discover” have been […]

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