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Not Your Average Corner Cafe: How MudLab is Making Sustainability Accessible For All One Coffee at a Time

What happens when sustainability and coffee collide? Good question. We’ve pondered this as well. That brings us to MudLab, a non-profit and zero-waste, sustainable cafe perched on the edge of Lake Merritt with a “leave it better than you found it” attitude. The inventive duo behind it all—Vanessa Pope and Jill Holloway—are on a mission […]

English Conversation About A Coffee...
English Conversation About A Coffee Shop

Muuse Bringing Reusable to the Forefront of Sustainability

Four independent San Francisco coffee shops are the testing ground for the effort, which is ostensibly intended to reduce single-use packaging waste. Muuse, a coffee cup tech start-up, launches their app and reusable cup program around San Francisco. There has been an unspoken nuance of coffee culture for San Francisco and ultimately the Bay Area […]

Oakland Coffee is the Environmentally Friendly Solution to your Beloved K-Cups

It’s pretty evident that our demand for convenience is ruining the environment. The members of Green Day are here to change that. There are enough single use coffee pods sitting in landfills on this planet to wrap around the globe at least ten times. We get up for work, make a quick cup of coffee, […]

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